Yankees Shadow Draft again

2.55 Cameron Varga RHP Ohio HS

3.91 Josh Morgan SS California HS

4.122 Chad Sobotka RHP USC - Upstate

5.152 Jordan Foley RHP Central Michigan

6.182 Derick Velazquez RHP Fresno State

7.212 James Farris RHP Arizona

8.242 Branden Kelliher RHP Washington HS

9.272 Nathan Thornhill RHP Texas

10.302 Matt Tellor 1B SE Missouri

Pretty pleased with these guys overall. Minor shadow drafter's remorse with Derick Velazquez, as I briefly got a good feeling about him (though I guess that's as good a process as any), but in hindsight I might have been better served with another senior there, there would've been plenty to choose from. I'm not sure if Kelliher will be signable, as Morgan will probably be slightly further overslot than I anticipated. A lot depends on how heavily discounted Farris and Thornhill are.

11.332 Roy Morales C Puerto Rico HS

12.362 Tyler Willman RHP Western Illinois

13.392 Jeremy Null RHP Western Carolina

14.422 Devan Ahart OF Akron

15.452 Jean Cosme RHP Puerto Rico HS

16.482 Dan Savas RHP Illinois State

17.512 Evan Beal RHP South Carolina

18.542 Luke Tendler OF North Carolina A&T

19.572 Codey McElroy SS Cameron

20.602 Bobby Ison OF Charleston Southern

21.632 Todd Isaacs OF Florida HS

22.662 Daniel Salters C Dallas Baptist

23.692 Travis Radke LHP Portland

24.722 Brandon Bonilla LHP Grand Canyon

25.752 Mott Hyde SS Georgia Tech

26.782 David Speer LHP Columbia

27.812 Andrew Woeck RHP North Carolina State

28.842 Jamill Moquette OF UMass Boston

29.872 Mariano Rivera SON Iona

30.902 Anthony Azar C Sam Houston State

31.932 Montana DuRapau RHP Bethune-Cookman

32.962 Nate Fury RHP LSU

33.992 Brandon Hinkle LHP Delaware

34.1022 Kyle McGrath LHP Louisville

35.1052 DeShorn Lake RHP Mt. Olive

36.1082 Brandon Show RHP San Diego

37.1112 Lawrence Pardo LHP South Florida

38.1142 Jackson Gooch OF McNeese State

39.1172 Matt Troupe RHP Arizona

40.1202 Madison Stokes SS South Carolina HS

Rounds 11-40 are actually more fun, I think. A bunch of the later picks wound up undrafted (how did nobody draft Anthony Azar!?), but oh well. I didn't want to do any reverse engineering at all, and it actually worked out great. Thought about Morales as my 8th rounder instead of Kelliher, so I was pleased/surprised to find him there. Puerto Ricans seem like an inefficiency to me, a few teams (the Giants immediately come to mind) load up on them, and rightly so, because they're basically the only HS players you're going to find with weak or no college commitments. I tried to avoid tough signs and play it straight for the most part, Isaacs and Salters, a sophomore, are probably the only especially tough ones. Bobby Ison will lead professional baseball in grittiness the moment he signs.

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