The John Sickels Mock Draft Mock Draft

Okay, this one's just for fun (and because I was enjoying reading through all of the MOD's out there thanks to rlwhite's excellent MOD Index). So I asked myself: who's likely to go where in John Sickels' Mock Draft on May 31? That's right, I've mock drafted a mock draft! Feel free to leave your favorite Inception joke in the comments. I decided to go through to the end of the first round and compensatory round (that is, through pick #41).

Anyway: take this with a pound of salt, sit back and enjoy:


1. With the first pick of the Mock Draft, the Houston Astros select LHP Carlos Rodon. In their MOD, the Astros are weighing between Rodon and Aiken. Most scouts are going the other way, but wafflechip27 seems to be leaning Rodon. If Rodon doesn't go here, he's a lock to go #3 to the White Sox.

2. The Marlins happily pounce on LHP Brady Aiken. Tyler Kolek is the backup choice here.

3. With three quality arms ranked 1-2-3, the White Sox -- who have no MOD, sadly -- take the one who's left, which in this case is Texas high-school RHP Tyler Kolek.

4. The Cubs are the first team to really go off the reservation, selecting TCU LHP Brandon Finnegan as a high-upside lefty starter. Their backup choice would be Oregon State OF Michael Conforto, but the discussion at their MOD suggests Finnegan might be the guy. The Cubs are between mock GMs right now.

5. John's going to have a hard time passing on SS Nick Gordon here for the Twins.

6. The Mariners get my favorite player in the draft, high-school RF/3B Alex Jackson. Casejud is trying to play it close to the vest in the MOD, but we're not fooled: Jackson is the pick.

7. In their MODs (#1 here, and #2 here) the Phillies are discussing a really interesting strategy for restocking the Phils' rather sad minor-league system. It looks like the MOD's consensus best player to execute that strategy at 1.7 is fast-rising Kennesaw State C Max Pentecost, who's garnering Jonathan Lucroy comps. This sort of thing is exactly what I love about John's mock draft; it's not just 30 guys going straight down the BA list or whatever.

8. The Rockies Mock GM says "I would like a position player in Round 1... Best-player available, not really accounting for position." That's probably NC State's SS Trea Turner. Backup choice: SS Jacob Gatewood. Kind of odd that the BPA regardless of position is a shortstop, but there you go.

9. The Blue Jays GM has LHP Kyle Freeland on the top of his draft board, so he's the pick. Hard to go wrong with that, particularly when you pick again at 1.11.

10. The Mets GM hasn't said anything, but this pick looks like a choice between RHP Jeff Hoffman and OF Bradley Zimmer. In a bit of a surprise move, the Mets pass on the injured righty and take the college outfielder. After the pick is in, amazins8669 has an aneurysm that the Mets passed on Touki Toussaint. (Seriously, guys, you should go read that article; it's good stuff with nice linked GIFs.)

11. The Blue Jays get their second-highest rated pitcher, RHP Grant Holmes. Time to crack open a Molson, put Rush's Moving Pictures album and crank that thing to 11 because this is lookin' like a pretty sweet draft in Toronto, eh? Hoser.

12. The who's-going-to-take-RHP Jeff Hoffman merry-go-round stops here. The Brewers. The Brewers are going to take Jeff Hoffman. Unless they don't.

13. Whoever's the non-MOD-creating GM for the San Diego Padres looks up at the chat room and asks, "Uh, has anyone drafted RHP Aaron Nola yet?" Nola, pick 13, to the Padres. Nice get.

14. The Giants are all over 3B Michael Chavis. Backup pick: Touki Toussaint. I like both of those guys, personally.

15. The Angels GM is playing it pretty close to the vest in his two MODs (#1 here, and #2 here), but I'm going to guess that RHP Tyler Beede can't fall any farther than this, both in this mock and in real life.

16. The top guy left on Arizona's board is LHP Sean Newcomb, so he's the pick.

17. Emulating the time-tested (if not exactly winning) strategy employed by the Baltimore Orioles in the late 1990s, the Royals have two GMs. Making the first pick is KCTiger, and from his comments, it looks like his top choice is polished college OF Michael Conforto. Mav22 -- who's been far more circumspect -- is picking 2nd and 3rd in the first round. No, that's not confusing at all, guys.

18. Judging by the wisdom of crowds, the Nationals ("BPA") select C/1B Kyle Schwarber. Jacob Gatewood is also a possibility here.

19. The Reds have made no secret that they covet high-upside position players, and the best one left on their list at this spot is SS Jacob Gatewood.

20. Well, this is kind of weird, because I would have bet any amount of money that RHP Touki Toussaint wouldn't be there at pick #20 for the Rays, but there he is. I would love to see what the Rays could do with that arm, which would probably involve seven and a half years in the minor-leagues. (Note: there is not a chance in hell that the Rays actually draft Touki Toussaint.)

