Casey's Mock Orginization Diary, Seattle Mariners #1 Come on in and help!

Rec these, if you would, so it doesn't get buried quite so easy. Thank you.

Ok gentleman, Jack Z is out and Casey and y'all are IN. I had a nice lunch with the owner team and, somehow I BS'd my way into getting to oversee the M's draft for 2014. That's the fantasy, anyways.

Seriously though, I can't, and don't want to, do it without you. I feel my strengths are as an eye, from the top down, of what a good club looks like and what a future major leaguer looks like. That said my knowledge of this draft class runs not very deep, and I am not an expert on the budget either. I have fresh, keen eyes though and, am smart enough to listen to the vast knowledge base of people who post here so, let's do this!

I do have a real love for the Seattle Mariners, and a real strong desire to see them be a competitive franchise, as well as my own pretty clear idea of what it takes to build a winning team here. If anyone else shares this love, or just a knowledge of the players in this draft..., come on in! I welcome your input.

I feel like the most important factor, for me, if I was really in charge of making the picks for the M's would be to get a HIT with the top pick. If you pick 6th, you should have an excellent chance to pick up a player that could help the big club for years to come. The Mariners don't need any position on the team filled more than they need good, solid, players, in general. Need is still a factor but, I feel like talent in a draft is like a pyramid, and the best of it is scarce and, at the top. On that note, I feel as though the majority of the budget should be oriented around the top pick. Then ... we search for those hidden diamonds, and I need your help, with both of those things!

For our first items of business I put for ward these ...

1) I need an assistant GM. Id prefer someone I know from here and can get along with but, I'll consider anyone who wants to help.

2) What do you think the Mariner's needs are for the organization, and this draft?

3) Which player would you realistically like to see the Mariners pick, and/or, who do you think we should consider?

4) After pick 6, we won't select again until the competitive balance round at pick 74, so Id like to hear some names for us to look at for that pick, and the round three pick shortly after, at 80, as well. I believe that is as far this mock goes, but I am not certain.

Lets have some fun with this thing!

Here are a few guys I like as possibilities for picks 74 and 80: Any thoughts, or other names added to this group, would be appreciated: Aramis Garcia -C, FIU, Joey Pankake-SS, Soith Carolina, JD Davis-1B, Cal St. Fullerton, Dylan Davis-RSP, OSU

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