Astros MOD #3

Hello again. Today, I want to mainly discuss our fourth selection in the third round: Pick #75. Without further ado, here is who I am considering:

Name Position Hometown School Floor Ceiling Rank
Carson Sands LHP Tallahassee, FL HS 30 50 93
Works 88-91 and tops out at 92. Has projection remaining. Nice change. Curveball not as advanced as change. Easy delivery but throws across the body

Jack Flaherty RHP Burbank, CA HS 30 55 60
One of the better athletes in the class. Can really run. All the tools but performance was underwhelming in my viewings. Long swing. Big power potential. Now looks like a better pitching prospect, hitting low 90's now with improving secondaries. Easy delivery, good arm action. Has pitched for years, just that offensive tools looked too good to pass on.
Joey Pankake 3B South Carolina 4YR 40 50 91
A safe college pick with average tools. He can run a little. He's a solid hitter and can hit for some power but won't be a star. He has a big arm though. Integral on some of the best college teams in recent memory and could outplay his tools.
Keaton McKinney RHP Ankeny, IA HS 35 60 38
Amazing change. Can throw if for a strike at any time. Good fastball and breaking ball. Fresh arm. Not a lot of projection. Arm heavy delivery but he has good athletecism. May be more in the tank.
Keith Weisenberg RHP Seminole, FL HS 30 60 74
Quick arm creates low 90's velocity. Doesn't use legs well in delivery. Could be more in the tank due to this. Can hit 95. Slider has tight rotation. Change shows well and could be above average. Could fill out to be very good. Very projectable.
Brett Graves RHP Missouri 4YR 40 50 73
Command and control pitcher. Can touch 95 but works in the low 90's at his best. Slider and change could both be average but are inconsistent. Strike throwet looks like a back of the rotation guy with mid-rotation upside.
Jake Cosart RHP Seminole State 4YR 30 60 117
Lightning fast arm. Up to 98 and sits 92-94. Has a lollipop breaking ball that has a lot of room for improvement but he can spin it. No reason he shouldn't be able to develop a change as well. Very good athlete. Quite a bit of potential here. Jarred's little brother.
Grant Hockin RHP Pomona, CA HS 40 55 72
Pitchability guy at 88-90. More mid rotation kind of guy. Decent depth on slider, flashes plus. Solid control. Very good idea on the mound. Athletic. Harmon Killebrew's grand son. A guy I want to dream on and take early.

Others who I am looking at:

  • Jared Walker, 3B (HS)
  • Luke Bonfield, RF (HS)
  • Cobi Johnson, RHP (HS)
  • Dan Mengden, RHP (4YR)
  • Trey Supak, RHP (HS)
  • Jake Godfrey, RHP (HS)
Please provide some insight on some of these players because right now, it is a toss-up. A few might think Pankake will be the pick because of the name but I've fallen into name traps before.
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