BA's Southern League Top 20

First of all, I'm sure the most glaring thing to many . . .Chris Young No. 4? Ahead of Chad Billingsley at No. 5? I know Billingsley had some issues earlier in the year and that his HR rate isn't especially flattering, but even I would have to rate him reasonably well given his stuff and his solid end of year performance.

Matt Murton at No. 12? Very surprised that BA gave so much ground to him, but the more I see him play the more I think he's been a very underappreciated treasure.

Francoeur at No. 3? Sounds like somebody really fell in love with his great run in the majors, but that sounds at least 2-3 slots too generous IMO.

Pinto over Chuck James? A lot of these guys over Chuck James? Weird.

Chris Young over Chad Billingsley? Just had to say it again. I'm a White Sox fan, so it'd be great to see Young be really good, but I gotta like Billingsley's chances to be impact a lot more than Young's.

This gives one a lot to think about as to how BA's top 100 is going to end up looking.

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