Cleveland Indians 2014 Community Mock Draft MOD #1

Hey everyone, let's get a good conversation started. The Indians have 4 picks in the first two rounds, thanks to compensation from Ubaldo Jimenez going to Baltimore and a competitive balance pick. This includes three of the first 38 picks. They have six picks in the first four rounds. Here is how the bonuses stack up for those six picks:

Round Pick Slot Bonus Slot Bonus +5%
1 21 $2,008,100 $2,108,505
1 31 $1,733,000 $1,819,650
Comp A 38 $1,495,400 $1,570,170
2 61 $928,700 $975,135
3 97 $539,600 $566,580
4 128 $400,200 $420,210

SUM: $7,105,000 $7,460,250

Here is a table that shows how the Indians have drafted over the past five years:

Cleveland Draft Results 2009-2013
Total picks 19
High School 37%
College 63%
Bats 47%
Arms 53%
1st round 5
1st Round % HS 40%
1st Round % College 60%
2nd round 4
2nd Round % HS 50%
2nd Round % College 50%
3rd round 5
3rd Round % HS 40%
3rd Round % College 60%
4th round 5
4th round % HS 20%
4th round % College 80%
% Bats 47%
% Prep Bats 44%
% College Bats 56%
% C 11%
% 1B 0%
% 2B 11%
% 3B 11%
% SS 22%
% OF 44%
% Arms 53%
% Prep Arms 30%
% College Arms 70%
% LHP 20%
% RHP 80%
1st Round % HS Arms 0%
1st Round % HS Bats 40%
1st Round % College Arms 40%
1st Round % College Bats 20%
2nd Round % HS Arms 50%
2nd Round % HS Bats 0%
2nd Round % College Arms 0%
2nd Round % College Bats 50%
3rd Round % HS Arms 20%
3rd Round % HS Bats 20%
3rd Round % College Arms 60%
3rd Round % College Bats 0%
4th round % HS Arms 0%
4th round % HS Bats 20%
4th round % College Arms 40%
4th round % College Bats 40%

They tend to draft college players over high school players at close to a 2:1 ratio. So, out of our six picks, I will aim to go with college players with 4 of them. Their evenly split on bats and arms, so I will aim for three of each. Of their pitchers taken, they tend to draft college arms twice as often as prep arms, so I will aim for two college arms and one high school arm. Although, given the high school pitching talent, I may decide to go with two prep arms and only one college arm. Prep bats and college bats are pretty even, so I will aim for one each, and save one for BPA.

In the first round, I will look for one high school bat and one college arm. In the competitive balance A and second round, I will aim for a high school arm and a college bat. In the third round, I will go for either a high school or college arm. And in the fourth round I will go for the best bat available.

Of course, if certain players fall, I will adjust accordingly. But this is a rough sketch of what I am looking to do. The question is, does this make sense?

Who would you go for at pick 21 - a high school bat or a college arm? Right now, I am leaning high school bat, given the depth in college arms. If we go for a high school bat, here are some potential targets:

Name Position Hometown High School
Jacob Gatewood SS Clovis, CA Clovis
Michael Chavis 3B Marietta, GA Sprayberry
Monte Harrison OF Lee's Summit, MO Lee's Summit West
Michael Gettys OF Gainesville, GA Gainesville
Braxton Davidson OF Arden, NC T.C. Roberson
Marcus Wilson OF Los Angeles, CA J Serra

If you could rank your top three from this list, that would be helpful. Thanks, and let's have fun with this draft!

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