Rays Shadow Draft Season 3

This is really an exercise on my ability to turn public info like Perfect Game,, BBA, KLaw, and this site into a workable draft. I know I am not smarter than the Rays. I just wonder over time if I can manage to stay close to their results based on my interpretation of the info I read and video I see.

2012 carryover: I drafted Ty Buttrey in the 2nd round in 2012 but could not sign him so I am claiming pick #89 this season. Yes I have to stay on my slot budget (+5%) or pick who I cannot sign.

1.21 Came down to Cuiffo and Ryan Stanek. Cuiffo fits the org need but I took Stanek based on his full body of work. He has arm strength and 3 very usable pitches. I don't think he is a reliever at all. (Rays: Cuiffo)

1.29 Came down to HS LHP Ian Clarkin, and College OFs Aaron Judge and Austin Wilson. Pretty much a coin toss between the 3. I took OF Wilson. I think Stanford hitters are undervalued at this point.(Rays: Stanek)

2.60 Came down to College RHP Alex Balog, HS OF Cord Sandberg, and College 3B Chad Pinder. I already have a Col RHP so it came down to Sandberg or Pinder. Not sure I can afford Sandberg and his football option and College 3Bs are usually good bets. I took Pinder. (Rays: Unroe)

3.89 Sandberg is still there so I am going to roll the dice and take him.

3.97 This one comes down to HS RHP Carlos Salazar and College OF Michael O'Neill. I like Salazar a lot more but think O'Neill is a solid safe choice. I'll take a shot with Salazar and start looking to save a bit if negotiations don't go well. (Rays: Milone)

4.128 College OF Jared King and College RHP Trey Matzek both look like steals here. Flip a coin. I'll take the switchhitting King over the guy who might end up in the pen. (Rays: Wong)

5.158 Highly rated College RHP Bobby Wahl is still there but I am going to take a lower rated HS C Dom Nunez who bats LH and is a recent convert from SS/3B. (Rays: Field)

6.188 HS RHP Dustin Driver is the top guy on my board but I am afraid that he will be a tough sign at this slot and I am already rich in HS guys. I'll take College 1B Matt Oberste. (Rays: Woods)

7.218 Dustin Driver is still there and is even more of a signing risk here but I have less to lose if I can scrape together the funds somehow. I am taking Driver. Hopefully I will have better luck than they Rays have had with Washington state HSers. (Rays: Young)

8.248 Looking to stay in the college ranks for sure. That means College RHP closer Jimmy Sherfly. (Rays: Ramirez)

9.278 Would love a College LHP here. And look who is at the top of my board. College LHP DJ Snelton. (Rays: Pruitt)

10.308 I am going to agree with the Rays here. I'll take College RHP Aaron Griffon. (Rays: Griffon)


1.21 College RHP Ryan Stanek

1.29 College OF Austin Wilson

2.60 College 3B Chad Pinder

3.89 HS OF Cord Sandberg (comp pick for Buttrey)

3.97 HS RHP Carlos Salazar

4.128 College OF Jared King

5.158 HS C Dom Nunez

6.188 College 1B Matt Oberste

7.218 HS RHP Dustin Driver

8.248 College RHP Jimmy Sherfly

9.278 College LHP DJ Snelton

10.308 College RHP Aaron Griffon

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