We are a group of very experienced fantasy managers that have been playing in another league for almost ten years. We have decided to start a second league this year. We would like a few new faces. I've attached the rules so if anyone is interested just email me and I'll hook you up with more details.

~~~ Starting Positions ~~~



First Baseman

Second Baseman

Third Baseman


Outfielder x 3

Starting Pitchers x 3

Relief Pitchers x 2

Pitchers x 3

Bench Spot x 8

Disabled List x 5

~~~ Stats ~~~

The league will be head to head with divisions.

Hitting Stats Pitching Stats

Runs Wins

Home Runs Losses

RBI Saves

Stolen Bases Strikeouts

Walks Holds

Total Bases Earned Run Average


~~~ Start of the League ~~~

This league will be a 16 team, Head to Head league. The draft will be done on the proboards site with it being a 25 round snake draft. The draft order will be selected randomly. The Minors draft will be opposite of the Majors draft. Each team will start with a $90,000,000 salary cap with real life MLB player salaries being used.

The salaries used for the league will always be 1 year behind real life. So when we draft, the salaries that we will be using for the 2014 season will be their 2013 salary.

Here are some websites to find real life player salaries. ESPN will be the default site that we will follow. If you look at Baseball Reference, it shows what the players salaries will roughly be in future years.

ESPN Player Salaries

CBS Sports Player Salaries


Baseball Reference

All players drafted during the Major League Draft must make the opening day roster. If the player does not make the opening day roster, then you will be forced to cut that player and add someone else.

All players drafted in the Minor League Draft must have less then 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched. If they are over those limits, then they are not eligible to be drafted.

~~~ During the Season ~~~

You are free to add and drop players whenever you want, but there are a few exceptions. You must make sure the player you are adding is not on a Minor League roster, as well as make sure you can afford that players salary.

Any players that are NA are not allowed to be picked up from Free Agents and added to a Major League roster. Once a player is called up in real life, he will be open to bidding. All teams have 24 hours to place a bid on him, the team with the highest bid will win that player for that amount. The amount you bid will be that players salary for the remainder of the year, even if traded. If no one bids on the player within 24 hours, then his salary will be whatever it is listed as. If there is no salary listed for a player, then their salary will default to $500,000. The biding will be a private bid with all bids emailed to me.

If any player on your roster happens to go on the Disabled List, then you are able to place them on the DL and their salary will not count against you. You must post this move so I can subtract his salary from your cap. If you do not post it, then his salary will not be removed from your cap. When placing a player on the DL, you are then allowed to sign a player from the Free Agent pool or call up a Minor Leaguer.

If a player you have on your roster becomes NA for any reason, you are able to send him down to your minors. You are allowed to do this for up to 2 players. While that player is down in the minors, his salary will still count against your salary cap however. Once the player is called back up to the majors, you have 48 hours to add him back. If you do not add him back to your Major League roster, then you will lose all rights to him and the remaining 15 teams will be allowed to bid on him. The bidding will start at his current salary, and the winning bid will be that players salary for the remainder of the season.

~~~ Off-Season ~~~

We will have a Minor's draft every off-season that consist of 2 rounds. The draft order will be based on the final standings for the year, with the worst team selecting first. You are only able to draft players that are in a MLB farm system with no Major League experience.

Any players that are posted via Japan or signed out of Cuba will be posted and be available for all teams to bid. The bidding process will be blind bidding. All bids will be emailed to me, and the amount of the winning bid will be that players salary for that year. The following year his salary will revert back to his real life salary.

~~~ Minors ~~~

All teams can have a Minor League roster of up to 15 players. You are not allowed to exceed this limit at any time.

Minor League players can be called up and sent down 1 time, but only if being called up as a replacement for a player who goes on the DL. If you call up a player without them being a DL replacement, then they lose their Minor League eligibility.

~~~ Trading ~~~

You are allowed to trade Major League players, Minor League players, Minor's picks and salary cap space. If you trade away that salary cap space, it is permanent.

The Minor's picks that are eligible to be traded are only for the upcoming season.

When acquiring Minor Leaguer's via trade, you must not exceed a 15 player limit. If the trade is going to put you over 15 players, then you must make roster moves that put you back under the limit.

You are able to cover players salaries when making trades as well. Say if you have Albert Pujols who makes $20,000,000 and you trade him, you can pay part of his salary for the current season. The coverage will only go towards the team you trade him to. If the team that acquires Pujols from you then trades him to another team, you are no longer responsible for part of his salary. You will be allowed to cover salaries for up to 2 players. It does not need to be the entire salary, it can be just partial coverage.

~~~ Penalties ~~~

If you do not reach the minimum Inning's Pitched for the week, your team will be penalized $1,000,000 in salary cap space for the following year. If you fail to reach the minimum IP more then once, you will be fined an additional $1,000,000 as well as be moved down in the Minor's draft the following year.

You are allowed to send down up to 2 players that are NA. You are also allowed to keep an additional NA player on your majors roster. However if you were to have more then 1 NA player on your majors roster, you must cut one of them to fill your active roster. If you do not make the proper roster moves within 48 hours, you will be penalized $1,000,000 in salary cap space for the following year.

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