Omaha to host the 2015 Triple-A All-Star Game

PCL president Branch Rickey at the announcement in Omaha - Mark Kuhlmann/Omaha Storm Chasers

It will be the first time since the All-Star Game's inception in 1988 that Omaha has served as host.

The Omaha Storm Chasers will host the 2015 Triple-A All-Star Game at Werner Park during the week of July 12-15, 2015. The club made the announcement public Thursday morning in downtown Omaha at First National Bank of Omaha (the title sponsor for the event).

"We have been working to land the 2015 Triple-A Baseball All-Star Game for three years," said Martie Cordaro, president and general manager of the Storm Chasers. "We knew we had the organization and facilities that were second-to-none and we wanted the opportunity to show all of Triple-A Minor League Baseball just what Omaha, Werner Park and the Storm Chasers could offer."

The Pacific Coast League (PCL) and International League (IL) take turns hosting the All-Star Game, with the PCL hosting it on odd years and the IL hosting it on even years. The Durham Bulls of the IL will host the 2014 event.

A number of MiLB dignitaries were present for the announcement, including Pacific Coast League president Branch Rickey, International League president Randy Mobley and MiLB president and CEO Pat O'Connor.

"Baseball, by and large, enjoys [a] privileged position in the American spectrum," said Rickey at the press conference. "But the All-Star Game is our step above." He went on to say the game is a place to see potential future MLB stars.

"We do this to show off Triple-A baseball," Rickey continued. "This game is played on the day after the MLB All-Star Game, which means we've got the chance for national television [exposure]."

Cordaro pointed out that 86 Triple-A All-Stars have gone on to become MLB All-Stars.

The game has been played since 1988, but back then it pitted American League Triple-A All-Stars against National League Triple-A All-Stars. The current format pits the PCL against the IL and has been in place since 1998.

This isn't the first time Omaha has attempted to attract the Triple-A All-Star Game. Cordaro says Omaha tried to get the game before Rosenblatt Stadium closed in 2010.

"Unfortunately that window was not open because the sites had already been selected," Cordaro said. "It would have been a great, historic event had it worked out, but we're honored to have it in the Omaha metro now."

The game will be broadcast on MLB Network.

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