Astros Mod #2

First, I'd like to touch upon last week's MOD and really sort out the differences between Carlos Rodon and Brady Aiken - the two contenders for the top spot. Afterwards, I'll throw out some names for the Astros' next two picks.

Carlos Rodon looks like less of a risk because of his college record and success in the MLB is almost guaranteed at this point. He possesses the best slider/fastball combo in the draft and will arrive in Houston to pitch possibly as early as 2015. Houston fans need a savior quick. On the other hand, analysts have been bringing up a higher injury risk because of the 300+ extra innings he has pitched. This season in particular have flashed certain question marks regarding his control. Lastly, Rodon will certainly cost much more to sign than Aiken.

Brady Aiken is coming out of high school and is slightly more risky because he is at least three years away from helping the major leagues. His repertoire of pitches is top notch and he commands them all well in the zone. He will sign for less money because he is the riskier player. Also, since he is younger, Astros staff can have more time to mold him into the pitcher they want and improve upon his pitching. He is not a guaranteed help but he may have a better role in Houston because of the other factors.

Next, let's look at the next two picks:

Pick 1.37 (37th overall) - $1,534,100

Pick 2.1 (42nd overall) - $1,350,000

At this point, some intriguing bats and arms are available that I'd like to take a look at but feel free to suggest more in the comments.

Name Position Hometown High School Floor Ceiling
Kodi Medeiros LHP Hilo, HI Waiakea 30 65
Ridiculous slider, very good fastball and change. Small build and near sidearm delivery give some pause and tend to think he's a reliever. I think he could have ace potential if he holds up.
Luke Weaver RHP Deland, FL FSU 45 55
Slender righty works consistently from 91-93 and has more when he needs it. Breaking ball isn't big but it works and is consistent. Change is solid average. Safe mid rotation arm.
Luis Ortiz RHP Sanger, CA Sanger HS 40 60
A solid, durable righty with power stuff. His breaking ball can be elite and he has a 92-95 mph fastball. He is old for the draft but the polish is there. He could move quickly.
Mac Marshall LHP Lilburn, GA Parkview HS 35 60
Shows flashes of three plus pitches. Velo needs to tick up for that but commands change and breaking ball well. Mid-rotation type with more upside.
Matt Chapman 3B Trabuco Canyon, CA Cal State Fullerton 40 55
Has big power but doesn't show it in games often. Good bat. Average defender at 3B with a rocket for an arm. Could be a pitcher as a fallback. Solid average college guy. Reminds me of Matt Davidson. Nothing flashy, just good.
Spencer Adams RHP Cleveland, GA White County 30 60
Tall and thin. Explosive fastball. Good extension. High 3/4 delivery. Tight slider. Looks like a SS on the mound. Needs reps but big potential. Throws across his body. Needs to be changed but fixable.
Braxton Davidson 1B/OF Arden, NC TC Roberson HS 35 65
Middle of the order bat potential. Good approach. Plus power and plus hit tool potential. Tied to a corner. Could potentially play RF. Most likely a 1B. Passive at the plate. Not easy to scout someone who doesn't swing but also hard to knock him for knowing the zone.
Nick Burdi RHP Downers Grove, IL University of Louisville 50 60
High effort slinging delivery. Opens up and fires high velocity. Huge arm 95-100. Hard breaking ball. First round talent.

Those are my favorites for the 37th and 42nd picks in the draft. Among others I am considering right now are

  • Jacob Bukauskas, RHP
  • A.J. Reed, 1B/LHP
  • Forrest Wall, 2B
  • Michael Kopech, RHP
  • Michael Gettys, OF
  • Matt Imhof, LHP
  • Joe Gatto, RHP
  • Cody Reed, LHP
  • Michael Cederoth, RHP
  • Marcus Wilson, OF
  • Michael Conforto, OF
  • Jackson Reetz, C
  • Mark Zagunis, C
  • Justus Sheffield, LHP
  • Taylor Sparks, 3B
  • Chase Vallot, C
Please comment if you have any other suggestions. I am still in need of an assistant GM too.
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