SHS's Top 105 Prospects. End of Year.

1. Byron Buxton , CF (Min, 1) Un-Real Speed, a Deer in the outfield, and an ability to make contact unlike anyone i've seen at his age.

2. Xandy Bogaerts , SS (Bos, 1)- I think he has ability to stick at short, and power should be huge down the line, sort of boston's version of Profar.

3. Javier Baez , SS (Chc, 1) - Just an all-out masher, I had OT here and Baez for 4th for a long time, just switched it; I think Baez' potential bat as an infielder is HUGE.

4. Oscar Tavares , OF (Stl, 1) -Injuries should be more a dent in his side, than a thorn to the crown, potential Vlad Guerrero type of Bat, Will not be Delmon Young.

5. Miguel Sano , 3B (Min, 2) -Answered a lot of questions at 3B, and destroyed the FSL, but really slowed down at AA with the bat, despite huge power.

6. Archie Bradley , SP (Ari, 1)

7. Carlos Correa , SS (Hou, 1)

8. Robert Stephenson , SP (Cin, 1)

9. Taijuan Walker , SP (Sea, 1)

10. Noah Syndergaard , SP (NYM, 1)

11. Francisco Lindor , SS (Cle, 1)

12. *Kevin Gausman , SP (Bal, 1) -may surpass 50.1 IP.

13. Dylan Bundy , SP (Bal) 2

14. Mark Appel , SP (Hou) 2 - I hope they don't rush him too fast.

15. George Springer , OF (Hou) 3

16. Kyle Zimmer , SP (K.C.) 1

17. Nick Castellanos , 3B (Det) 1

18. Jonathan Singleton , OF (Hou) 4

19. Jonathan Gray , SP (Col) 1 - Such power pitches.

20. Gregory Polanco , OF (Pit) 1

21. Maikel Franco , 3B (Phi) 1

22. Jameson Taillon , SP (Pit) 2

23. Addison Russell , SS (Oak) 1

24. Jorge Solar , OF (Chc) 2

25. *Michael Wacha , P (Stl) 2 -may surpass 50.1 IP.

26. Gary Sanchez , C (Nyy) 1

27. Tyler Glasnow, SP (Pit) 3

28. Carlos Martinez, SP (Stl) 3

29. Taylor Guerrieri , SP (T.B.) 1

30. Albert Almora , CF (Chc) 3

31. Garin Cecchini , 3B (Bos) 2

32. Aaron Sanchez , SP (Tor) 1

33. Kyle Crick , SP (S.F.) 1

34. Kris Bryant , 1B (Chc) 4

35. Lucas Giolito, SP (Was) 1

36. Matt Wisler , SP (S.D.) 1

37. Rougned Odor , 2B (Tex) 1

38. Eddie Butler , SP (Col) 2

39. Jesse Biddle , SP (Phi) 2

40. Corey Seager , 3B (Lad) 1

41. Yordano Ventura , (K.C.) 2

42. Danny Hultzen , SP (Sea) 2

43. Clint Frazier, OF (Cle) 2

44. Alen Hanson , SS (Pit) 4

45. Billy Hamilton , SS/CF (Cin) 2

46. Henry Owens , SP (Bos) 3

47. Alex Meyer , SP (Min) 3

48. Lance McCullers Jr. , SP (Hou) 5

49. Austin Hedges , C (S.D.) 2

50. Joc Pederson , OF (Lad) 2


51. Joey Gallo , 1B (Tex) 2 - The Big Bombing Gallo. Joey Gallo is he a 3rd Basemen? Is he Mark Reynolds with the ablity to play both spots? I'm not sure but his power is Massive. I think Gallo possesses the most power, including Sano, Baez, and Russell. The Rangers have A LOT of power bats in their system, headlined by Gallo, but OBVIOUSLY he must cutt down on some of the K's.

52. David Dahl, OF (Col) 3 - Sweet swing, and super athletic oufielder, good speed/ power combo.....could develop nicely into a #2 hitter in Coors Field.

53. Chris Owings, SS (Ari) 2 - Has hit very well in the high minors for 2+ years now, has one of the Most Strange K:BB rates i've ever seen. K's a lot walks very little..... This may make his semi- high babip in the minors come down quite a bit in the majors.

54. Andrew Heaney, SP (Mia) 1 - Power lefty, I like him more than Nicolino at this point, Heaney is possibly the most underrated lefty arm in all the minors. Can touch 96. (or better?)

