Top International Bonuses, through 2009

Miguel Cabrera - Leon Halip

A reader sent me this list of the Top International Bonuses through 2009. I am not sure the list is fully complete, but it looks close and I think it includes all the seven-figure guys. It takes a good five or six years to know if a guy was even potentially worth his bonus or not. Basically we have Miguel Cabrera, a few guys like Sano and Profar and Sanchez that we aren't sure about yet, and, well. . .

Otherwise, I present this without comment.

Michael Ynoa, 16, RHP, 2008,Athletics, Dominican Republic, $4,250,000

Miguel Sano, 16, SS, 2009, Twins, Dominican Republic, $3,150,000

Gary Sanchez, 16, C, 2009, Yankees, Dominican Republic $3,000,000

Rafael Rodriguez, 16, OF, 2008,Giants, Dominican Republic, $2,550,000

Yorman Rodriguez
, 16, OF, 2008,Reds, Venezuela, $2,500,000

Wily Mo Peña, 17, OF, 1999, Yankees, Dominican Republic, $2,440,000

Joel Guzman
, 16, SS, 2001,Dodgers, Dominican Republic, $2,255,000

Angel Villalona
, 16, 3B, 2006, Giants, Dominican Republic $2,100,00

Juan Duran, 16, OF, 2008, Reds, Dominican Republic, $2,000,000

Adys Portillo, 16, RHP, 2008,Padres, Venezuela, $2,000,000

Guillermo Pimental, 16, CF, 2009,Mariners, Dominican Republic., $2,000,000

Jose Vincio, 16, SS, 2009, Red Sox, Dominican Republic, $1,950,000

Miguel Cabrera
, 16, IF, 1999,Marlins, Venezuela, $1,800,000

Jesus Montero
, 16, C, 2006, Yankees, Venezuela, $1,650,000

Jackson Melian
, 16, OF, 1996, Yankees, Venezuela, $1,600,000

Jurickson Profar, 16, SS, 2009, Rangers, Curaçao, $1,550,000

Ricardo Aramboles, 16, RHP, 1998, Yankees, Dominican Republic, $1,520,000

Luis Sardinas, 16, SS, 2009,Rangers, Venezuela, 1,500,000

Michael Almanzar, 16, SS, 2007, Red Sox, Dominican Republic $1,500,000

Esmailyn Gonzalez, 16, SS, 2006,Nationals, Dominican Republic., $1,400,000

Fernando Martinez
, 16, OF, 2005,Mets, Dominican Republic., $1,400,000

Willy Aybar, 16, IF, 2000, Dodgers, Dominican Repubic $1,400,000

Carlos Triunfel
, 16, SS, 2006, Mariners, Dominican Republic, $1,300,000

Luis Domoromo, 16, OF, 2008, Padres, Venezuela,, $1,250,000

Juan Urbina, 16, LHP, 2009, Mets, Venezuela, $1,250,000

Chesler Cuthbert, 16, 3B, 2009,Royals, Nicaragua, $1,200,000

Roberto De la Cruz, 16, 3B, 2008, Cardinals, Dominican Republic., $1,100,000

Julio Morban, 16, OF, 2008, Mariners, Dominican Republic, $1,100,000

Kelvin De Leon, 16, OF, 2007, Yankees, Dominican Republic., $1,100,000

Alvaro Aristy, 17, SS, 2008, Padres, Dominican Republic, $1,000,000

Jharmidy De Jesus, 17, SS, 2007, Mariners, Dominican Republic., $1,000,000

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