Cubs MOD #3: Final Discussion/War Room

Was originally planning on doing four MODs, as I thought the draft was on Sunday, but it's actually tomorrow, so this will be the final one, and it'll be about potential targets for rounds three & four, as well as serving as the War Room.

Targets for pick 78:

Andrew Suarez, LHP, University of Miami - Suarez would be higher on boards if it weren't for his shoulder injury freshman year, and consequently his velocity drop. Fastball is solid in the 88-91 range, but used to touch higher. Slider is his out-pitch, and the changeup is good enough to be a semi-decent third pitch. Command profile is good. Another guy who could develop into anywhere from a long-reliever to a borderline #3 starter.

Austin Gomber, LHP, Florida Atlantic - Gomber missed some time in May with "arm soreness," which backed off scouts a little bit, but when he's healthy & on his game, he's easily a third round talent at-worst. He's 6'5" 220 pounds, possesses an 88-92 mph heater and an above-average changeup that flashes plus. The thing that I love about him is that throughout his career his main knock has been his below-average third pitch, his curveball, but he started throwing a slider late and it apparently flashed quite a bit. Not saying he's a diamond-in-the-rough, but he's a name worth watching.

Christopher Ellis, RHP, University of Mississippi - Ellis is the ideal pick at 78, I think. Has two above-average to plus pitches in his fastball & curveball, has a show-me changeup, and solid control all-around to go along with a big 6'5" 205 pound frame. Cubs need pitching, especially college arms, so he fits the bill. Upside of a #4 starter, maybe a #3 if everything were to click.

Targets for Pick 109:

Jake Cosart, RHP, Seminole State (JC) - Yes, Jake Cosart is the little brother of The Most Inefficient SP In The League™, aka Jarred Cosart, and yes, he too has a big arm. He's a small guy at 6'2" 170 pounds, but he's reportedly touched 98 mph, and has a heater that sits in the 92-96 range. His curveball has been his out-pitch, but it's not projected to be anything more than a slightly-above average pitch, which isn't bad, but many believe his newly-found slider will be his go-to pitch when it's all said & done. He has a changeup, but it's too firm, and it'll be lucky to be a mediocre offering in time. His command is his downfall, like his brother, and if he doesn't improve it he'll be a bullpen arm, but a potentially electric one, though. Good upside, this one has. (H/T Yoda)

Connor Joe, C/1B, University of San Diego - The lone position player listed in this MOD is a real sleeper in my book. Has played 1B for the majority of his career, but he's recently started catching, and has shown quite a bit of promise, boosting his stock substantially. Of course, he's still quite raw behind the plate, but he's got an underrated bat. Has walked more times than he's struck out, which is always great, even in college, and has a good line-drive swing. He won't hit for much power other than doubles, but someone who can play solid defense behind the plate while possessing terrific plate discipline and gap-to-gap power could be a legitimate major league regular.

Erik Skoglund, LHP, University of Central Florida - Another semi-sleeper is Skoglund. He's an off-the-radar prospect (at least for a potentially 3rd/4th round one), due to his erratic K/BB ratios, but he has quietly possessed an 86/22 one through nearly 100 innings this season. He sits in the 88-91 range and will touch the 92-93 area, but the reason some people are high on him is that he's 6'7", and only 200 pounds, giving him a very projectable body. He has an average slider right now and a useful changeup that he has yet to learn to command. His floor isn't high, especially for a college pitcher, but once he fills out his frame he could have a 65-70 grade heater from the left side. Just needs to further develop his secondaries so hitters won't sit on his fastball.

That's all the time I have for, unfortunately. Would have tried to research & dig up more candidates, but the draft is tomorrow and I obviously got a late start here.

If any of you all have some favorites for these two picks, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd list them and provide detailed scouting reports as well. Need all the options I can get, especially this deep into a draft.

I'm obviously not going to reveal who I'd take at pick #4 right now, but I'm really liking Nick Gordon & Aaron Nola, especially Gordon. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if I convinced myself to stay true to my board and maybe select Alex Jackson with the pick, who is just barely ahead of Gordon (Jackson is 4th, Gordon is 4a) in my book.

See you all tomorrow for the big day.

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