Yankees MOD #2

Welcome to the second Yankees MOD, today I'll post some information and numbers on the history of the Yanks' selection spots and some names that have caught my attention during my initial research.

Baseball America and have conflicting information on where the Yankees draft, coming in at either 55 or 56 and 91 or 92. I think one is counting the Mariners' mystery second round pick with Kendrys Morales, although that's just a guess. Obviously it's not an impact situation and won't matter come draft time, but I did look at the history of those picks just to be sure.

In the first ever draft in 1965, the 55th pick was the fifteenth and second to last of the third round, in 2013 it was the sixteenth pick of the second round. Expansion and compensation has had a big impact on draft and draft position, not to mention compensation to the player.

The 55th pick has made the major leagues 16 of 49 times for a success percentage of 32%. Believe it or not, a Hall of Famer was drafted here; Bert Blyleven by the Minnesota Twins in 1969. Todd Helton was also drafted here, but the Padres as a high schooler in 1992, but did not sign. Another notable is Todd Zeile, who played 2158 games for several teams over a sixteen year career. The Yankees have had the 55th pick twice in their history, and as is their history lost both of them as compensation picks for signing a free agent. Luckily, neither player made the show.

The 56th selection has a 40% success rate (20/49), with some notables being Richie Zisk, Larry Herndon, 1982 AL Cy Young winner Pete Vuckovich, Jimmy Key and J. J. Hardy. The Yanks have never selected in this spot.

In 1965, the 91st overall pick fell as the eleventh pick of the fifth round, in 2013 it was the eighteenth pick of the third round. There is a 28% success rate (14/49). Notables here were Adam Everett, who didn't sign as a HS pick by the Cubs in 1995, and Jeremy Affeldt by the Royals. The most successful pick here happened to be the only Yankees selection ever at this spot, pitcher Jim Beattie in 1971.

The 92nd pick is successful 30% of the time (15/49), highlighted by perfect game hurler Mike Witt by the Angels in 1992, and by J. A. Happ. The Yanks have selected here once, taking Louisiana high school outfielder John Williams in 1971. Williams never made the majors.

In 1965, the 122nd selection was the second of the seventh round, in 2013 it was the sixteenth of the fourth round. This spot has a success rate of 24% (12/49), with the Yankees never having chosen here. The two most successful selections here were Rangers third baseman Steve Buechele in 1982 and LOOGY Mike Myers by the Giants in 1990.

As far as thinking about who to take at these spots this year, I've come across a few names which have perked my interest. I have a Perfect Game committment this weekend and won't do much research between Thursday night and Monday afternoon, so if anyone wants to name drop here, feel free. I'll have a final MOD sometime next week, probably Wednesday, in advance of the big day on Saturday.

The names I like so far....San Diego State righthander Michael Cederoth, UC Irvine 3B Taylor Sparks, and high schoolers Mac Marshall (LHP), Ti'Quan Forbes (SS), and the leader in the clubhouse so far, C Chase Vallot.

For the picks in the nineties, I like Pepperdine OF Aaron Brown and two high schoolers, C Jakson Reetz and local Phoenix area pitcher Ryan Castellani.

The 122nd pick will be the highest ranked player remaining on Baseball America's Top 500 list. How's that for research?

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