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Gamesmanship be damned. I wouldn't be so bold as to call these rankings, and honestly still kinda up in the air, but it's not like the very top and the bottom ten or so are likely to enter into the equation, 6-15 is where the action is.

1. Brady Aiken LHP

2. Carlos Rodon LHP


3. Alex Jackson C

4. Tyler Kolek RHP

5. Nick Gordon SS


6. Max Pentecost C

7. Kyle Freeland LHP

8. Grant Holmes RHP

9. Tyler Beede RHP

10. Trea Turner SS

11. Michael Chavis 3B

12. Jeff Hoffman RHP*

13. Aaron Nola RHP

14. Brad Zimmer OF

15. Sean Newcomb LHP


16. Kyle Schwarber C/1B/OF

17. Sean Reid-Foley RHP

18. Michael Conforto OF

19.Casey Gillaspie 1B

20. Kodi Medeiros LHP

21. Forrest Wall 2B

22. Derek Hill OF

23. Erick Fedde RHP*

24.Touki Toussaint RHP

25. Michael Gettys OF

26. Spencer Adams RHP

In an alternate reality where Hoffman, Finnegan, and Fedde were healthy, they're probably fit in at 4th, 11th, and 14th respectively. Maybe it's super unreasonable to remove Finnegan when he's still pitching while just moving the other two down a few slots, but whatever. I'll take the injury I know, and more than one of these guys will need TJS in the not so distant future, and better now than later I say. I try to err on the side of seeming mechanical safety, but you can never know.

I'm pretty set, really, though I could honestly take anybody in that third tier and be almost equally cool with it. Can somebody talk me into Nola or Zimmer, or out of Beede or Chavis? Is Hoffman worth the wait? Is Max Pentecost's helium all BABIP? Cause my dilettante's eye can't see a single thing to dislike, and I'm inclined to put a lot of emphasis on safety at the top of the draft, to say nothing of the fact that an athletic sure catcher who can make contact and has power potential has legitimate all-star potential, but maybe I'm just getting carried away. I think he could actually have a higher ceiling than Trea Turner. Incidentally, Turner is a guy whose downside is exaggerated: in the scheme of SS draft prospects, his defense is in very little doubt, and he could steal 40 bases in the majors just on initiative. It's not gonna take a whole lot of hitting for him to be a MLer. The more I examine Beede, the most enthused I get. Might not be that good right now, but I think there is a lot in the tank. The big athletic frame, the easy velocity, the deep arsenal...he has some Matt Harvey going on, insane as that comparison may seem. Just reads to me.

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