Tigers MOD: 2.0 Easy as 1 2 3

I finally got a chance today to get caught up on draft prospects and look to see what the Tiger farm system looks like. The Tigers took college player with the first 17 picks last year so I am going to look to take college players with most all of my pick. I will also use Matt Garrioch’s 2014 MLB DRAFT: Top 350 Prospects as a guide to what players should be consider for each pick. So lets get started.

23rd Pick Slot $1,953,100

Most ever mock draft has the Tigers taking Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville. " It is the easiest pick in the draft" is the quote by one mock draft. I like Burdi and it would not be a bad pick, but I am not sure it is that easy. I don’t know that you waste a 1st round pick on a close/bullpen arm and as John pointed out in the Tigers Top 20 summery the Tiger organization lacks impact bats. Considering the Tigers took college arms in its first 7 picks last year, hitters would fill organizational needs more than arms.

The following players are who I would think that the Tigers are looking at:

Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU

Brad Zimmer, CF, USF

Michael Conforto, LF, OSU

Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina

A. J. Reed, 1B, Kentucky

Luke Weaver, RHP, FSU

Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville

Kyle Schwarber, 1B/C, Indiana

Casey Gillaspie, 1b, WSU

The top four on this list will most likely be gone. I don’t have them in any order but I could see any of the bottom five being our man.

63rd Pick Slot $900,600

Brian Anderson, CF/2b, Arkansas

Aramis Garcia, C, FIU

J.D Davis, 1B, CSFU

Dan Mengden, RHP, TAMU

Garrett Fuenchek, RHP, Dallas Baptist

Matt Imhof, LHP, Cal Poly

Jocob Lindgren, LHP, MSU

Erick Fedde, RHP Nevada-LV

Brett Graves, RHP, Mizzu

The guys I like the most of this group is Imhof and Garcia. Imhof would be the most likely fit for the what the Tiger would pick. With Garcia being a close second, The Tigers usually take a college catcher in the early rounds and since they didn’t last year he might be the guy. Anderson is a good bat but has a lot of question about his glove. Mengden, Fedde and Graves are Tiger types of picks. This pick will be effected by the first round pick.

Here are the name that would slot for the last two picks. I haven’t got to review most of these yet. So all input would be helpful.

99th Pick Slot $529,400

Joey Pankake, 3b, South Carolina

Chris Oliver, RHP, Arkansas

Eric Skoglund, LHP, UCF

Tanner English, LF, South Carolina

Micheal Cederoth, RHP, SDSU

Pat Connaughton, RHP, Notre Dame

Andrew Suarez, LHP, Miami

Chris Ellis, RHP, Ole Miss

Mark Zagunis, C, Virginia Tech

Jordan Luplow, LF, Fresno State

Taylor Gushue, C, Florida

130th Pick Slot $392,400

A. J. Vanegas, RHP, Stanford

Wyatt Strahan, RHP, USC

Adam Revenelle, RHP, Vandy

Jake Kelzer, RHP, Indiana

Zech Lemond, RHP, Rice

Daniel Gossett, RHP, Clemson

Same Coonrod, RHP, Southern Illinois

Dillon Peters, LHP, Texas

Dale Carey, OF , Miami

Mitchell Gunsolus, 3B, Gonzagz

Shane Mardirosian, OF, UCSB

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