21. The Indians want a high-ceiling high school bat. Dude, like, you can't get any higher than OF/WR/PG Monte Harrison. He's all projection at this point, but... whoa, have you ever really looked at your hand? I mean, looked at it? Whoa. (Note: this entry is a not-particularly-funny joke about the word 'high' and not an insinuation that Harrison smokes weed. I have no idea if Harrison smokes weed, and don't care one way or the other.)

22. If any team can afford to roll the dice, it's the Dodgers, and so they do, selecting RHP Erick Fedde, who falls to them post-Tommy John surgery. If Fedde's arm falls off, the Dodgers will just go out and sign Max Scherzer to a 9-year, $500 million contract. Actually, they'll probably do that anyway.

23. The Tigers are a tough team to figure out, but RHP Nick Burdi makes way too much sense here (and in real life). He could be a setup man as early as September of this year for a team whose window is now.

24. Although there are rumblings from the masses to take a bat, GM chuck.andrews.752 (are there really 751 Chuck Andrews on SBN?) has said he'll take a top pitcher who falls, and for my money, RHP Sean Reid-Foley fits that bill. Monstrous high-school RF Braxton Davidson is probably the backup candidate if chuck.andrews.752 gives in to the whims of the crowd.

25. The highest-ranked player on Oakland's draft board is CF Derek Hill. See, people: that's how you do it. Rank exactly who you'd take and in what order! FWIW, Hill is totally an A's kind of player.

26. It's ridiculous how well the Red Sox have drafted as of late. Anyway, they take LHP Kodi Medeiros here.

27. The Cardinals are another awesome, well-run mock organization that put everyone on a handy little chart for me. That chart says "RHP Luis Ortiz," and who am I to argue with a tri-color coding scheme?

28. Didn't the Royals just pick? Yes, yes they did. Anyway, Mav22 says that by far his favorite tool is "bat," and if that's the case, you're obligated by law to select 2B Forrest Wall here.

29. And they're rejoicing in the streets in Cincinnati for perhaps the first time ever, as a guy they were targeting with their first pick, RF Braxton Davidson, falls to them at pick #29.

30. The Rangers GM very candidly tells us "I have no idea what I'm doing." Well, chriscvc -- can I call you Chris? -- you could do a hell of a lot worse than taking UVA's OF Derek Fisher in this spot.

31. See, here's what "best player available" means: Cleveland's GM (the inestimable cookiedabookie) swears, I mean absolutely freakin' insists that he's taking a prep arm at pick 31. But I'd be willing to bet that if one of the guys he was strongly considering at 1.21, high school OF Marcus Wilson, is still on the board here at pick 31 that he'll happily take him and worry about finding arms later.

32. The Atlanta Braves are taking LHP Mac Marshall at this spot, both in this draft and in real life.

33. The Red Sox snap up 1B Casey Gillaspie, whom some consider to be the best bat in the draft. If this happened in real life, I would be furious. It probably will.

34. The wonderful, loveable, tri-color St. Louis Cardinals take RHP Scott Blewett. Go ahead and make "blew it" jokes in the comment section if you want, but know this: you'll be in the same company as Chris Berman come draft day. Chris Berman! You've been warned. Oh, and despite my love of charts, I'm still pissed that the Red Sox got Gillaspie. I'm tempted to go back and draft Gillaspie to the Rays at 1.20. Grrr.

35. The Rockies -- you remember, the "just get me a position player" guys -- take toolsy CF Michael Gettys. Turner is probably the safest hitter in the draft; Gettys might be the riskiest. Yin and yang. Circle of life. Turn, turn, turn. I think I need another Molson.

36. Of the four guys who "intrigue" the Marlins GM, only one is left at this point: high-school SS Ti'Quan Forbes. I like the pick.

37. The Astros are looking at eight guys at 1.37; only two are still left on this board: FSU righty Luke Weaver, and CSF's 3B Matt Chapman. Chapman's a two-way player and wafflechip27 (I love that name, man. Waffles. I could totally go for some waffles right now. Anyway.) seems to like him more than Weaver. Chapman and Rodon make for a nice, safe first round.

38. The (Mock) Indians like RHP Cameron Varga, so cookie finally gets the prep arm he's been coveting in this draft. I'm guessing that if he were able to draft Harrison, Wilson, and Varga, cookie would be a very happy man.

39. The Marlins seem to like RHP Keith Weisenberg, so he's the pick here.

40. The Royals pick again, and it's another Mav22 pick (I think). Mav tells us that he doesn't have to have huge velo or multiple breaking pitches in a prep arm "because these pitchers are not finished products. They are being taught by high school coaches or maybe a crappy college coach. They know almost nothing about pitching and breaking balls." This looks like a perfect spot for RHP Dylan Cease, who sits mid-90s, has hit 100, has a good curve, a crappy change, and a scary injury history.

41. With the last pick in the supplemental round, the Milwaukee Brewers select RHP Luke Weaver, who I think is the guy they're calling Luke Jackson (?) in their first MOD. Anyway, even if it isn't the same guy, he's a pretty good pick here.


What are you still reading for? The draft's over. Go home!

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