Royals MOD #3

Mav22 here. With just 5 days to go before draft day, figured it was time for my rankings. My tiers would be....

Tier 1 1-2
Tier 2 3-6
Tier 3 7-13
Tier 4 14-26
Tier 5 27-50

1. Brady Aiken lhp Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego 8/16/1996---Aiken seems to have it all. From looking like that guy in L.A. To being very young. To having excellent command. Plus makeup-lefty-delivery-movement-production too. What is the flaw?

2. Carlos Rodon lhp N.C. State 12/10/1992---A 2.01 ERA is an off year? I will take that. He was by far the number 1 prospect coming into the year. That should be remembered.

3. Aaron Nola rhp Louisiana State 6/4/1993---I actually had him 6th until about 5 minutes ago when I changed my mind while editing. Like EVERYTHING about him. Why should he not go at least 3rd?

4. Tyler Kolek rhp Shepherd (Texas) HS 12/15/1995---I am not that high on him. Could drop him, but 102.......

5. Nick Gordon ss Olympia HS Orlando 10/24/1995---SS's that can stay at SS with complete games are rare. Florida guy with blood lines.

6. Alex Jackson c/of Rancho Bernardo HS, Escondido 12/25/1995---Is he a catcher? I doubt it. Not sure it even matters as taking ANY catcher this high becomes somewhat questionable anyway with limited games played for the position in the majors. Dude can rake.

7. Trea Turner ss N.C. State 6/30/1993---So the SS with more homers this year then Conforto, Zimmer and Fisher have had in their best season's doesn't have enough power to play SS? Especially considering he hasn't filled out his 6-1 young frame yet? Great speed and plate discipline too. Defense is my main question. I think he will be average, which is fine.

8. Kyle Freeland lhp Evansville 5/14/1993---Tall, hard throwing lefty with awesome control. Third pitch the question along with competition. Neither bothers me though.

9. Sean Newcomb lhp Hartford 6/12/1993---Slightly better stuff than Freeland, but worse command.

10. Grant Holmes rhp Conway (S.C.) HS 3/22/1996---I wish he was a couple of inches taller.

11. Touki Toussaint rhp Coral Springs Christian HS, Miami 6/20/1996---Command is the main problem. Could be special though.

12. Max Pentecost c Kennesaw State 3/10/1993---Excellent all round catcher.

13. Bradley Zimmer of San Francisco 11/27/1992---Tall CF is a complete package. Not sure he is great at anything however. Kind of Pentecostal like in that way.

14. Sean Reid-Foley rhp Sandalwood HS, Jacksonville, Fla. 8/30/1995---As I said, really like him. But this is my start of tier 4, so he could go much lower and it would not shock me.

15. Spencer Adams rhp White County HS, Cleveland 4/13/1996---Not many questions and solid up side. Tall, young Georgia athlete. Me likey.

16. Michael Chavis 3b/2b Sprayberry HS, Marietta, Ga. 8/11/1995---Looks like a player with a lot of tools. Age and height are slight negatives though.

17. Michael Conforto of Oregon State 3/1/1993---When I watched Conforto earlier in the year, he seemed to be very good at driving the ball to the opposite field. A very, very, very proffesional hitter. However, I do wonder how much pull power he will have as he already is filled out and doesn't hit a lot of homers. Not sure his defense or bat will play great in a large park. Better suited for a Minute Maid or Fenway.

18. Jacob Bukauskas rhp Stone Bridge HS Ashburn, Va. 10/11/1996---I think he is officially in this draft and who knows, maybe he changes his mind and asks to be picked. But I don't think he will be drafted in the first 10 rounds. A little short for my prefference, but otherwise awesome. Ignore his inclussion.

19. Marcus Wilson of Junipero Serra HS, Los Angeles 8/15/1996---Wilson and Harrison are my two toughest to grade. Can they hit? I am not sure. The one thing I noticed from his mid 2013 video to his early 2014 video was how much taller, bigger and better he seemed. He was really starting to drive the ball in the 2014 look. He seems to be right on top of the plate and I found it funny how often he got buzzed in the videos. Victorinoesque. Seemed patient. Plus defensive potential. Extremely young and from California. Loads of potential....... if he can hit.

20. Monte Harrison of Lee’s Summit West (Mo.) HS 8/10/1995---Can he hit? I know he can can catch a football and run with it.

21. Derek Hill of Elk Grove (Calif.) HS 12/30/1995---Has a pretty complete game if his power comes. Not sure it will though watching his swing. Looks like a safe high school pick though, with upside.

22. Michael Kopech rhp Mount Pleasant (Texas) HS 4/30/1996---Has all the things I look for. See the past MOD's for my comments on Kopech and the next pick, Gillespie.

23. Casey Gillespie 1b Wichita State 1/25/1993---Don't like picking 1st baseman. But looks like a player to me. Brother in the bigs.

24. Kyle Schwarber c Indiana 3/5/1993---Will he catch and be average on D? If so, he is more in the top 13 tier. But I am a big believer in catching defense being crucial to a catcher. And I have my doubts about his defense.

