30 Team Dynasty Needs (at least) 2 Owners. Deep minor leagues

Hey guys,

Hope you're enjoying the MLB Draft and are getting pumped up for prospects. I know I am.

To satisfy your lust for the deepest, unknown prospect who'll become the next stud, check out this league. It is hand down, far and away my favorite league. We're currently in our 4th year of operation and going strong. There is an absolutely great core of owners that makes this league a joy to be in. Enough about that, here are some details:

Each team started with their MLB affiliates' roster and 30 roster spots for their affiliates minor leaguers. After the past three years' FYP drafts, the MiLB roster has expanded to 60 spots. We're going to cap it soon, probably at 60. Each player's salary is based on their actual MLB salary (rounded down), unless they were won through free agency via our league, in which case they have the salary they were won for until they sign a new MLB contract. MiLB players can be claimed unless they are international signees (signed within the last year. In which case they can be bid on) or drafted in the past year (in which case they are added through the FYP draft).

There is a team for each MLB club, so that's 30 total. We run the MLB part of the league through ESPN with leagues for both AL and NL and a joint playoff league formatted similar to the actual MLB playoff system. This is a great group of owners, and like I said, the best league that I have found.

Feel free to check out the league, ask questions.

Teams available are Orioles and Nationals (possibly a 3rd). Links to team rosters below.

Washington Nationals

Nationals is a great club for a team looking to jump in and compete immediately. Nationals are currently in 4th place in the NL, 1st place NL East so they're on pace to be a playoff squad. Very solid MLB roster with Tulo, Pedroia, Adrian Gonzalez, Adam Jones, Stanton, Madison Bumgardner. MiLB roster is a bit slim. Highlighted by Sebastian Valle, JR Murphy, Wilmer Flores, Anthony Garcia .

Baltimore Orioles

Orioles is a great club for someone looking to rebuild a club. Currently is 28th out of 30, but admittedly, the club isn't that bad. It's not good, but should be doing better. Having an owner who actually shows up will be helpful. MLB highlights: V-Mart, Matt Holliday, Adam Dunn. MiLB highlights: Dan Vogelbach, Miles Head, Stephen Piscotty, Eugenio Suarez. The club page is a mess and needs some organizing. Some trades need to be updated from the page (I know he traded Vincent Velasquez away so I'll help whoever joins sort it out).

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. As I've said, just an absolutely phenomenal league. If you're interested, leave a reply here or shoot me an email at

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