Scouting the 2013 J2 Class

I decided to try and grade as many of this years international draft class as I could. These grades are all based on my visual observations of the players using video from DPL, IPL, Youtube, etc. The only outside info I used were some reported run times, as some videos were limited to BP. There were some players that I couldn't find video, or good video of. If you don't see a name on the list its because I couldn't find video. I'm sure every year it will get easier to find more and more info, but this is the best I could do for this year. Hopefully next year I can write up more comments.

The easiest way to get piled on for not knowing anything about scouting is to throw an 80 on someone. As much as I tried to write 75 just to avoid the dreaded 80, I just couldn't do it. You have to go with your beliefs so I had to throw a future 80 on the power at #3, hopefully you don't stop reading there because of it. Some names are lower than you might see elsewhere, I weigh the bat a little more than the glove so the guys who's glove is their carrying tool get hurt in my evaluation, its a known, and intentional bias. I've done this sort of thing for the last few drafts for personal use, I finally got up the guts to write one up and throw it out to everyone, I hope you guys enjoy it, I had a good time doing this.

Sorry about the formatting, didn't have time to mess with it this morning!

60+-Elite prospect, Superstar potential

55-59 Above Average Regular

50-54 Solid Average Regular

<50 Fringe Average

1. CF Leonardo Molina R/R 8/1/1997(15.11yrs) 6'3 170lbs Dominican Republic

Has all the tools to be a superstar. Quiet approach, great bat speed, should hit for average and plus power. Great defensive tools. Plus plus arm. Most well rounded player in the class.

Hit-25/60, Power 35/65, Arm-60/70, Speed-70/60, Defense-40/65—AOFP-63

2. OF Eloy Jimenez R/R 11/27/1996(16.7yrs) 6'4 200lbs Dominican Republic

Large athletic looking body. Room to add 20-30lbs as he matures. Quiet approach, short swing for a big man, should allow him to hit for average as well as power. Slightly below average runner at maturity. Has tools to be an average defender in RF.

Hit-30/65, Power-35/65, Arm-50/60, Speed-60/50, Defense-35/55 --AOFP=63

3. OF Luis Asuncion R/R 2/27/1997(16.4yrs) 6'3 170lbs Dominican Republic

Won't provide much defensive value aside from throwing arm, but the bat more than makes up for it. Fairly compact swing, great bat speed. Bat speed makes up most of his power at this point, as he adds strength to go along with it the power could be 80.

Hit-30/55, Power-50/80, Arm-50/70, Speed-45/40, Defense-25/40—AOFP-62

4. RHP Marcos Diplan R/R 9/18/1996(16.10yrs) 5'11 160lbs Dominican Republic

Smooth repeatable delivery will allow him to remain a starter despite his size. Tremendous arm speed, sits low 90's touching 94. May be able to sit mid 90's at maturity. Already spins a mid 70's curveball, with some refinement should become a plus pitch. Has feel for a changeup, if he's able to develop it, with his arm speed it could become a elite pitch.

FB-55/65, CB-30/60, CH-20/60, Control-40/60–AOFP=62

5. OF Micker Zapata R/R 9/11/1996(16.9yrs) 6'3 225lbs Dominican Republic

Big power, if he can improve his contact rate he will be a big time corner bat. Average runner at maturity, he has a plus arm allowing him to be an average to slightly above defender

Hit-20/50, Power-40/70, Arm-50/60, Speed 60/50, Defense-35/55—AOFP=60

6. RF Virgilio Jose Almonte R/R 9/9/1996(16.9yrs) 6'4 205lbs Dominican Republic

Large body, and could get a lot bigger. Moves well now but as he ages might not be able to handle RF and may become 1B/DH type. Good balance, short, quick swing, big power potential. Strong arm may be wasted if he can't stay in RF.

Hit-30-60, Power-50/70, Arm-50/60, Speed-45/40, Defense-45/40 –AOFP=60

7. 3B Luis Encarnacion R/R 8/9/1997(15.10yrs) 6'2 185lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/55, Power-35/65, Arm-45/55, Speed-45/45, Defense-25/50—AOFP=58

8. RHP Mayky Perez R/R 9/26/1996(16.9yrs) 6'5 210lbs Dominican Republic

Workhorse frame. Delivery is surprisingly smooth and repeatable for a big man at such a young age, and should allow him to pound the zone. Low 90's fastball shows good movement. Curveball shows plus potential, and he should be able to develop a change up. Stuff is good, but not electric. Should be a strike throwing innings eater.

FB-50/65, CU-30/60, CH-20-50, Control-60—AOFP=58

9. SS/2B Lucas Tirado R/R 11/3/1996(16.7yrs) 6'2 175lbs Dominican Republic

Sweet swing, may have to move off SS, but could handle 2B or 3B. Has room to add some weight. Should be a plus hitter, and power could end up plus.

