The Day After the Draft: One More Step

Most teams are done with the draft, and honestly, I want to be too, but I can't. There is more talent out there to take a crack at.

When a player goes undrafted, they are considered Non-Drafted Free Agents. Yep, free agency. I have a crack at signing these guys to my Astros Shadow system. Each player can get $100,000 with no hit to the allotment that MLB allows us. So today, I would call everyone of these players and their advisors. Many would pay zero attention to a $100,000 offer because they have D1 scholarships waiting but there are a few that have either a Junior College offer or no commitment at all. There are some sleepers here that should jump to pro ball.

The top targets that should be signable:

Ronnie Healy, C, Florida HS: Big power potential. Good actions behind the dish, even though he may have to move to 1B. I really like the bat. Committed to Broward CC.

CD Pelham, P, South Carolina HS: He's a really good athlete and has been up to 93 this spring. He's committed to Spartanburg Methodist which is a decent Juco but could be signable. He's very raw but intriguing.

Thomas Rogers, P, Virginia HS: Easy 89 MPH from the left side. No commitment. Just blows my mind why nobody drafted this guy.

Jamar Burnette, OF, Canada HS: Athletic. Swing and miss issues but a great athelte.

Austin Paschke, OF, Georgia HS: Long swing but big power potential. No commitment.

Matt Walker, P, Texas HS: He's committed to Weatherford JC so should be signable. He's in the upper 80's with a lot of projection. Could be interesting.

Peton Attaway, OF, Louisianna HS: He is commited to Mississippi but he has a lot of tools and would be worth a shot to see if he'd sign.

Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, 3B, California HS: Good athlete. Not a great bat but one to watch in JC next year. It could come around.

Chad Sheppard, P, Georgia HS: Huge kid. No commitment. Not an athlete but the power potential intrigues me. I wouldn't give him $100K but I'd see if he's interested in playing pro ball. I don't know but I just see something there.

Trey Griffin, OF, Tennessee JuCo: Favorite since HS. Not giving up on him yet. Just too many tools. He's been in JuCo for a while but the stats look like he's coming around this year. I would give him a shot in pro ball.

Zach Alvord, 3B, Tampa JuCo: Good athelte, good swing. Well rounded player that should get a shot.

Current JuCo's that I like that didn't get drafted that I'd see if where they were at:

Cal Becker P Palm Beach State
Connor Williams OF Salt Lake
Chase Nyman SS Chipola
Kayden Porter P Southern Nevada
Dylan LaVelle 3B Everett
Erich Knab P Spartanburg Methodist
Kyle Carter OF Miami-Dade
Tony Blanford P Central Arizona
Jamal Martin OF Santa Fe
Conner Hale 3B Manatee
Brady Corless P Salt Lake
Nathan Foriest P Middle Tennessee State
Carson Baranik P Miami-Dade
Kevin Koziol SS Parkland
David Schuknecht C Riverside
Clayton Crum P
Wade Wass C
Zachary Houchins SS Louisburg

Then the players worth a call but very lilte hope of signing

College Players that should have been drafted but weren't:

Josh Dezse P Ohio State
DeAndre Smelter P Georgia Tech
T.J. Pecoraro P Vanderbilt
Ryan Tella OF Auburn
Zack Powers 3B Florida
Matt Roberts C North Carolina
Kevin Jordan OF Wake Forest
Dale Carey OF Miami
Keenan Kish P Florida
Case Nixon C Alabama
Gandy Stubblefield P Texas A&M
Shon Carson OF South Carolina
Philip Pfeifer P Vanderbilt
Michael Suiter OF Kansas

The prep players with solid commitments that should have been drafted that weren't:

Name Pos State Commit
Jarret DeHart OF New Jersey Louisiana State
Max Knutson P Minnesota Nebraska
Gunnar McNeill 1B Florida Florida International
Stephen Alemais SS Florida Tulane
Weston Wilson SS North Carolina Clemson
Keegan Thompson P Alabama Auburn
Kramer Robertson SS Texas Louisiana State
Tres Barrera 3B Texas Texas
Kevin Davis P Alabama Auburn
Jake Fraley OF Delaware Louisiana State
Mark Ecker P Texas Texas A&M
Anthony Sherlag C Georgia Wake Forest
Chris Oakley P New Jersey North Carolina
Chuckie Robinson C Illinois Southern Mississippi
Zach Farmer P Ohio Ohio State
Eugene Vazquez OF Florida UCF
Jesse Roth P New Jersey Virginia
Connor Heady SS Kentucky Kentucky
Bernardo Bonifacio OF Florida Bethune-Cookman
Joe Alexander Jimenez P Puerto Rico Florida International
Brett Binning SS California Auburn
Keenan Innis OF Georgia Georgia Tech
Kort Peterson OF California Washington
Seth Martinez P Arizona Arizona State
Bryce Welborn P Texas Texas Tech
Ed Voyles P Georgia Florida State
Jim Voyles P Georgia Florida State
Colin Winters OF California UC Santa Barbara
Jared Brasher P Alabama Samford
Zach Burdi P Illinois Iowa
Jason Sierra OF Florida Vanderbilt
Brennon Lund OF Utah Brigham Young
Cassidy Brown C Ohio Loyola Marymount
Joseph Corrigan 1B California Southern California
Andrew Kelley P Texas Arkansas
Dominic Taccolini P Texas Arkansas
Logan Koch C North Carolina South Carolina
CJ Chatham SS Florida Florida Atlantic
Nick Banks OF Texas Texas A&M
Hunter Jarmon OF Texas Oregon State
Brantley Bell SS Arizona Mississippi
Scott Eicholtz P Florida Alabama
Pete Alonso 3B Florida Florida
Dalton Duty 2B Florida Central Florida
Arden Pabst C California Georgia Tech
Joseph Starling P Florida Stanford
A.J. Balta 2B California Oregon
Andy Honiotes P Illinois Miami
Derek Rustich 3B California Texas Tech
Alex Hagner P Florida Florida
Joe Dudek 1B New Jersey North Carolina
Austin Sexton P Alabama Mississippi State
Zach Rice P Virginia North Carolina
Alex Bostic P North Carolina Clemson
Jack Roberts P Virginia Virginia
Jae Roberts 3B South Carolina South Carolina
Tray Roberts OF South Carolina Liberty
Alec Bettinger P Virginia Virginia
Carlos Williams OF Tennessee Mississippi
Christian Pelaez P Florida Louisiana State
Trey Lee Cobb P Oklahoma Oklahoma State
Elliott Barzilli SS California Georgia Tech
Will Craig P Tennessee Wake Forest
John Kilichowski P Florida


Spencer Trayner SS Florida North Carolina
Trevin Haseltine P California California
Jordan Howard P Georgia Georgia Southern
Brandon Hicks P Tennessee
Christian Stewart C Georgia Tennessee
Taylor Widener OF South Carolina South Carolina
Preston Palmeiro 3B Texas
Danny Zardon 3B Florida Louisiana State
Trent Paddon P California Oregon
Brett Hanewich P Florida Stanford
Tanner Draper P Utah Oregon State
Andrew Harrington P Kentucky Louisville
Logan Ice C Washington Oregon State
John Pomeroy P Washington Oregon State
John Parke P South Carolina Clemson
Cody Bower OF New Mexico New Mexico
Daniel Williams OF Texas Weatherford JC
Tyler Allen P Texas Louisiana State
Hunter Simmons 3B California Utah

Yep that would keep the AGM. busy for a few days...

There are some big leaguers here. Some wouldn't sign because of the commitment they have to a good college program but I would still like to see where they are at.

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