55. Jorge Alfaro, C (Tex) 3 - Hasn't done much as far as production and #'s, but calls a great name, is underrated defensively and has the potential to hitt better than a lot of catchers on this list, Remember Max Ramirez? Alfaro doesn't want to think about him, as Alfaro is a superior athlete.

56. Max Fried , SP (S.D.) 3 - May fall more on other lists, but the former top high school arm, is just weathering the storm for now, has great K:BB rates....I expected the K's to be a little more, but i think his pitches are still there, he just needs to sharpen them up some.

57. Marcus Stroman, SP (Tor) 2 - Well, he sure made fun of the AA Eastern League didn't he? Not exactly intimidating on the mound, he lured and fooled and blew by MANY AA batters, mind you some real good hitters in the Eastern Lg. this yr. too.

58. Raul Adalberto Mondesi , 3B (K.C.) 3 - Will have one of the biggest Builds out there for an infielder. Potential almost unlimited, has work to do defensively and Can he develop the contact at the same rate as the power stroke? I think he can. Low Risk High reward player.

59. Marcus Semien, SS (Chw) 1 - A Prince in the castle less fortress. Semien has re-built his moat, he needs some national recognition for what he's done to the leagues he's played in. He looks like he could replace King Alexi Ramirez real fast.

60. *Danny Salazar , SP (Cle) 3 - Replaced with *Kolten Wong essentially, if Salazar pitches/passes 50 IP threshold. Nasty stuff.

61. Zach Lee , SP (Lad) 3 - The Young L.A. fireballer hasn't even turned 22 yet, and posted an 8.3 K per 9 IP in AA! and probably the most important thing he accomplished for me was the big improvement in the walk rate. Should be a #2 or strong #3 starter.

62. Lucas Sims , SP (Atl) 1 - Undoubtedly the Braves most impressive prospect, The youthful Sims dominated the Sal league and will be ready for high A and AA next year... Looks like his cieling is an ace to me, has some work to do but awfully impressive.

63. Roberto Osuna, SP (Tor) 3 - Arm angle is all over the place, creating deception for opposing hitters. ERA was an in-accurate representation of Osuna's year, he didn't start many innings, but can certainly rack up K's, and hold opponents to a low BA against.

64. Kohl Stewart, SP (Min) 4 - Last June's #4 overall pick and first High schooler off the board, Stewart is often comped to Shelby Miller, self ommitted comp. Stewart has worked out with Shelby in the past, If Stewart can continue to build on the success he had this year, he should slowly progress up the Twins' laddar and radar screen. Fastball is already in the mid to low 90s.

65. Mason Williams, OF (Nyy) 2 - Right now who would you rather have? Mason Williams or Reymond Fuentes? Its close isn't it... I'd probably lean Fuentes, but Williams has a higher cieling, plays for the "team" and has a lot of raw talent, athelticsm, needs to get it going.

66. Rafael Montero , SP (NYM) 3 - Electric stuff at times, but not the most consistant. Some will have him higher on these lists... I see a ways to go for Montero in development, and a LOT of the Mets pitching prospects that is.

67. Clayton Blackburn, SP (S.F.) 2 - The little "engine" that could just keeps on chugging. Blackburn has shown no signs of letting up against tougher competition, Without overwhelming stuff, but great location and GB's; Blackburn will pitch his way into the middle of S.F.'s rotation sooner than later.

68. Julio Urias, SP (Lad) 4 - Teenage phenom. Dodgers shoudn't rush this young arm at all.

69. Erik Johnson, SP (Chw) 2 - Not on a lot of people's radar screen coming into the year, (Go Sickles!) Is now a constant on everyone's list and Should be a very good pitcher. Holding a ~ 25% k RATE in the last 2 years. Very impressive K:BB rate too.

70. Luke Jackson , SP (Tex) 4 - Despite being the lone Ranger left in a minor league system once full of pitching prospects, Jackson's FIP has gone from : 4.76 to 3.3 to about 3.14 in each of the last 3 seasons.

71. Matt Barnes, SP (Bos) 4 - Really tough year for Barnes, should re-stabalize some and is young enough to show off his curveball skill. But was just too hittable with the Fastball this year. Not a lot more room for growth, but I think he'll turn it around some.

72. Jesse Winker , OF (Cin) 3 - Really liked his draft profile last year, and he hasn't dissapointed, good mix of power and contact. Posted a 146 and 138 wRC+ in each of his last 2 pro seasons.