Hit-40/65, Power-35/55, Arm-45/50, Speed-50/50, Defense-35/50—AOFP=58

10. 3B Bryan Lizardo S/R 7/26/1997(15.11yrs) 6'1 185lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/55, Power-30/60, Arm 55/70, Speed- 50/45, Defense-35/60—AOFP=58

11. 3B Rafael Devers L/R 10/24/1996(16.9yrs) 6'1 215lbs Dominican Republic

Good bat speed but swing can get long at times, power could max out at average, should be a decent defender wherever he ends up, strong arm, decent speed.

Hit-30/60, Power-35/55, Arm-50/60, Speed-50/45. Defense-30/50—AOFP=56

12. SS Gleyber Torres R/R 12/3/1996(16.7yrs) 5”11 185lbs Venezuela

Hit-30/60, Power-30/50, Arm-50/55, Speed-50/50, Defense-40/55—AOFP=56

13 OF Lewin Diaz L/L 9/19/1996(16.9yrs) 6'4 210lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-30/55, Power-40/65, Arm-50/55, Speed-40/40, Defense-35/40—AOFP=56

14. OF Wasner Peguero R/R 9/7/1996(16.10yrs) 6'2 185lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-20/50, Power-30/60, Arm-50/65, Speed-60/55, Defense-30/60—AOFP=56

15. 3B Anderson Franco R/R 8/15/1997(15.10yrs) 6”1 180lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-30/50, Power-35/60, Arm-55/60, Speed-50/50, Defense-35/60—AOFP=56

16. RHP Jefferson Mejia R/R ??(18yrs)? 6”7 220lbs Dominican Republic

Simple repeatable delivery for a big guy, easy velocity with more to come, lied about his age last year and was suspended, even if he's 18 now he's a great arm to throw in your system and try and develop

FB-55/70, Curve-35/50, Change-40/50, Control-40/50—AOFP=55

17. SS Yimmelvyn Alonzo R/R 3/10/1997(16.3yrs) 6”1 185lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/55, Power-30/60, Arm, 45/55 Speed-50/45, Defense-30/45—AOFP=55

18. RHP Jen-Ho Tseng, R/R 10/3/1994(18.8yrs) 6”1 200lbs Taiwan

FB-50/60, Change-30/55, Curve-35/50, Control-40/50—AOFP=55

19. SS Franly Mallen R/R 5/27/1997(16.1yrs) 6”1 170lbs Dominican Republic

Quiet hands, short and quick swing allow him to hit for average, has a little pop. Will probably end up in LF down the line.

Hit-25/60, Power-25/50, Arm-45/60, Speed, Defense-35/50—AOFP=55

20. OF Felix Osorio R/R 11/13/1996(16.8yrs) 6”3 190lbs Dominican Republic

big power potential but its generated from a big swing that may not allow him to hit for average. Below average defensive profile.

Hit-25/45, Power 40/70, Arm-40/45, Speed-40/40, Defense-30/40--AOFP=54

21. OF Johnny Sims R/R 10/29/1996(16.8yrs) 6”3 175lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/50, Power-30/60, Arm-35/40, Speed-60/55, Defense-35/50--AOFP=54

22. SS Yonauris Rodriguez R/R 3/10/1997(16.4yrs) 6”0 160lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/60, Power-20/40, Arm-40/55, Speed-65/65, Defense-35/65--AOFP=53

23. RHP Erling Moreno R/R 1/13/1997(16.5yrs) 6”3 190lbs Colombia

FB-40/55, CB 35/55, Change 30/50, Control 30/55--AOFP=53

24. OF Greifer Andrade R/R 1/27/1997(16.5yrs) 6”1 185lbs Venezuela

Hit-25/45, Power-30/60, Arm-40/45, Speed-50/45, Defense-35/50—AOFP=52

25. SS Yeffry De Aza R/R 2/14/1997(16.5yrs) 6'0 170lbs Dominican Republic

Very quiet and short to the ball, should hit for average to go with some power potential Won't stick at SS, but has the tools to stick at 3B.

Hit-30/55, Power-35/50, Arm-50/60, Speed 50/45, Defense-30/50—AOFP=52

26. LHP Luis Enrique Barrios L/L 02/1997(16.4yrs) 6”3 190lbs Colombia

FB-35/65, SL-30/50, Change-20/45, Control-25/50--AOFP=52

27. SS/3B Michael De Leon S/R 2/14/1997(16.5yrs) 6”1 160lbs Dominican Republic

Moves well, solid hands, should be able to stick at SS. Fringe Average arm, average speed. Line drive approach, should hit for average and gap power, with some occasional HR's.

Hit-25/60, Power-20/30, Arm-40/50, Speed-55/50, Defense 40/60—AOFP=52

28. C Rafelin Nunez Guzman R/R 1/15/1997(16.6yrs) 6”1 195lbs Dominican Republic

Looks like he will have to work hard to maintain agility as the body adds weight. Lots of hand movement in his swing but shows the ability to get the barrel on the ball. Should hit for above average power. Should be able to be a solid defender and do a decent job against the running game

Hit-20-50, Power-30-55, Arm-50/60, Speed-40/35, Defense 25/50--AOFP=52

29. SS Oliver Pascual, S/R 12/16/1996(16.6yrs) 5”10 160lbs Dominican Republic

Has the feet to be a great defender, no question he can stick at SS. Short swing with good bat speed, should make a lot of contact, but will produce very little power. Fringe average arm. Quicker than he is fast, run times are average, but plays faster.

