Blue Jays MOD #3: The Periphery, Stock Report

I've already run through my targets for round 1, and then a rough group for round 2 and to a lesser extent round 3. Realistically, I'll be taking guys who drop in rounds 3 and 4, but if for whatever reason that doesn't happen, I'd like to take a look at some slightly off the board (or just dull) prospects who've caught my eye. In the interest of perhaps ill-advisedtransparency, I might post my top 30 or so prospects in a future MOD just to show where I stand and work things out further. For now though, some slightly less hot prospects:

Pat Connaughton RHP Notre Dame

Relatively speaking, his performance has been straight garbage and his delivery is more than a bit clumsy, but entirely unreasonable visions of Jeff Samardzija dance in my head, just because he's a Notre Dame multi-sport athlete. That's probably a lot much, but major upside for a college pitcher.

Carl Chester OF Florida HS

Not so sure about his swing, but an interesting combination of tools. Has ridiculous speed which should, or at least could make him a defensive standout, and that's something that always interests me. If a guy can provide great D and baserunning, he doesn't have to hit a whole lot to become at least a marginal MLer, I think it's a very underrated ability. Peter Bourjos-y?

Josh Prevost RHP Seton Hall

Senior alert. Enormous backwater strike thrower has emerged out of thin air.

Bryan Dobzanski RHP New Jersey HS

Near no-information prospect. Two sport pitcher who's a wrestler, so that's cool.

Luke Bonfield OF New Jersey HS

New Jersey is the new black these days. There pretty much isn't a consensus on where he should rank, but everyone seems high on his bat and I like what I see for the most part. Swing looks direct and very powerful, good timing, but has a ludicrous leg kick. Generally looks like a player to me for whatever that's worth. Loosey goosey.

Jake Cosart RHP JuCo

Well...he throws hard, and his brother is a Major League pitcher of sorts so I guess he's in the round 3 conversation.

Sam Travis 3B Indiana

Not going real far off the beaten path for this one, but if there were one healthy signable prospect the community mock draft is likely to let drop, it might be Travis. On the one hand, who wants a short right handed 1B? On the other, if he can hack it at 3B though, things get interesting. More Cardinal or Astro than Blue Jay.

Jordan Luplow OF Fresno State

Really figured things out this year. About as safe as they come.

Connor Joe C? San Diego

Kind of a combination of Travis and Luplow. He's improved markedly over his career, has turned into a hell of a hitter, and handled the CCL reasonably well too. Value depends entirely on whether he can play a position other than 1B.

Jordan Brink RHP Fresno State

With above average velocity and an extremely nasty curve he throws at 84 mph he looks like he should be blowing college hitters away, but he's not. At all. An outfielder as well until this year he looks very athletic and explosive with his delivery. I think he could be a much better pro than amateur. His profile screams reliever, but there's an awful lot to work with here.

Now, I'll take a look back at some of my round 1 and 2 targets who I've been souring/coming around on

Arrow Up

Tyler Beede - not a guy who interested me terribly going in, but now everyone else's most fatigued prospect is my shiny new toy. Right now, the best pitchers are probably Rodon, Nola, a healthy Finnegan, and Freeland. Beede is not on that level, but physically, I'm not sure there's a more promising college pitcher in this draft in terms of durability and ceiling. Command needs to be hammered out, but even if everything doesn't break right he could be a MOR innings eater with his arsenal.

Michael Chavis - I previously identified him as dark horse pick, and I've only become more sold. Depending on how things shake out, I'd be very comfortable taking him, might even be glad to have an excuse to do so.

Max Pentecost - see above. Seems like the consensus is starting to come around too.

Cameron Varga - second round target, I like him more and more. Old and maybe not facing the toughest competition, but if he were in JuCo, would anyone care? Hell, I don't even care as it is.

Dylan Cease - gonna have to see what happens with signability here so it's a long shot, but on talent he's arguably the best player who'll be there in round 2, let alone 3.

Arrow Down

Kyle Freeland - my process mostly consists of convincing myself, and then trying to un-convince myself. Still likely my favorite of the reasonably available players, but the mechanics are bothering me even more the more I look at them. Might be burning hot right now only to fizzle once the majors come calling. Then again, I figured Chris Sale would basically live at James Andrews' house, so who knows?

Jeff Hoffman - more by way of comparison than anything else. TJS bothers me very, very little and he'll be the most talented available player by far, but I'm no longer inclined to take the plunge.

Touki Toussaint - Command is weak enough that the odds that he pans out aren't high enough to warrant taking him this early.

Brandon Finnegan - went from a favorite to a non-starter overnight. Nasty as he is, I'm just not going to take anyone with a shoulder problem in the first round.

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