73. Mike Foltynewicz , SP (Hou) 6 - "Big and Strong" Foltynewicz is big and throws hard. Should be twice the pitcher Deck McGuire is.

74. C.J. Edwards , SP (Chc) 5 - A low profile Arm on '11 draft day went in rd. 48; the 21 yr old is about to turn 22, and Put up even MORE impressive #'s in High A (6 starts) than in Single A while with the Hickory Rangers.

75. Brian Goodwin Jr. , OF (Was) 2 - A semi dissapointing year for him, I still really like him, has the abiltiy to hit .300 and get on base with well above average speed, and should have average power. Solid defenively in CF.

76. Jonathan Schoop , 2B (Bal) 3 - Not a big fan, but C-Jud and others really seem to like him. Hard to say if Eduardo Rodriguez isn't really the better prospect. However, Schoop is young (22 in October) And just got re-called by Orioles. Scouts love his power/ contact.

77. Niel Ramirez , SP (Chc) 6 - May be destined as a reliever, but I really like him, and despite his age, think he can be a starter long-term....has what it takes to mix in 3 or more average to above ave. pitches. When the babip normalizes some, I think he'll be better.

78. Hak-Ju Lee , SS (T.B.) 2 or 3 - Obviously, seems like he's been around forever but was doing well in the international league before injury, he looks like a sure fire, big league regular, not a star SS, but could be above average at either SS, or 2B.

79. Eddie Rosario , 2B (Min) 5 - The sweet swingin lefty Rosario, likes to go the other way all the time. I watched him a lot this year, and he looks like he goes into a crouch against pitchers that are tougher, or when he gets behind in the count, and just focuses on making contact, primarily the other way. Needs to improve the BB: K rate....they eye is a little lacking.

80. Bubba Starling , OF (K.C.) 4 - Well, lasik or not, Starling FINALLY got it going in a big way to end the regular season.....a month removed I wouldn't of had Starling inside the top 100, but he showed some really good promise IMO, at the end of the yr. Such great athleticsm and tantalizing skills. Just needs the consistant approach and swing at the plate.

81. *Jacob Odorizzi , SP (T.B.) 4 - Pitch FX tells us Odo's velocity went up a bit this year, although in a small sample. If he hits low 90's with a mid 80's slider, that could be devistating and he'd look a little low on this list, but I'm still not that high on him.

82. Austin Meadows, OF (Pit) 5 - Tools, tools, tools..... Meadows has a more polished approach at the plate, then most his age, and has already flashed some power in 2013. I like him more than Josh Bell already.

83. Nick Kingham , SP (Pit) 6 - This feels low. ! Kingham had a Great year, yet something tells me he isn't going to overpower you. Flat FB at times.

84. D.J. Pederson , 3B (Sea) 3 - One of the better power bats from the '13 draft, should be the next Great Mariners offensive prospect.

85. Jose Berrios , SP (Min) 6 - Drafted straight from Puerto Rico in '12 (sandwich round) He looks the part of a low- mid 90's fireballer with a potential above average breaking ball, but can he develop an average changeup? and Improve overall command? Those are the questions i have.

86. Justin Nicolino , SP (Mia) 2 - Really not a great year for Nico... Haven't seen him pitch lately, but seems to be losing velocity.

87. Rymer Liriano , OF (S.D.) 4 - One of those guys that could look real low here, or maybe waaay too high This time next year or even 9 months from now. Injuries have kept him off the field, and his stock is slipping quickly.

88. Hunter Dozier , SS (K.C.) 5 - Just kept on hitting from the moment he was drafted, looks like the Dozier/ Manea draft might work out Really well. Moore seemed to be the primary fault for the Myers/ Shields blunder, but this bold move may make him look like a genius.

89. A.J. Cole , SP (Was) 3 - The 21 1/2 yr. old Cole looks to have finally figured it out. And luckily for the Nats he did for them and not for the Athletics. Cole maintains his Huge K rate, while walking very few. Doesn't give up many hits, or very much solid contact And should be poised to take the Syracuse mound at 22 next year.

90. Mookie Betts , 2B (Bos) 5 - 15 Hr's and 81 BB's to 67 K's for ANY middle infielder is impressive, could fly up list next yr.!

91. Pierce Johnson , SP (Chc) 7 - I feel he is one of the more underrated guys on the list. Possibly the Cubs #1 pitching prospect, a little bigger and stronger than Edwards, only a few months older.....Doesn't have quite the K rate, but knows when to pitch to contact and walk rate is miniscule.

