Brewers MOD#3

Brewers MOD#3

Brewers Picks to discuss this MOD:

3rd Round- 85th Overall ($641,8000)

4th Round- 116th Overall ($449,300)

While I’m a lifelong Brewers fan and minor league baseball nut, this is my first year of participating in John’s community mock. I thought I’d check on how my predecessors fared and post the results from the past five years.

I posted the actual Brewers results from the last five years in my MOD#1 if you’d like to compare. I’d say that by landing top talent like Javier Baez, Joey Gallo, Lucas Sims and Matt Barnes, I’d say the community mockers have done a better overall job than the real life Brew Crew.

2013 Community Mock Results

54) Blake Taylor, LHP, California HS
72) Mike Lorenzen, OF, Cal State Fullerton
90) Michael O'Neill, OF, University of Michigan
122) Christian Arroyo, SS, Florida HS

2012 Community Mock Results

1-27) Lucas Sims, RHP, Georgia HS
1-28) Joey Gallo, 1B, Nevada HS
1S-38) Stephen Piscotty, 3B, Stanford
2-92) Josh Henderson, OF, Virginia HS
3-122) Kenny Diekroeger, INF, Stanford

2011 Community Mock Results

1-12) Matt Barnes, RHP, Connecticut
1-15) Javier Baez, SS, Florida HS
2) Larry Greene, OF, Georgia HS
3) Joe Musgrove, RHP, California HS

2010 Community Mock Results

1) Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State University
2) Perci Garner, RHP, Ball State University
3) Andrelton Simmons, SS, Western Oklahoma JC

2009 Community Mock Results

26) Andrew Oliver, LHP, Oklahoma State
39) Rich Poythress, 1B, Georgia
47) Sam Dyson, RHP, South Carolina
73) LeVon Washington, OF, Florida HS
74) Chris Dwyer, LHP, Clemson
105) David Hale, RHP, Princeton

Targeted Players for Picks #85 and #116

Pick #85


LHP Turner Larkins

OF Stone Garrett

3B/1B Bobby Bradley

OF Jaren Kendall

OF Garrett Morgan


RHP Jake Cosart

RHP Derek Casey

3B Taylor Sparks

OF Kel Johnson

OF Carl Chester

Looks like I might be landing an OF with one of these picks, although I’m going to go best player available on my draft board. With that said, I’d like to land at least two pitchers out of the Brewers first 5 picks, if possible. After doing thorough draft research, it seems that I may lean High School over College! Lol Maybe it’s just this draft that seems to have some standout high school talent.


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