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Sup guys,

My name is Kyle. You'll probably know me as Kicker31. Regardless, I am a current college student (rising Junior) and play football and love fantasy sports. I'll be working at ESPN this summer, which is kinda cool. I'm excited for this opportunity to run the Cardinals again, as I ran it last year.

Last year, we ended up:

1-19: Phil Bickford (real life: 1-10, Blue Jays, unsigned [Cal State Fullerton])
1-28: Alex Gonzalez (real life: 1-23, Rangers, signed)
2-57: Ryan Boldt (real life: 22-653, Red Sox, unsigned [Nebraska])
3-93: Myles Smith (real life: 4-113, Red Sox, signed)
4-125: Stephen Tarpley (real life: 3-98, Orioles, signed)

I think we got a great haul last year, ending up with some serious talent and potentially some future talent. Obviously, we are drafting for the real Cardinals, but I think it's always fun to look back at our Community Mock Drafts and see where the Cardinals have gone.

Towards this year, we have a few picks:

Round 1, pick 27

Compensation, pick 34

Round 2, pick 68

Competitive Balance B, pick 71

Round 3, pick 104

Round 4, pick 135

OTHERS: 5(165), 6(195), 7(225), 8(255), 9(285), 10(315)

With those picks, let's figure out

As Cardzilla so graciously gathered over at on our draft thread, here are slotted amounts through the first four rounds:

$1,843,000 (Rd 1, #27)
$1,650,400 (Compensation, #34)
$833,900 (Rd 2, #68)
$796,100 (Competitive Bal Rd B, #71)
$504,400 (Rd 3, #104)
$374,100 (Rd 4, #135)

Total (four rounds): $6,001,900

Total (four rounds)+5%: $6,301,995

Total (ten rounds): $7,087,200

Total (ten rounds)+5%: $7,441,560

However, most teams opt to go cheaper through the last few rounds with senior signs and stuff. In 2013, the Cardinals spent $742,100 on rounds 5-10 out of the total ten round pool of $6,907,900. That equates to spending about 10.75% of the pool between rounds 5-10.

In 2012, the Cardinals spent $912,500 between rounds 5-10 out of the total ten round pool of $9,131,100. This equates to exactly 10% of the pool being spent between rounds 5-10.

Seeing that it's fairly consistent, we can estimate that the Cardinals will spend 10% of the $7,087,200 into the back rounds. That rounds to approximately $708,800 on the back rounds.

Taking that number out of our total ten rounds (plus 5%) number, we get:


to spend on our first four rounds (aka an extra $400k that we would have missed without doing this exercise).

So, now we have the money squared away. What's next?

The players!

We need to discuss who and what and where we are going with our draft board. I always vote to divide it up between pitching and hitting, and then go from there. Do we want:

College Pitching: The Cardinals are pretty set with high minors arms and don't need a quick mover. We landed Gonzales last year, and we have Cooney, along with Lyons and Kelly, and of course C-Mart. We are in no hurry to add quick-moving pitching.

College Hitting: I think the Cards do a great job finding random talented hitters and making them useful. I'd be weary of taking a college bat that is quick to the majors. Our Outfield is loaded between AA and AAA and the majors, we don't need another OF bat. I'd think we could use a catcher, perhaps a middle infielder (even though we loaded up on SS last year).

High School Pitching: I've always liked to add a high school arm, I think that they make for nice projects. Last year we added Kaminsky, and we have arms like Reyes waiting as well, so this is a potential option but not necessarily a need. I'd also throw Hoffman (getting TJ surgery, college arm) into this category, just because he'll be slower getting back to the mound, and kinda falls closer to the HS time frame of making it to the bigs.

High School Hitting: I always think we can use hitting more than arms. We could use a high school developmental bat that has star potential, which I think could be our #1 priority. This is where I'd focus us, because we seem to have a lack of super super star potential, which I think we can take if one falls.

Overall, I'd be looking at College Catchers, High School High Potential Bats, and some High-Projection High School Arms. If you haven't noticed, we have an awesome job because we don't have any needs to fill. I could see us really kicking some A in this draft because of our flexibility.

I've decided to avoid dropping names for now, just because I think knowing where we want to go can help us more than picking out specific players. I'm excited to get this show on the road.

Note: I'll ask that you leave other team's plans out of my thread. I'm treating this as much as I can like a real draft, with no idea of who's doing what (I'm not surfing other MODs). If that puts us at a disadvantage, so be it. I'm more than open to listening to our own speculation as to what other teams will do, which is what every team I'm sure is looking at. But I don't want anybody quoting other teams or anything, that ruins the fun of the unexpected.

I believe, like last year, we'll get a CHAT running the few days before the draft to hash out final plans. I'll be making a Google Doc where we can begin to arrange all of the players easily and come up with an 140 player board. For now, feel free to comment away with whatever you want, including player scouting reports, links to mock drafts, collections of lists (ie top 100 draft prospects). Anything you want, let's get this started!

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