92. Kevin Plawecki , C (NYM) 4 - I just wanted to have more than 2 catchers on the entire list! Given his age, #'s are impressive.

93. Alexander Colome , SP (T.B.) 5 / Jesse Hahn , SP (T.B.) 5 -2 Rays pitchers getting old fast.

94. Luis Sardinas , SS (Tex) 5 - Am I low on Sardinas here? Very young for his leagues, No Power so far, but very good speed and showed he can hit. He's a pure hitter. And should be a great 2B down the line if Profar doesn't already own it. Maybe he'll take over Andrus' spot?

95. Phil Ervin , OF (Cin) 4 - Probably one of the more impressive debuts among the '13 draft class, Ervin belted 9 Hr's with impressive BB: K rates at rk ball and single A at 21 yrs old all after the draft. Tallying 200 Plate appearances, stealing 14 bases. College guy, should fly up lists this time next year.

96. Daniel Robertson , 3B (Oak) 2 - Not sure if he has the ability to stay at SS, but should be a great 3B down the line, I see the power continuing to build. And He doesn't K nearly as much as C. Bostick and some of the other young A's.

97. Taylor Lindsey , 2B (Laa) 1 - Will be one of the Youngest bats in AAA next year, and despite no Power/ Speed combo, he has the ability to hit for Average and power, with little speed. Niel Walker ish?

98. Matt Davidson , 3B (Ari) 3 - As he's climbed up the D'Backs system: posted a 139, 107, 134 and a 117 wRC+ respectively, in each of the last 4 years. Solid but a little inconsistent, i'm not sure if he can make consistant contact and K less enough to be a star player. But i Like his power.

99. Colan Moran , 3B (Mia) 3 - Once a TOP draft prospect, when thinking about '13 draft, fallen a bit, but is in an organization where he should feel comfortable and could be a cornerstone for them. A Great college player, can he put it all together at the Pro level?

100. Orlando Arcia , SS (Mil, 1) [younger brother of Twins' Oswaldo Arcia]


101a) Delino DeShields , 2B (Hou) [7]

101b) Jorge Bonifacio , OF (K.C.) [6]

102 Stephen Piscotty , OF (Stl) [4]

103 Burch Smith , SP (S.D.) [5]

104 Arismendy Alcantera , SS (Chc) [8]

105 Kean Wong , 2B (T.B.)[6] [younger brother of Cards' Kolten Wong]

H.M.: -Casey Kelly (SP, S.D.), Nick Tropeano (SP, Hou), Dominic Smith (1B, NYM), Josmil Pinto (C, Min), Christian Benthancourt (C, Atl), Reese McGuire (C, Pit), Blake Snell & Parker Markel (P, T.B.), Max Moroff (ss, Pit), Trevor Story (ss, Col), Hunter Harvey (SP, Bal), Martin Agosta (SP, S.F.), Jimmy Nelson (SP, Mil), Nate Karns (SP, Was), Rob Kaminsky (SP, Stl), Chris Stratton , SP (S.F.) , Anthony Renaudo , P (Bos.) , Kaleb Cowart, 3B (LAA). Max Muncy, 1B (Oak) - Miles Head, 1B (Oak) - Greg Bird , 1B (Nyy) - Dan Vogelbach, 1B (Chc) - Michael Fulmer , SP (NYM) - Christian Binford , SP (KC) - Miguel Almonte , SP (KC), - Josh Bell , OF (Pit) - Nick Williams , OF (Tex), - Cesar Puello , OF (NYM).

*J.R. Graham , SP (Atl) - The short young man, I see him as a reliever.

*Ian Clarkin and Raffy De Paula the young Yanks arms's i'm not overly impressed by.

* 3B Rio Ruiz is probably a blatent omission.

* Rock Shoulders, and Stetson Allie couldn't build on their HUGE 1st halves in the 2nd half of the year.

* Yes, I mis-spelled Dylan Bundy as Dillon Bundy

(I think G. Bird, D. Smith, C. Bethancourt, H. Harvey, M. Agosta would be in or round out the top 110)

Omissions as grads:: Mike Zunino/ Sonny Gray / Trevor Bauer / A. Rendon / T. D' arnaud / K. Wong /W. Flores / Oswaldo Arcia / K. Gibson / T. Skaggs/ C.Yelich / J. Marisnick / A. Wood and more.

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