Tigers MOD 2014 1.0 A Year To Reflect.

Since this is my second year running the Tigers, I think a recap of last years mock draft at this time is in order.

1. 20 Tim Anderson Slot $2,001,700

1S. 39 Alex Balog Slot $1,433,400

2. 58 Dustin Peterson Slot $956,600

3. 94 Colby Suggs Slot $549,400

4. 126 Stephen Gonsalves Slot $401,200

Tim Anderson at 20, I was looking RHP but Anderson fell to the Tigers and I could not let him go any further with the big hole at shortstop in the farm system.(Remember this is before the trade to acquire Jose Iglesias). Anderson was gone at 17, and the Tigers took Florida RHP Jonathan Crawford in this slot which fit my original thought.

Alex Balog at 39, After passing on a pitcher at 20, I felt like I had to have a RHP at 39. I liked Alex Balog. It was a little bit of a reach consider he didn’t actually go until pick 70. I felt he was a better long term arm than the others on the board at this point. The Tiger took Texas closer Corey Knebel RHP to address the current bullpen woes and future closer roll.

Dustin Peterson at 58, A commitment to USC is why he was still available at this point, and for good reason he signed for 1.4 million about .4 million over slot from where he was drafted. Most scouting reports that I read had him ahead of his brother at the same age. Peterson was gone at pick 50 and the Tigers continued to load up on college pitching by taking Vandy LHP Kevin Ziomek.

Suggs at 94, My thought was to get a quick to the majors bullpen arm and Suggs fit the bill. In college in ‘13 he pitch through injuries in the early season and show improvement all year long. The knock on him is he can struggle with control at times. Suggs was gone at 73 and the Tigers took Knebel at 39 for the same reasons I was looking at Suggs. The Tigers took Louisville RHP Jeff Thompson at 94.

Gonsalves at 126, College commitment made him drop, but I my board was shot and I just took a gamble that the money would work itself out. Gonsalves was pick in the 4th round by the Twins and signed for $700,000. The Tigers stayed the course with another college arm in RHP Austin Kubitza from Rice.

My biggest issue last year was having enough money to sign my two over slot players(Peterson and Gonsalves). I would had to find 2.1 million to sign both against a combined slot of 1.35. With .35 million over the bonus slots the Tigers could have spent with out penalty, .4 million would need to be made up in the following picks. Peterson at 39 and Balog at 58 would have made more sense now that I look back on it and that would fix my money issues also.

What I learned:

1. Limit yourself to one over slot pick and try to get it before the 4th round when pick are protected.

2. The Tigers like College Pitchers/ Players a lot. 9 or the 11 first picks were college arms and their fist HS player was picked in round 23.

This years draft picks and slot values:

23rd Pick Slot $1,953,100

63rd Pick Slot $900,600

99th Pick Slot $529,400

130th Pick Slot $392,400

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