2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: After-Action discussion

Here's an open thread to discuss the aftermath of the 2014 Minor League Ball Community mock draft. We will have more analysis and complete team lists tomorrow but here's the spot to talk about how it all went down. Are you happy with what your mock team did?

Thanks to everyone who participated!


1) Houston Astros: Brady Aiken, LHP, California HS
2) Miami Marlins:  Alex Jackson, C-OF, California HS
3) Chicago White Sox:  Carlos Rodon, LHP, North Carolina State
4) Chicago Cubs: Tyler Kolek, RHP, Texas HS
5) Minnesota Twins: Nick Gordon, SS, Florida HS
6) Seattle Mariners:  Touki Toussaint, RHP, Florida HS
7) Philadelphia Phillies:  Sean Newcomb, LHP, University of Hartford
8) Colorado Rockies:  Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt
9) Toronto Blue Jays: Kyle Freeland, LHP, University of Evansville
10) New York Mets:  Trea Turner, SS, North Carolina State University
11) Toronto Blue Jays (for Phil Bickford):  Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State University
12) Milwaukee Brewers: Jacob Gatewood, 3B, California HS
13) San Diego Padres:  Aaron Nola, RHP, Louisiana State University
14) San Francisco Giants:  Grant Holmes, RHP, South Carolina HS
15) Los Angeles Angels:  Michael Chavis, 3B, Georgia HS
16) Arizona Diamondbacks:  Kyle Schwarber, C-1B, Indiana University
17) Kansas City Royals:  Bradley Zimmer, OF, University of San Francisco
18) Washington Nationals:  Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State University
19) Cincinnati Reds:  Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina University
20) Tampa Bay Rays:  Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State University
21) Cleveland Indians:  Monte Harrison, OF, Missouri HS
22) Los Angeles Dodgers:  Luis Ortiz, RHP, California HS
23) Detroit Tigers:  A.J. Reed, 1B-LHP, University of Kentucky
24) Pittsburgh Pirates: T'Quan Forbes, OF, Mississippi HS
25) Oakland Athletics:  Derek Hill, OF, California HS
26) Boston Red Sox: Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Florida HS
27) St. Louis Cardinals: Michael Gettys, OF, Georgia HS
28) Kansas City Royals  (for Ervin Santana):  Spencer Adams, RHP, Georgia HS
29) Cincinnati Reds  (for Shin-Soo Choo): Nick Burdi, RHP, University of Louisville
30) Texas Rangers (for Nelson Cruz): Braxton Davidson, 1B, North Carolina HS
31) Cleveland Indians  (for Ubaldo Jimenez): Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU
32) Atlanta Braves (for Brian McCann):  Kodi Medeiros, LHP, Hawaii HS
33) Boston Red Sox   (for Jacoby Ellsbury): Derek Fisher, OF, University of Virginia
34) St. Louis Cardinals  (for Carlos Beltran):  Michael Kopech, RHP, Texas HS

35) Colorado Rockies:  Forrest Wall, 2B, Florida HS
36) Miami Marlins   (for Matt Krook):   Luke Weaver, RHP, Florida State University
37) Houston Astros  (spot traded from Orioles): Mike Papi, OF, University of Virginia
38) Cleveland Indians:  Foster Griffin, LHP, Florida HS
39) Miami Marlins:  Marcus Wilson, OF, California HS
40) Kansas City Royals:  Eric Fedde, RHP, UNLV
41) Milwaukee Brewers:  Joe Gatto, RHP, New Jersey HS


42) Houston Astros:  Mac Marshall, LHP, Georgia HS
43) Miami Marlins:  Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tennessee HS
44) Chicago White Sox:  Cameron Varga, RHP, Ohio HS
45) Chicago Cubs: Jacob Bukauskas, RHP, Virginia HS
46) Minnesota Twins:  Nick Howard, RHP, University of Virginia
47) Philadelphia Phillies: Jake Stinnett, RHP, University of Maryland
48) Colorado Rockies: Alex Blandino, 2B, Stanford University
49) Toronto Blue Jays:  Scott Blewett, RHP, New York HS
50) Milwaukee Brewers:  Keaton McKinney, RHP, Iowa HS
51) San Diego Padres:  Jakson Reetz, C, Nebraska HS
52) San Francisco Giants:  Jack Flaherty, 3B-RHP, California HS
53) Los Angeles Angels: Jacob Lindgren, LHP, Mississippi State University
54) Arizona Diamondbacks:  Carson Sands, LHP, Florida HS
55) New York Yankees:   Chase Vellot, C, Louisiana HS
56) Kansas City Royals:  J.J. Schwarz, C, Florida HS
57) Washington Nationals:  Gareth Morgan, OF, Canada HS
58) Cincinnati Reds Milton Ramos, SS, Florida HS
59) Texas Rangers Garrett Fulenchek, RHP, Texas HS
60) Tampa Bay Rays: Matt Imhof, LHP, Cal Poly
61) Cleveland Indians:    Matt Chapman, 3B, Cal State Fullerton
62) Los Angeles Dodgers: Josh Morgan, SS, California HS
63) Detroit Tigers: Aramis Garcia, C, Florida International
64) Pittsburgh Pirates:  Austin DeCarr, RHP, Salisbury Prep
65) Oakland Athletics:  Alex Verdugo, LHP, Arizona HS
66) Atlanta Braves: Cody Reed, LHP, Alabama HS
67) Boston Red Sox:   Jake Cosart, RHP, Seminole State
68) St. Louis Cardinals:  Grayson Greiner, C, South Carolina


