Gallo, Against the Best of the Carolina League

Joey Gallo has been the talk of the for the entire year. I must admit that it was quite a ride through the Carolina League. The numbers he put up were amazing and so off the charts that it has led to a lot of question. Did he improve his K% that much? How much of the improved BB% is just him being pitched around? And overall just how much has he improved?

Like most of you, I don’t get to see most prospects every year so I depend on others first hand observations and the stats which can lie. I will get to see Gallo myself around the 4th of July and I am any not kind of scout, but I will let you know what I see with my own eye. I decide to break down Gallo’s Carolina League stat and the following is what I found.

First off, It is a small sample size, I know that it is a cop out for anybody who don’t agree with the end results. I not saying this is perfect but it has helped me over the past few years when examining prospects, and sometimes it works better that others.

So what stats am I going to look at here?? I want to know how Gallo did against the most successful pitchers in the Carolina League this year. Do these stats support his K% and BB%? I am going to look at Gallo’s stats in games started by pitchers that posted a ERA under 3.00 for the season and has at least 7 starts.

I found 8 games that met these requirements, in a full season I usually find about 12-15 games that meet these requirements. The combined stat lines below are for these games and his Carolina League totals.


028 08 013 01 05 09 .285 .373 .464 15.15 27.27

189 61 139 21 51 64 .323 .463 .735 20.73 26.01

There is a couple of thing that jump out at me here. First K% didn’t change much at all. The drop from a K% of 36.83 in the 2013 seems to be real. The BB% of 15.15, though doesn’t seem to match up as well as his season stat being down 5.58%. This supports the reports that he is being pitched around by lesser pitchers in the league, but is still an improvement over the 10.71% from 2013. The big difference is the drop in SLG(only 2 extra-base hits). I see this quite often with only using starts against successful pitcher, if these pitcher were giving up many extra-base hits they would not be as successful and just one HR could change that stat to .571.

In conclusion, I can see improvement in the stats across the board, but I don’t expect the huge jump in BA and BB% to be as great as his season Carolina League stat line suggests about half is more believable. Although the K% seems not to be just a mirage.

I don't know how to insert a chart so the stats above are as good as I could get them.

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