Bravesin07 End Of The Season Top 25 Prospects

I figure I may as well do this since the season is over, counting draft picks from this year as well.

1) Byron Buxton (Has everything you want from a CF)

2) Xander Bogaerts (Can stick at SS for a while 5-7 years, will be a masher)

3) Archie Bradley (Almost has everything you want in a starter, Verlander ceiling)

4) Miguel Sano (A lock to stay at 3rd as he can really move, will be a HR Champion)

5) Carlos Correa (Manny Machado upside, possibly more power)

6) Taijuan Walker (I like more than I used to, he has potential #1 upside)

7) Oscar Taveras (Still like him, but Ankle injuries sap speed, could be Magglio Ordonez type)

8) Francisco Lindor (Can almost do everything at SS, back injury knocks him back a bit depending on how serious it is)

9) Lucas Giolito (Highest ceiling pitcher on the list outside of Bradley. Will rocket through Nats system, could be in the majors by 2015)

10) Javier Baez (Bat speed, lots of power, cutting down the K's)

11) Dylan Bundy (Still like him a lot, injury knocks him here)

12) Noah Syndergaard (Seen him multiple times, #2 ceiling upside if changeup becomes a 50 to 55)

13) Addison Russell (If he can stick at short he could become an All Star)

14) Robert Stephenson (#2 starter ceiling, lets see if he can keep it up in AA next year)

15) Gregory Polanco (Reminds me of Domonic Brown when seen in person, hope the Pirates don't jerk him around like the Phillies did with Brown, has more quick twitch than Brown and defense)

16) Kris Bryant (A big time masher, the Cubs have a good problem on their hands)

17) Nick Castellanos (Will hit, the question is, will he go back to third in 2 years)

18) Kevin Gausman (Ignore the MLB numbers, K'd close to a guy per inning)

19) Maikel Franco (I laugh at all these scouting reports thinking he won't hit, I saw him twice in person, can stay at third for a while, reminded me of Aramis Ramirez)

20) Kyle Zimmer (Started out slow but came up big at the end, if the mid summer version of Zimmer shows next year, he could be up by mid season)

21) Jonathan Gray (I might be low on him, could be a top 10 prospect by early next year)

22) Corey Seager (People forget that he was the 3rd best young player in the MWL behind Buxton and Correra)

23) Mark Appel (He has #2 upside, should be in the majors by mid season)

24) Tyler Glasnow (Major helium, I feel he is the highest ceiling arm in the Pirates system now)

25) Albert Almora (The 4th best young player in the MWL, this league was loaded this year)

HM: Gary Sanchez, Alen Hanson, Clint Frazier, Kyle Crick, J.P. Crawford

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