Hit-30/60, Power-20/30, Arm-45/50, Speed-50/60, Defense-40/70—AOFP=52

30. C Jose Herrera S/R 2/24/1997(16.5yrs) 5”10 180lbs Venezuela

Hit-30/50, Power-25/50, Arm-40/50, Speed 40/35, Defense-25/55—AOFP=51

31. OF Ronald Rosario L/L 2/8/1997(16.4yrs) 6”2 160lbs Dominican Republic

Line drive approach with good bat speed. As the body fills out should develop a little pop but it will be in the form of more gap power than homerun power. Has good speed which should allow him to be a good defensive CF. Weak Arm.

Hit-30/60, Power-15/35, Arm-30/40, Speed-65/60, Defense-40/65—AOFP=51

32. OF Edward Pena L/R 10/1/1996(16.9yrs) 6”1 200lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-50, Power-55, Run-45, Arm 45, Defense-45---AOFP=51

33. 3B Roni Tapia R/R 4/3/1997(16.3yrs) 6”3 175lbs Dominican Republic

Prototype 3B body. Struggles making consistent hard contact, looks like he should hit for a ton of power but I don't think the swing will let that happen. Has the tools to be a good defender. Ton of raw materials but right now you have to dream to see it all come together.

Hit-20/45, Power-20/55, Arm-45/55, Speed-50/45, Defense-35/55-AOFP=51

34. C/3B Ihan Bernal L/R 10/1996(16.9yrs) 6”0 190lbs Panama

Hit-45, Power-55, Arm-50/60, Speed-40/35, Defense-30/50--AOFP=50.

35. SS Carlos Hiciano R/R 10/29/1996(16.8yrs) 6”2 175lbs Dominican Republic

See him profiling better in CF, don't see much power coming,

Hit-25/55, Power-20/40, Arm-45-50, Speed-65/60, Defense-20/60—AOFP=50

36. SS Adrian Valerio S/R 3/13/1997(16.4yrs) 5”11 150lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-30/55, Power-20/30, Arm 50/60, Speed-55/55, Defense-40/70—AOFP=48

37. CF Dayan Perez Olmo S/R 12/1996(16.7yrs) 5”11 160lbs Dominican Republic

Small frame, not much room for projection, good bat speed, lots of pre-swing movement, swing often gets too big for a little guy. Good arm, and plus speed gives him the tools to be a plus defender.

Hit-25/50, Power-20/35, Arm-50/60, Speed-65/70, Defense 50/70--AOFP=48

38. SS Marten Gasparini, S/R 5/24/1997(16.1yrs) 6”0 175lbs Italy

Don't see much power developing, fringy arm, should be above average runner and defender, but not sold on the bat.

Hit-25/55, Power-20/35, Arm-40/50, Speed-50/50, Defense-35/60—AOFP=48

39. OF Mikey Edie R/R 6/1997(16.1yrs) 6”0 165lbs Venezuela

Hit 30/50, Power-20/40, Arm-50/55, Speed-60/55, Defense 30/55 –AOFP=47

40. OF Jeramias Portorreal L/L 8/7/1997(15.10yrs) 6”2 180lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-30/50, Power 30/45, Arm-40-45, Speed-45/40, Defense 40/40—AOFP=46

41. SS Hector Luis Martinez R/R 11/1/1996(16.8yrs) 5”11 170lbs Dominican Republic

Hit-25/50, Power-30/40, Arm-50/60, Speed-60/60, Defense-30/50--AOFP=46

42. SS Yeltsin Gudino R/R 1/17/1997(16.5yrs) 6”0 150lbs Venezuela

Line drive swing, can develop some power with added size, fringe average runner and throwing arm, should be solid defender.

Hit-30/50, Power 25/40, Arm-45/50, Speed 65/50, Defense 40/50—AOFP=46

43. SS Joan Mauricio L/R 11/1996(16.8yrs) 6”2 150lbs Dominican Republic

very thin body, not a super athlete now as he adds size I don't know if he can stay at SS. High contact swing with no power.

Hit-30/60, Power-20-30, Arm-45/50, Speed-50/45, Defense-30/50--AOFP=46

44. SS Carlos Herrera L/R 9/23/1996(16.9yrs) 6”0 145lbs Venezuela

Hit-10/50, Power-10-30, Arm-50/55, Speed-60/55, Defense-35/60—AOFP=45

45. SS Andy Sugilio S/R 10/26/1996(16.9yrs) 6”2 165lbs Dominican Repbulic

Hit-30/50, Power-25/40, Arm-40/50, Speed-45/45, Defense-30/45--AOFP=45

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