Red Sox MOD # 3

This discussion about the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Round where the Red pick:

2. 45 ($1,229,600), 3. 81 ($671,200), 4. 113 ($454,800)

These rounds are more difficult because the talent separation is so small. What I’d like to do is separate them into groups of College pitchers, HS hitters etc. because the Red Sox like to “diversify” the portfolio. If we end up with a HS guy in the 1st round then you better be sure the 2nd round pick will be from college. They are more likely to take two/ three college guys in row to start the draft than take two HS guys in a row.

I've come up with some names for each category (with the help of your comments in the previous MODs) so here are some guys to look at for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th round:

HS Pitchers:

Matt Krook, LHP, California HS (Tough sign, per BA)

Connor Jones, RHP, Virginia HS (Tough sign, perhaps unsignable, UVA commit)

Devin Williams, Missouri HS

Jacob Brentz, LHP, Plays in the PG spring league in Iowa

Casey Shane, RHP, Texas HS

Brett Morales, RHP, Florida HS

Akeem Bostick, RHP, South Carolina HS

Carlos Salazar, RHP, California HS

Tyler Danish, RHP, Florida HS

HS Hitters:

Andy McGuire, INF, Virginia HS (Texas commit)

Cord Sandberg, OF, Florida HS (May be tough sign, Miss ST QB commit)

Travis Demeritte, 3B, Georgia HS (South Carolina commit)

Trey Michalczewski, INF, Oklahoma HS

Dustin Peterson, 2B, Arizona HS (Brother of DJ Peterson)

Chris Okey, C, Florida HS (Clemson commit)

Thomas Milone, OF, Conn HS (UCONN Commit)

Ivan Wilson, OF, Louisiana HS

Josh Hart, OF, Georgia HS

Ryan McMahon, 3B, California HS

Jan Hernandez, SS, Puerto Rico HS

Brian Navarretto, C, Florida HS

College pitchers:

Bobby Wahl, RHP, Ole Miss

Marco Gonzalez, LHP, Gonzaga

Alex Balog, RHP, San Francisco

Alex Gonzalez, RHP, Oral Roberts

Jason Hursh, Oklahoma St

Kevin Ziomek, LHP, Vanderbilt (Originally form Mass)

Scott Frazier, RHP, Pepperdine

Andrew Mitchell RHP, TCU

Sam Moll, LHP, Memphis

Kent Emanuel, LHP, UNC

Corey Knebel, RHP, Texas (closer)

College hitters:

Tim Anderson, SS, JUCO

Brian Ragira, OF/1B, Stanford

Daniel Palka, OF/1B, Georgia Tech

Victor Caratini, 3B/C, Miami Dade JC

Hunter Dozier, SS/3B, Stephen F. Austin

Obviously some of these guys may go well before we pick but I just wanted to have volume because we can't really know who is gonna be available or not. This is not a ranking, it’s just a list of names, and I’ll post my pref-list from each category in the comment section.


1) Who do you guys like from all these guys?

2) Any other guys you have opinions (basically explaining why do you like him) on that you think should be in consideration for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick?

3) What strategy would you employ for the later rounds?


· I think the answer to the previous MOD is Braden Shipley so our group for the 7th pick is Moran, Frazier, Stewart and Shipley.

· I’m starting to like the idea of Moran as our pick at 7th especially because it opens up the possibility of popping one of the HS arms in the 2nd round.

· I’ll go in specifics of some of the guys on these lists in the comment section so you guys can chime in on them too.

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