2013 Twins Shadow Draft Update

Don't tell Eric Cartman that i drafted Clint Frazier - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here is how the bonus structure went down with my 2013 Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft. My approach to this is different than Matt Garrioch's Astros Shadow Draft. Matt's idea is to suck up as much high ceiling talent as possible, but my goal is to try to build a realistic farm system, fill minor league roster spots, etc., in addition to finding major league talent. Thus, the two exercises and the resulting shadow farm systems are not comparable. Our goals are different.

Interestingly enough, we both wanted Clint Frazier.

1) Clint Frazier, OF, Georgia HS. Signed for 3.5 million with the Indians in real life vs. Cleveland's slot of 3.87 million, so Frazier wasn't playing hardball with the money. I will compromise between that and the $4.5 million slot value the Twins gave Kohl Stewart and sign Frazier for $4,000,000.
2) Riley Unroe, SS, Arizona HS Signed for $997,500 in real life with Rays vs. slot of $927,500, so I'll give Unroe the slot money that Ryan Eades got in real life ($1,294,400)
3) Stuart Turner, C, Mississippi ($550,000).
4) Ben Lively, RHP, Central Florida
($350,000 real life from Reds. slot was 367,900): The Twins gave Stephen Gonsalves $700,000 in real life. Slot value was $468,200.
5) Corey Littrell, LHP, Kentucky
($300,000 from Red Sox). Aaron Siegers got $380,000 in real life. Slot value was $350,500.
6) Brian Navaretto, C, Florida HS
7) Sam Wilson, LHP, Lamar CC
($130,000 from Cubs) Brian Gilbert got $120,000 in real life from Twins. Slot was $196,600.
8) Ricky Knapp, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast
($130,000 from Mets) Dustin DeMuth didn't sign. Slot was $158,600.
9) Nick Petree, RHP, Missouri State
($40,000 from Cardinals) Mitch Garver got $40,000. Slot was $148,100.
10) Mike Ratterree, OF, Rice
($25,000) C.K. Irby got $138,400.
11) Nelson Molina, SS, Puerto Rico HS

The Twins had a bonus pool of $8,264,400. All of my picks would have signed for assigned slot value or slightly less. Even if I went with full slot for Frazier, I wouldn't have broken the budget. To the best of my knowledge, none of the subsequent picks signed for more than $100,000 in real life.

12) Dakota Freese, RHP, Des Moines Area Community College
13) Brandon Peterson, RHP, Wichita State University
14) Zack Granite, OF, Seton Hall University
15) Logan Pierce, 3B, Troy University
16) Kelvin Freeman, 1B, North Carolina A&T University
17) Matt Whitehouse, LHP, UC Irvine
18) Chantz Mack, OF, University of Miami-Florida
19) Brett Kay, SS, Illinois State University
20) Jason Kanzler, OF, University of Buffalo
21) Tristan Archer, RHP, Tennessee Tech
22) Layne Somsen, RHP, South Dakota State University
23) Scott Silverstein, LHP, University of Virginia
24) Marcus Davis, OF, Florida State University
25) Chad Christensen, OF, University of Nebraska
27) Randall Fant, LHP, University of Arkansas
28) Zach Shank, SS, Marist College
30) Ryan Beck, LHP, New Mexico State University
31) A.J. Burke, RHP, Western Oregon State University
32) Darian Johnson, OF, Lamar University
33) Jeff Kemp, SS, Radford University
34) Ivory Thomas, OF, Cal State Dominguez Hills
35) Abe Carrasco, RHP, Mount Mercy College
36) David Harris, SS, Southern Arkansas University
39) Seth Wagner, LHP, Mifflin County HS, Lewiston, Pennsylvania

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