A's Mock Organization Draft Recap

This year the A's don't quite have the draft volume that they did last year. However, they aren't without a little extra bonus money. They have 5 picks in the first three rounds, two coming in the second and two in the third. I tried to keep the draft class a little more balanced, although it ended up being a little pitcher heavy, which isn't a bad thing considering pitching is also an area of weakness in the organization's minors. Overall though, I was really happy with the pitching we ended up with.

This mock draft wasn't without excitement, however. It appeared Jared King was going to be falling to our first pick in the third round but then was taken two picks before us. That one had us excited the most of all the guys that would've fallen, since here was a guy who's ranked as high as 68 dropping to 100, good on the Orioles for nabbing him though. Jake Brentz, one of our top targets for the 2nd round, was taken within a couple picks of our first pick in the third round.

Here's a quick summary of all the picks (24, 63, 71, 100, 106, and 131)

1.24: Phillip Ervin-OF, Samford University. This is a guy that was high on my list of position players to target for this pick. I believe he can improve his routes and stick in centerfield, he also has a very good arm. The potential is there for him to be a 15-20 HR-SB guy that could fit into the 3 or 5 slot in a quality lineup fairly well. He also has a good approach at the plate. He's probably a 1 year at each level kind of guy.

2.63: Garrett Williams-LHP, Calvary Baptist HS. This one's an intriguing arm who at the beginning of the year was a 2-way player. He's has the makings of three above average pitches and could be a rotation anchor.

2.71: Trevor Williams-RHP, Arizona State University. Was very pleased he was able to drop to us all the way down here. He has 4 pitches, with the fastball and changeup being above average. Trevor would be able to be a quick mover through the system.

3.100: Tucker Neuhaus-SS, Wharton HS. Neuhaus is the risky draft that the A's like to take at some point in the top 10 rounds. He's a good athlete who may not be able to stick at shortstop but the bat should be able to still play wherever he moves

3.106: Dace Kime-RHP, Louisville. Dace is pretty intruiging. He has a fastball that can reach the mid 90's with a wipeout curve. He needs to develop a changeup but the A's are very good at helping pitchers along with that. Has the body of a workhorse.

4. 131: Cody Dickson-LHP, Sam Houston State. Here it was between Aaron Brown and Cody Dickson, and decided to go with the guy who has better velocity.

Big hat tip to Hero66, Yoknowsbombs, and DavidS for helping me out with the draft process in the war room.

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