New Fantasy Beginnings

Good afternoon,

I got your email from a generic site like Cafe, Rotoworld, Yahoo or something similar. Are you tired of the same

ole leagues offered on these sites? Do they fold? Do they seem like their not challenging enough? Than, why

don't you do something about that?

Come on over to and check out our assortment of money and free leagues. We have a good

variety to choose from. There are H2H points, H2H categories, and others as well. We have some that are as

simple as a 20 team no contracts dynasty to a 200 minor leaguer per team contracts dynasty with 30 teams.

We even have redraft leagues where you draft a team thru our scoring system, but you don't set lineups or do

any moves throughout the year! Optimal lineup setting shows who truly is the best drafter in the room whether

it be live or online!

If you do decide to give us a look, than here's what you need to do.

1. Go to

2. Register and sign up (it's free)

3. Take a look around and look under MLB leagues to see which one that was discussed here interests you to

take a look.

4. You can always send me a personal message on the site. I am Orange Country.

I will help find you a league that you can join and enjoy playing in it that will be around a year from now, not one

that will fold because the Commissioner quit. And if we don't have it, than we will see if there's enough interest

and perhaps we could start that league from scratch! ProFSL is your one stop shop for an advanced fantasy

sports community dedicated to bringing fans together in advanced leagues, discussion, and chat. We also like

to tinker with our own rankings, articles, and news that may interest you.

Does that not sound like something you would like to participate in? I joined the site 3 years ago and I spend the

majority of my online time at ProFSL. You won't need to go anywhere else for your fantasy needs.

With out further ado, here is some of the concepts we already have on site that could interest you:

1. Draft'N'Go MLB - Firstly, as the 2nd paragraph stated above, we also offer redraft leagues where you draft

against others and you decide your own draft clock for when it's your turn to pick. It's still early enough that a

few drafts could get off the ground with enough interest. Remember, you don't set lineups or make any moves.

The software does optimal lineup setting everyday so you just sit back and watch how your team does! It truly

is a test of who is the best drafter in the room! This is a free concept.

For more, visit here:

There's also a $$$ Draft'N'Go concept that was just created. We are looking for several more owners. There is

also a sweet deal attached that you get should you sign up for this concept. Vist here for more details:

2. Free Market Kings - Free Market Kings is looking to fill its free baseball teams in its first year. These team's

rosters are as of the end of the 2013 regular season. Now, this concept is a multi-sport league where you can

also run teams in the other sports as well. However, if interested, we are looking for MLB GM's mainly at this

point. You are more than welcome to run the entire city (for free) and compete in those sports as well. We are

looking to gear up for our entry draft (2013 draftees only) and free agency as well. All of the rosters are loaded

and ready to go on fantrax. Fantrax is also where all of the salary information is located as well.

We also have money :MLB: teams in addition to the other 3 major sports open for ownership as well.

Here are some helpful links to aid you in joining Free Market Kings.

:MLB: Rules:

Contract Rules:

List of Open Teams:

Sign up:

3. Earl Weaver Baseball- A brand new 12 team roto redraft league that needs to fill up ASAP. You keep 3

players per year. The rules will be real simple with no contracts or salaries involved. Get in on the ground floor

of the newest baseball league on ProFSL!

Sign up:

4. SRO Investments (Standing Room Only)- This is a 30-team franchise-style redraft fantasy league that allows

people to invest as much or as little in multiple franchises that are run by primary owners.

In other words, this league allows you to join a league and invest $$$ into 1 or more teams and you hire

someone else whether it be from ProFSL or someone you trust to run the team(s) for you.

If this sounds like something that would interest you can than sign up here:

5. Cornerstone Dynasty- A 30 team, free H2H points, contracts dynasty league. This is 1 of three 30 team

dynasty leagues for baseball on the site. It has a couple of openings. It's extremely organized with a much

different rule book that you won't find anywhere else. This league is in its 2nd year.


Sign up:

All of this is just a taste of what the site offers for baseball leagues. We also dabble heavily in the other sports

as well, but it is baseball season after all. If any of this interests you or you just have some questions, than feel

free to ask me.

Thank you for listening,

Reid- ProFSL MLB Director of Operations

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