Astros MOD #2: Round 2 Targets

Alright so I've done some looking around and have compared several scouting reports & here are the prospects who I have my eye on for round 2:

  1. Nick Ciuffo, C, South Carolina HS - The power & the arm stick out. Hit tool is what drags him down most boards. Seen him as high as the top 20 and as low as the top 50. He's a sexy pick with the power and the defense, and though he may never hit for a high average, people are optimistic that he'll get on base enough
  2. Devin Williams, RHP, Missouri HS - Williams is one of those classic prospects who has impressive stuff and a projectable frame, but he's not exactly proven, and his lack of pitchability could be exposed in pro ball. Risky pick.
  3. JaCoby Jones, OF, LSU (Jr.) - Toolbox who hasn't put up the numbers. Just about every system has a few of those guys, but Jones's tools are nothing short of special. Quite concerning that he didn't exactly live up to expectations in college, and he may be a riskier pick than some HS prospects because he no longer has their youth to hide behind. Don't get me wrong, Jones is still young, but the fact that he's no longer a teenager and still hasn't developed his skillset much is worrisome.
  4. Billy McKinney, OF, Texas HS - Has one of the prettier swings in the draft, and he's got legitimate pop in his bat. Doesn't have a lot of upside for a high school prospect, but if he could develop his hit tool, he could be a masher.
  5. Tom Windle, LHP, Minnesota (Jr.) - Very polished. Has three solid pitches, but the lack of a legitimate plus offering has held his value back. Could further develop one of his secondaries I suppose, but his lack of upside in general is a downer. Could be one of the top few candidates if Appel is taken, since he'd likely be a relatively easy signing.
  6. Garrett Williams, RHP, Louisiana HS - I like the fastball & breaking ball potential. Injury history scares me, but he could be a steal for a team if that doesn't hold him back going forward. Will definitely be on the lookout for him.
  7. Ryan Boldt, OF, Minnesota HS - Very impressive tools. Strong defense, can hit, possesses plus speed. Would be a classic Jeff Luhnow move if he plays it safe with the 1st pick and swoops up Boldt at #40 with spare cash to spend. Will take time to develop, and it's a risk to assume he'll drop to #40, but he'd be a hell of a pick at this spot if the money is right.
  8. Marco Gonzalez, LHP, Gonzaga (Jr.) - Love everything about this guy. Solid three pitch mix, and his change-up projects to be a plus one (if it isn't already). He lacks projection but I'd make this pick in a heartbeat if he dropped to 40.
  9. Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State (Jr.) - This is probably a pipedream, but I can't help myself. Possesses huge, huge power. Would be surprised if he drops but his lack of production may lower his stock. Good overall athlete. My guess is that the Yanks pick him up with one of their three early picks.
  10. Dillon Overton, LHP, Oklahoma (Jr.) - Another college guy with three solid pitches. He doesn't possess a true out pitch but his command is excellent. Should rise through any system quickly.

So those are the ten guys who I'll be watching the most. Please leave feedback. Would appreciate any suggestions on any prospects that I failed to mention. Not particularly great at finding diamonds in the rough.

Will be looking at potential round 3 prospects on the next MOD.

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