Cleveland Indians 2014 Community Mock Draft MOD #2

Alright, so in the first MOD, we discussed how the Indians have tended to draft in the first four rounds of the draft between 2009 and 2013. We decided that with the six Indians picks in the first four rounds, we would split them evenly between pitchers and hitters, with a lean towards college players overall (4 out of six). Although, given the depth in HS arms, we also said that going evenly between high school and college players was a legitimate strategy and on the table.

With the first pick, at pick 21, I want to look at a bat to take. The top tier college arms should be gone by then, and the difference in quality between an arm at 21 and an arm at 31 is much smaller than the difference in the quality of bats between those two picks. I suspect there will be a run on bats in the 15-30 range of picks, so if we want a good one, we will have to take it at 21. I posted my top six that may be available at 21: Gatewood, Chavis, Harrison, Gettys, Davidson, and Wilson. The poll suggested folks most want Gatewood - I think that is a solid choice. My favorite is Chavis, but he will be gone given some of the other MOD talk. The choice between Gatewood and Harrison is a tough one. I will have to mull that over - feel free to try to sway me one way or the other in the comments below.

I would next like to talk about our two comp picks at 31 and 38. I am looking to grab at least one high school arm with these two picks, and possibly two, depending on who else is available. The reason being is there are some pretty good college arms on my board for the third and fourth round. And I think I should be able to pick up a good bat in the second round. If I don't go high school arms with both of these picks, I will look to grab a college bat with one of them.

So, here is a list of potential arms for the 31st pick. Vote below to let me know which is your favorite.

Name Position Hometown High School Video
Kodi Medeiros LHP Hilo, HI Waiakea here, here, here
Foster Griffin LHP Orlando, FL First Academy here, here, here
Scott Blewett RHP Baldwinsville, NY Charles W Baker here, here, here
Michael Kopech RHP Mt. Pleasant, TX Mt. Pleasant here, here, here
Cameron Varga RHP West Chester, OH Cincinnati Christian Academy here, here, here
Spencer Adams RHP Cleveland, GA White County here, here, here
Mac Marshall LHP Lilburn, GA Parkview here, here, here
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