Blue Jays MOD #2

My approach for round 1 is making a list, checking it a few hundred times, and taking whoever's at the top of it. That list is still very much a work in progress. For round 2 and beyond, it'll be a little more free form, and more about just finding players I like. I'll list some of my targets for round 2 (#50), some of which will probably be long gone, some of which will likely be available in round 3 (#84). It'll be really HS pitcher-heavy.

Justus Sheffield LHP Tennessee HS

Very impressed by him. I love the delivery, looks polished and athletic, solid fastball with advanced secondaries, not a lot of work to be done here. Vandy commitment may be a problem, and if he's available, it'll probably be because of that.

Cameron Varga RHP Ohio HS

Insanely old for his class, a Cold Weather Player, and a convert. Not sure how concerned I should be about that combo, but my gut says "not especially."

Matt Railey OF Florida HS

Haven't see a ton written about Railey, but passes the eye test for sure. Nice swing with some clear strength and explosion. Not flashy but good tools across the board and could provide some defensive value in a corner.

Jakson Reetz C Nebraska HS

In terms of his physical tools, reminds me a bit of a HS version of round 1 target Max Pentecost

Michael Kopech RHP Texas HS

Knock me over with a feather if he's available. Lots of moving parts but I don't mind.

Alex Verdugo LHP Arizona HS

Less polished but he's similar to Sheffield in a lot of ways: same type of frame, good athlete, plenty of fastball, good curve, pretty nice mechanics, questionable draftability. Also hits but meh.

Keaton McKinney RHP Iowa HS

Maybe not a big ceiling but has an inoffensive delivery and a great change, which is a fine starting point.

Scott Blewett RHP New York HS

If the shoulder is fine he'll probably be long gone.

Dylan Cease RHP Georgia HS

I'm inclined to worry more about injured HS pitchers than injured college pitchers, just because you'll have a better idea of what you're getting should they make it back (and they might have a better chance to make it back to begin with?), but on the other side of the coin, they'll still be quite young when the start out. Cease has a great arm and will be a bargain in round 2 or 3 if it survives, but with the depressed draft position and Vandy commitment, I dunno.

Bryce Montes de Oca RHP Kansas HS

Hey, a survivor. A giant with outstanding velocity who isn't a complete stiff, could be a steal. Great name too.

Jeren Kendall OF Wisconsin HS

I love me some fast outfielders, hardly a wisp either. Simple swing, but I dunno how he'll hit for any power whatsoever with it. Yet another Vandy guy.

Cobi Johnson RHP Florida HS

I see him ranked pretty low, I'm into this type of pitcher though. Not a huge fastball, but he combines Pitchability and Projectability with nice curve and a deceptive delivery. Could be something with an uptick in velocity.

Mac Marshall LHP Georgia HS

Same basic story as above: advanced but not overpowering with room to grow, plus he's a lefty.

Keith Weisenberg RHP Florida HS

Not much to go on, but very impressive from a physical perspective. Low effort, looks like no effort, huge projection. Mechanics are more like what I'd expect out of a Dominican maybe. Seems to type who could be a top 5 pick in three years if he were to go to college. Right in the Blue Jay wheelhouse.

Matt Imhoff LHP Cal Poly SLO
had to squeeze a college player in there somewhere. His performance has exploded this year and I'm a true believer.

With this crowd, there's likely to be some very strong college players falling, and after all this HSer talk, the pick could well be one of them. Matt Chapman, Nick Burdi (who wants to take a reliever?), let alone Alex Blandino would look really good at 50 as well. Erick Fedde wasn't a guy I was huge on even before he got hurt, but if he plummets to round 2? Maybe a different story.
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