My Mock Draft 2014

Hey guys. I haven't posted on here in a while but I always like to give my opinion on the MLB Amateur Draft. Anyway, here is my draft based on what I would do if I were in charge of player selection.

1. HOU - Brady Aiken
How do u not pick this kid? There's really nothing not to like about this guy. Big, left-handed, plus velocity, pitchability, I could go on. I don't usually like being cliché but he is the best pitcher in this draft right now.

2. MIA - Tyler Kolek
I like this guy more than Rodon but less than Aiken. His stuff goes without saying but he also has two other pitches. I think this guy has a high chance of becoming a legitimate ace in the future.

3. CHW - Alex Jackson
I don't see why he can't stick at catcher and his bat is really good, which adds up to a top 5 overall pick.

4. CHC - Carlos Rodon
Rodon will not go lower than this: a big college lefty with plus stuff would be a great addition to the Cubs system. Although I like Rodon a small part of me has the urge to hold back from being a number 1 overall consideration.

5. MIN - Jeff Hoffman
I thought about going with Gordan for this one, but Hoffman is too good when healthy for me to pass up. He is on the same level as the top guys when healthy.

6. SEA - Michael Gettys
This is probably higher than other Mock Drafts, but from being a Brewers fan, I've realized what an advantage it is to have a guy who could steal a base as well as hit a home run with Carlos Gomez. Even if he does have some swing and miss tendencies, the power speed combo is a double threat to the opposition.

7. PHI - Jacob Gatewood
He is no question a work in progress, but my philosophy is if you want a quick fix sign a free agent. I see the draft as a long term investment in most cases. With that being said, Gatewood has as much upside as just about anyone in this draft power wise and he has athleticism to boot.

8. COL - Touki Toussaint
One of my personal favorites from the draft. I think he has a very bright future, He has good mound presence as well as athleticism to go along with great stuff. He would be a welcome addition to Colorado.

9. TOR - Nick Gordan
Toronto could use some more up the middle talent in their farm system and Gordan has upside at a usually shallow position as far as impact talent goes.

10. NYM - Casey Gillaspie
Switch hitters with power are pretty rare and are very valuable for obvious reasons. I would like to see the Brewers draft this guy if he falls to number 12, which I don't think he will nor should he.

11. TOR - Jackson Reetz
I like him because he is younger than Pentecost and I see him as more of an impact talent when all is said and done.

12. MIL - Foster Griffin
If Gillaspie is gone by now I would like to see Milwaukee draft Griffin. To me at least, he's Brady Aiken 2.0 just a little behind of him at this point. He looks fairly projectable and like Aiken there isn't much to not like. This guy has all the tools to be a future front line starter.

13. SD - Spencer Adams - Another personal favorite of mine. His athleticism and plus stuff make him a hot commodity. I see him as yet another front line starter down the line.

14. SF - Cameron Varga
He looks good on the mound and like the man listed above him on this list is athletic with good stuff.

15. LAA - Luike Weaver
There's something I like about this kid. I've heard comps to Tim Hudson which I could see, I'm not too concerned about his size. Names like Roy Oswalt and Mike Mussina come to mind as guys with similar body types who have had successful major league careers.

16. ARI - Aaron Nola
In this spot, I think Arizona would be wise to choose Nola. Most of the big names are off the board at this point and those who aren't usually have legitimate concerns whether it be signability, mechanics issues, etc. Nola offers a balance of upside and a high floor.

17. KC - Kyle Schwarber
The one thing Schwarber can do is hit albeit without much else. But guys who can hit and hit for power always find a place in MLB, even if they lack a true position. With that being said, Schwarber has the opportunity to be a difference maker with the bat.

18. WAS - Tyler Beede
I'm not crazy about how this guy looks on the mound but you can't ignore the talent. At this point it would be wise to take a chance on Beede if youre the Nats.

19. CIN - Sean Reid-Foley
He kind of reminds me of Kyle Lohse. He appears to be very polished for a high school draftee. He doesn't throw 100mph but he looks very good in his own right.

20. TB - Braxton Davidson
Power hitting lefties are hard to find for a small market club like the Rays. If I'm noy mistaken, they haven't had one since Carlos Pena. Braxton seems to be the real deal with the bat and would be a great fit with Tampa.

21. CLE - Luis Ortiz
He has really good stuff and a lot of upside. At this point in the draft a player like Ortiz could prove to be a steal.

22. LAD - Max Pentecost
Another low ceiling high floor type of player. He doesn't really look like the type to build a team around but can be a nice piece at a difficult position.

23. DET - Sean Newcomb
He has pretty good stuff but he still looks like a mid rotation starter to me, maybe unfairly. Still, he has upside and would not be a bad pick at all at 23.

24. PIT - Kyle Freeland
He does have a questionable delivery that makes me stop and wonder, but he does have the stuff and command to be an impact left handed starter.

25. OAK - Kodi Medeiros
He has really good stuff but is an undersized lefty with an odd delivery.

26. BOS - A.J. Reed
As I stated earlier left handed power is a coveted commodity in MLB. If Reed lasts this long, the Red Sox would be wise to take him.

27. STL - Monte Harrison
Raw but toolsy. He has size and athleticism to be an impact major leaguer all he needs is time.

28. Royals - Taylor Sparks
A safe pick being a college guy, he can hit and play defense and should hit for decent power.

29. CIN - Trea Turner
He could be a top of the lineup hitter if he develops with the bat if not his defense and speed will at least get him to the majors. With that being said, shortstops who play good defense and have any type of offensive upside normally do well on draft day.

30. TEX - Michael Chavis
Not sure what position he'll end up playing, but he is a baseball player. He does a little of everything and I can't see him not reaching the majors as a nice piece to a winning club.

31. CLE - Grant Holmes
Whenever I see him pitch the name that comes to mind is Joba Chamberlain, which is what holds me back from choosing him sooner.

32. ATL - Michael Conforto
He has power and should have enough hitting ability to tap into it fairly regularly. Plus, he's a college left handed batter.

33. BOS - Zech Lemond
I think this guy could potentially be a steal at number 33 and Boston has a history of selecting under the radar players with potential.

34. STL - Marcus Wilson
He does remind me a little of a young Derek Jeter at the plate. Tall, skinny, and athletic, Wilson looks like a good player.

35. COL - Forrest Wall
Limited to second base, but has the potential to be an offensive catalyst at the top of the batting order with plus speed.

36. MIA - Matt Imhof
Another tall lefty with pretty good stuff and solid command.

37. HOU - Brandon Finnegan
At this point in the draft, Finnegan figures a safe bet to be an impact reliever with closer upside,

38. CLE - Justus Sheffield
He does look like a mid rotation starter, but he has the chance to be a good one. Athletic, three pitches and throws strikes from the left side.

39. MIA - At this point, a college hitter may be the way to go if you're the Marlins.

40. KC - Eric Fedde
He does have upside as a starter, but not without questionmarks. A good pick for number 40 though.

41. MIL - Mike Papi
He kind of reminds me of Paul O'Neill. Should be an excellent average hitter with above average power in his prime. He also has some defensive ability. I would like to see Milwaukee pick Papi if he's still around for this pick,

42. HOU - Nick Burdi
One thing I've noticed from watching baseball is that good teams generally have good bullpens. If Houston gets Burdi and Finnegan, they'll have a heck of a good bullpen in the not too distant future.

43. MIA - Derek Hill
He has the tools to be an impact centerfielder at the major league level. However, he is a work in progress.

44. CHW - Michael Kopesch
To finish off this list we have Michael Kopesch joining the southside of Chicago. A raw, projectable righty.

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