69) Arizona Diamondbacks  (pick traded from Padres):  Michael Cederoth, RHP, San Diego State
70) Arizona Diamondbacks:  Matt Railey, OF, Florida HS 
71) St. Louis Cardinals:  Bryce Montes de Oca, RHP, Kansas HS
72) Tampa Bay Rays: Keith Weisenberg, RHP, Florida HS
73) Pittsburgh Pirates:  Brian Anderson, 2B, University of Arkansas
74) Seattle Mariners: Evan Skoug, C, Illinois HS


75) Houston Astros:  Joey Pankake, 3B, University of South Carolina
76) Miami Marlins:  Taylor Sparks, 3B, UC Irvine
77) Chicago White Sox:  Chris Ellis, RHP, University of Mississippi
78) Chicago Cubs: Austin Gomber, LHP, Florida Atlantic University
79) Minnesota Twins:  Mitch Keller, RHP, Iowa HS
80) Seattle Mariners:  Ben Wetzler, LHP, Oregon State University
81) Philadelphia PhilliesBobby Bradley, 1B, Mississippi HS
82) Colorado Rockies: Trace Loehr, SS, Oregon HS
83) Toronto Blue Jays:  Chris Oliver, RHP, University of Arkansas
84) New York Mets: Trey Supak, RHP, Texas HS
85) Milwaukee Brewers:   Jaren Kendall, OF, Wisconsin HS
86) San Diego Padres: Gavin LaValley, OF-1B, Oklahoma HS
87) San Francisco Giants:  Dylan Davis, OF, Oregon State University
88) Los Angeles Angels:  Wyatt Strahan, RHP, USC
89) Arizona Diamondbacks:   J.D. Davis, OF, Cal State Fullerton
90) Baltimore Orioles:  Brett Graves, RHP, University of Missouri
91) New York Yankees:  Aaron Brown, OF, Pepperdine
92) Kansas City Royals:  Sam Travis, C, Indiana University
93) Washington Nationals:  Daniel Gossett, RHP, Clemson
94) Cincinnati Reds Eric Skogland, LHP, Central Florida
95) Texas Rangers:  Spencer Turnbull, RHP, University of Alabama
96) Tampa Bay Rays:  Dillon Peters, LHP, University of Texas
97) Cleveland Indians:  Cole Tucker, SS, Arizona HS
98) Los Angeles Dodgers:  Connor Joe, C, University of San Diego
99) Detroit Tigers:  Pat Connaughton, RHP, Notre Dame
100) Pittsburgh Pirates:  Andrew Suarez, LHP, University of Miami-Florida
101) Oakland Athletics: Greg Allen, OF, San Diego State
102) Atlanta Braves:  Mark Zagunis, C, Virginia Tech
103) Boston Red Sox:  Grant Hockin, RHP, California HS
104) St. Louis Cardinals:  Zach Lemond, RHP, Rice University
105) Miami Marlins (for Ben DeLuzio):  Adam Ravanelle, RHP, Vanderbilt


106) Houston Astros:  Casey Soltis, OF, California HS
107) Miami Marlins:  Tate Blackman, INF, Florida HS
108) Chicago White Sox:  Simeon Lucas, C, Illinois HS
109) Chicago Cubs: A.J. Vanegas, RHP, Stanford
110) Minnesota Twins: Dustin DeMuth, 3B, Indiana University
111) Seattle Mariners:  Cobi Johnson, RHP, Florida HS
112) Philadelphia Phillies:  Brent Jones, RHP, Cornell University
113) Colorado Rockies:   Jace Fry, LHP, Oregon State University
114) Toronto Blue Jays:  Jordan Luplow, OF, Fresno State University
115) New York Mets:  Sam Howard, LHP, Georgia Southern University
116) Milwaukee Brewers:  Kel Johnson, OF, Georgia home schooler
117) San Diego Padres:  Jordan Foley, RHP, Central Michigan
118) San Francisco Giants:  James Norwood, RHP, St. Louis University
119) Los Angeles Angels:  Nick Wells, LHP, Virginia HS
120) Arizona Diamondbacks:  Jake Godfrey, RHP, Illinois HS
121) Baltimore Orioles: Justin Steele, LHP, Mississippi HS
122) New York Yankees: Alexis Pantojas, SS, Puerto Rico HS
123) Kansas City Royals: Dylan Cease, RHP, Georgia HS
124) Washington Nationals:  K.J. Harrison, C, Hawaii HS
125) Cincinnati Reds: Ian Rice, C, Chipola JC
126) Texas Rangers: Stone Garrett, OF, Texas HS
127) Tampa Bay Rays:  Sam Coonrod, RHP, Southern Illinois
128) Cleveland Indians:  Daniel Mengden, RHP, Texas A&M
129) Los Angeles Dodgers: Jacob Nix, RHP, California HS
130) Detroit Tigers: Jake Kelzer, RHP, Indiana
131) Pittsburgh Pirates:  Ryan Castellani, RHP, Arizona HS
132) Oakland Athletics:  Nick Torres, OF, Cal Poly
133) Atlanta Braves:  Jeremy Rhoades, RHP, Illinois State
134) Boston Red Sox:  Josh Prevost, RHP, Seton Hall
135) St. Louis Cardinals: Slade Heggen, C, Montana HS

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