Giants MOD #2 - Finalize Round 1 Board, Round 2 discussion

MOD #1 is getting a bit cluttered so it's time for MOD #2. Below I'll list my board, top 10, with a 1 sentence pro and con for each. This is MINE, not OURS. Ours will be a combination of mine, shankbone's and Nnamdi's. I know I personally was getting a bit tunnel-visioned in the last thread, defending my guys to the point of not looking in other places, so I'll try to do better.

Also for this thread - Round 2 discussion. Do we want to take a hitter if we go pitcher in the first, and vice versa? Should we just build a board and pop the highest guy left (BPA style)? If we go college, should we go HS, and vice versa? Things like that.

Ok, my board as of 9AM, 5/20/13:

1. Phil Bickford, RHP, CA HS - PRO: Up to 97 with the fastball, with two secondary pitches that are more advanced than you usually see from a high schooler. CON: Shaky mechanics.

2. Chris Anderson, RHP, Jacksonville - PRO: Showed 96 earlier this year, has a plus slider, good size for a workhorse. CON - has been worked extremely hard by JU coaching staff, currently lacking third pitch.

3. Eric Jagielo, 3B, Notre Dame - PRO: I've been pretty vocal on him. 60 future power, good control of the strike zone. CON: May not be a 3B long term, moving to LF or 1B.

4. Jacob Brentz, LHP, Missouri HS - PRO: Up to 97 from the left side, when he dials it back he's got good command + sink. CON: Secondary offerings need work.

5. Matt Krook, LHP, CA HS - PRO: Projectable lefty sits in the low-90s with a good curveball. CON: Needs to work on secondaries, has some mechanics issues that will need to be cleaned up.

6. Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford - PRO: Lots of tools, especially big time power, above average in right. CON: Stanford swing needs a bit of work.

7. Alex Gonzalez, RHP, Oral Roberts - PRO: Shows 4 pitches, 3 of them plus, generates a lot of ground balls. CON: Concerns over long term durability because of build, below-average competition in college.

8. Hunter Dozier, SS, Stephen F. Austin - PRO: Likely a 3B or 2B in pro ball but with a bat that will play for the position. CON: Competition was poor. I'll own up to the fact that I just don't know a lot about him, going on shank's confidence in him here.

9. Andrew Thurman, RHP, UC Irvine - PRO: Polished college pitcher in the Chris Stratton model, four good pitches already. CON: Has faded a bit down the stretch, not a lot of upside left, could be a #4 at best.

10. Dustin Peterson, SS, Arizona HS - Throwing a HS position player to end my board. I like Peterson better than either Travis Demerritte or Peterson's older brother, D.J. PRO: Decent hit and power tools, athletic enough that he'll likely stay in the MIF in pro ball. CON: Not a shortstop going forward, no tools really stand out.

That's my ten. Interested in hearing yours. Let's get a first round board firmed up and move on to second round discussion.

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