25. Jeff Hoffman rhp East Carolina 1/8/1993---Never loved Hoffman. Should have had better stats with his stuff. Inconsistent. Maybe that was all because his elbow was hurtin? As for his rankings drop, think about what happened to Casey Kelly when he had Tommy John. Dropped from about 50-150? So Hoffman dropping from 9-25 makes sense to me.

26. Tyler Beede rhp Vanderbilt 5/23/1993---Pitching poorly lately. Questions about makeup although I don't know the details. Third pitch issues. Command problems as well. But I still kind of like him. Last year he was nearly unhittable. This is a very deep draft.

27. Forrest Wall 2b Orangewood Christian HS, Winter Park, Fla. 11/20/1995---Arm sucks, but a player.

28. Ti’Quan Forbes, SS, Columbia HS (MS) 8/26/1996---Mississippi kid? Oh no! Will he hit? Don't know. Can he stay at SS? Don't know. Will he fill into his frame if he moves off SS and hit for power? Don't know. But he is a long cool drink of smoothness. Could someday be richer then Steve Forbes. Or a Ti’ed up knot in A ball. The most interesting player to follow in the coming years.

29. Chase Vallot, C/OF, St. Thomas More HS (LA)8/21/96---Talked about him already. Obviously very high on him.

30. Erick Fedde rhp UNLV 2/25/1993---Lots of positives. Had him about 12 before the elbow.

31. Brandon Finnegan lhp TCU 4/14/1993---Height plus shoulder equals 31. Stuff is top 5 though, just think size matters most of the time. At least that is what the ladies say.

32. Michael Gettys of Gainesville (Ga.) HS 10/22/1995---Lots of tools. Came on strong with the bat, but its still his one question. If he or the next fella went in the high teens, it would not shock me.

33. Jacob Gatewood ss Clovis (Calif.) HS 9/25/1995---Power galore, but I definately don't see SS. And I question the bat as well. Lots of upside in this draft.

34. Nick Burdi rhp Louisville 1/19/1993---How high do you take the best closer in years? About this high. Nearly unhittable.

35. Matt Imhof lhp Cal Poly 10/26/1993-Big, young effective lefty with tons of K's.

36. Luke Weaver rhp Florida State 8/21/1993---Top 20 for me coming into the year, but he hasn't improved his stuff, its actually gotten worse. I wonder about arm health. But pitchers have twinges and slightly down seasons on occasion. Lots to like otherwise.

37. Foster Griffin lhp The First Academy, Orlando 7/27/1995---He seems like a solid safe high school pitcher if their is such a thing, but his stuff just doesn't look nasty to me.

38. Alex Blandino 3b Stanford 11/6/1992---Solid prospect who has been very good his last two Capes and this year for Stanford. One of those safe Stanford types.

39. Alex Verdugo lhp/of Sahuaro HS, Tucson, Ariz. 5/15/1996---Young, athletic, lefty. A little short at 6-1.

40. Nick Howard rhp Virginia 4/6/1993---High quality reliever. Safe, but likely just a reliever.

41. Luis Ortiz rhp Sanger (Calif.) HS 9/22/1995---I really like his stuff. But he is oldish and shortish and he has health questions.

42. Kodi Medeiros lhp Waiakea HS Hilo, Hawaii 5/25/1996---Height, arm slot and command are the questions. All probably lead to the pen.

43. Braxton Davidson 1b/of Roberson HS, Asheville, N.C. 6/18/1996---1B...... in high school.

44. A.J. Reed 1B Kentucky 5/10/1993---1B...... with holes.

45. Derek Fisher of Virgina 8/21/1993---If others had Fisher 50, I would put him 60. That is the only thing propping him up here. The fear of looking very stupid. Or maybe stupider.

46. Milton Ramos ss American Heritage HS, Hialeah Gardens, Fla. 10/26/1995---He plays against the best high school competition in America. A plus fielding SS who is 6-2. Potential is very high, plus high floor. If I had more confidence in the hit tool, might rank him in the teens, but I don't.

47. Justus Sheffield lhp Tullahoma HS (Tenn.) 5/13/1996---Better then his brother. Not sure he will sign though.

48. Scott Blewett rhp Baker HS, Baldwinsville, N.Y. 4/10/1996---Health questions have dropped him some in my eyes.

49. Chris Oliver rhp Arkansas 7/8/1993---I wish his K rates were higher because I liked him when I saw him on TV. Good frame that could fill out more. Stuff, command and delivery all looked good. Wish he had more K's.

50. Matt Railey OF North Florida Christian HS (Fla.) 3/16/1995---Might be the best high school hitter. He has the look.

51. Cam Varga rhp Cincinnati Hills Academy, Ohio 8/19/1994---Less then a year younger then some of the college guys like Weaver. He better have good stuff and dominate Ohio. But he does and did.

Feel free to rip. Give us your own rankings. Have any questions, fire away. Or just meditate on the brilliance like a bug transfixed on the illumination.

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