Bravesin07 mid season top 25 list

Felt like making a list today, fire away. Going to include some of the 2013 draftees

1) Byron Buxton- Everything you want in a CF, whocares if he's in Hi-A, looking like a potential great one.

2) Xander Bogaerts- Saw him twice in person, early on he looked all of 20 in AA looking bad on breaking stuff, saw him memorial day and looked like a different player, can stick at short for first 4-6 years of career, monster offensive upside, could be Machado part duex in 2nd half.

3) Archie Bradley- Everything you want in a pitching prospect, size, motion (changed it), and stuff. An ace in the making.

4) Oscar Taveras- Still rank him over Sano due to being better at higher levels despite Sano's start, lets see Sano's numbers in 2 months.

5) Miguel Sano- Monster upside with power, more athletic than thought, though I take that source with a grain of salt, lets see where the hit tool is.

6) Francisco Lindor- Good hitter, great knowledge of strikezone, great fielder, even if he hit 8-15 HR's a year he's still a star in the making, look at Segura and think Lindor could be him with a better glove.

7) Taijuan Walker- I was wrong about him, looks like a future #2 starter now with an outside chance to be a 1. Arizona should have taken the M's trade instead of the Braves deal.

8) Christian Yelich- Not dismissing him at all, still could be an elite bat, think of the old Nick Markakis with a better hit tool.

9) Dylan Bundy- Crazy yes, but the stuff when healthy is great, if he doesn't comeback I won't rank a sub 6'2 pitcher in my top 25 again due to shorter pitchers that have huge risk of injury.

10) Carlos Correa- Great numbers in low-A, I should rank him higher, but he has questions if he can stick at short even before he hits the majors.

11) Javier Baez- Would rank in my top 5 if he was doing this in AA, very high power/bat upside.

12) Taylor Guerrieri- Ignore the low strikeout rate and look at the rest of the numbers. Now the only question I have is velocity, have heard 92 earlier in the year but plays up to easy plus due to incredible movement a key for me when watching arms. Some placed have him throwing 97 ie. BP but I don't take much stock with their reports as I question a few of their guys they have there on prospect knowledge.

13) Clint Frazier- I have the same feelings I had when I read on Trout, this kid will have doubters ie. Keith Law but if he sticks in center he is an absolute star, could be top 5 in a year.

14) Gregory Polanco- Seeing him in person, he can add more balk to his frame and be a 6'4 240 monster, no way he is 225 as he says, closer to 200. Very lean and long limbed, looks like a Dexter Fowler so he may not add weight. Either way, he has plus speed, and really like his eye at the plate as a guy tried to get him to chase 3 straight breaking balls on a 0-2 count before lacing a hit up the middle.

15) Robert Stephenson- Breakout arm for me, could be a #2.

16) Nick Castellanos- I've never seen him on a good day as he has went 0-8 with 7 Ks and 1 GIDP, he's improved greatly this year.

17) Corey Seager- One can't help but noticed he is having a great year in the MWL despite being overshadowed by Buxton and Correa, my contact told me he is a better version of his Brother.

18) Maikel Franco- I feel like I am ranking him too low as I got a contact who told me easy future AS, plus bat speed. I went and saw him in person the other day and he does have electric bat and it's in the Harper, Bruce, and Bogaerts range. Very slow runner as he was on par with Wilmer Flores. His build is very similar to Aramis Ramirez.

19) Kyle Crick- Could rank much higher next year, needs to prove he isn't a 2 pitch pitcher, but right now he has an outside chance to be a #2 starter.

20) Jesse Winker- Many would think this is too high, but I think he can be an elite bat, think Votto in the outfield, look at the list of guys who put up his numbers in the MWL, not many.

21) Jorge Soler- Another guy who could be ranked in the top 15, but he's streaky and seems to have a bit of an injury bug.

22) Noah Syndergaard- Low to some yes, but I have some reservations on him. The CB is better than people think, it projects to be a 55 for me, but the fastball is less despite the 94-96 Hi 98 I get, the point is that people love velo but if it doesn't have movement it plays down and that is what happens with Syndergaard. The FB right now has 45 movement, change was inconsistent and only threw 4 of them. Has #2 upside, but slim chance to reach it as of now.

23) Kris Bryant- Assuming he signs, could be a big power bat with the cubs, needs to prove he can stick at the hot corner.

24) Aaron Sanchez- Electric arm, if he's healthy he can be a #2 starter and maybe more if he refines his command but that's a big if.

25) Mark Appel- I'll include him, could be in Houston early next year, can he be a Mussina type from Stanford or in the line of other Stanford bust remains to be seen.

HM: Albert Almora, Alen Hanson, Tyler Glasnow, Nick Williams, and Gary Sanchez.

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