Detroit Tigers Mock Draft Mod Review.

Didn't have much help with the Tigers. I did a couple of MOD but got not responce. Here are my thoughts on what I was thinking when I made the picks.

1.20 Tim Anderson slot 2,001,700

I really want a Harvey or Bickford but both were gone before my pick. College pitcher was my next direction but I felt that I could get one of my top 3 prospects at 39 so I decided to go with Anderson who has been linked to the Tigers in recent days. I feel he would sign under slot, although not as much as I orginally thought. I pesonally think he would sign for a bonus between 1.6 and 1.8 mm. giving us around atleast $200,000 to spend else where in the draft.

1S.39 Alex Balog Slot 1,433,400

Alex Balog, Jonathan Crawford, Alex Gonzalez, Aaron Blair, and Bobby Wahl were my targeted arms left on the board at 20 , in that order. I could not believe that Balog was still on the board at 39. He will likely require close to the full slot to sign but I was very happy, happy, happy with the pick.

2.58 Dustin Peterson Slot 956,600

It looked like a place of value for the high school bat so I was looking to see what would be left at 58. Justin Williams, Cavan Biggio, and Ryan Boldt went off the board just ahead of my pick leaving Ryan McMahon, Rowdy Tellez, Trey Michalczewski and Peterson on my board. I had Peterson, McMahon and Tellez as second rounder and Michalczewski as a third round target. I chose Peterson over Tellez because of positon more that anything else. Peterson is a USC Trogan commit and the brother of New Mexico's D.J. Peterson. He plays SS in high school and projects as a 3b, maybe 2b. His bat is ahead of his brother at the same age and it should play at 3rd or corner outfield if needed. Even though USC has had some NCAA problems this spring, Peterson should sign for around slot.

3.94 Colby Suggs Slot $549,400

I was looking at Trey Michalczewski, Carlos Salazar, Myles Smith and Suggs in that order in at pick 94. Smith went at pick 93 leaving just Suggs only on the board. I pesonally like Suggs a lot. He as improved his control from the start of the spring when he pitched while recovering from a oblic strain. I think you could fast track him and could see him in Detroit in September or early next year. I aslo think you can get him to sign 75,000-100,000 below slot.

4.126 Stephen Gonsalves Slot 401,200

OK, the gambler came out in me here. My board was tore up in the 4th round. The 6 players that I had targeted went off the board before my pick. So I took a shot in the dark with being able to sign Gonsalves.

In real life I would have my scouts get me the information on what it would take to sign all my picks. But in this mock draft I just have to go with what I believe. I know he will not sign at slot, but I think the Tigers can pull this off. If I am right about the picks and slots above we will be atleast $250,000 under pool, and the Tiger ownership is good about spending money to get this done so I am counting on the extra 5% about $325,000. This gets us close to $1,000,000(975,000) and drafting a cheap college senior in the 5th round if needed could easily add another $250,000. It might have been better to draft him in the 3rd round in hindsight but I know Suggs would not had made it out of the 3rd round.>

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