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Although I was going to wait until the middle of the week to post based on some of the commentary from MOD #2 I thought I would post what I have a little early

I will use this MOD to discuss 3rd and 4th Round picks

The names listed are in no particular order and are just the order I felt like writing up the players

Please note there are some sleepers I have which will not be listed to avoid other teams from seeing them

As discussed in MOD #2 I do not see the Mets taking more than one or two HS player unless they will sign below slot and they have not shown a proclivity for drafting overslot guys in the Round 3 or 4 area (tending to wait until Rounds 7 and later once the budget is a little clearer). That being said, I will list some signability guys in case we go cheaper college guys with the other 4 picks we might be able to afford one. Last year the Mets left close to $1 Million on the table not including the 5% grace and still nickle and dimed Stankiewicx rather than paying him an extra $60-$80K. To take someone in Round 3 or 4 that will demand a 7 figure bonus will require going underslot for every other pick in all likelihood (especially if that bonus is given to a 4th Round pick). Slot for #76 is $724,900, #84 is $640,900, and #116 is $441,800. To award a million dollar contract to the 76th overall pick requires us to save approximately $250,000 elsewhere just to afford that one pick. As John requested, I am trying to keep some realism here. While there will be clamor for BPA regardless of demands I just do not see where we are going to get the money from and even some of the HS guys who may be tougher signs at this point I am not sure I see a name that jumps out at me as someone worth breaking the bank for and forcing us to go cheaper with other picks. If others feel differently about one of those players I am all ears

Matthew McPhearson/OF/Riverdale Baptist (MD) HS - The 80 speed is well known, but will hit the gap often enough that it will make up from for his questionable arm? Just because he is really fast, if you have a slow 8th place hitter on 1st what would be a bloop double if nobody was on may only be a single because he is clogging the basepath

Gosuke Katoh/2B/Rancho Bernardo (CA) HS - May not have McPhearson's speed but speed is still above average (6.42 60). Excellent defensively but concern that arm may limit him to 2B. Needs to be bought away from UCLA commitment but if we take College guys with the rest of the picks (or even one HS guy who may sign below slot) I think it is possibly doable in Round 4

Brian Navaretto/C/Arlington Country Day (FL) HS - Big C who may have to move off the position although has shown advanced defensive ability for a HS player. The power plays at other positions but there is a lot of swing and miss for now

Scott Frazier/RHP/Pepperdine - Has a nice fastball which sits 91-94, but secondaries and control need some work but have the potential to be average which would allow him to profile as an innings eater. Not an easy guy to hit for power off of (only 9 hits out of 75 were for extra bases)

Andy Hillis/RHP/Lee (TN) University - College reliever, but extremely productive and big RHP who throws mid-upper 90's is nothing to scoff at

Colby Suggs/RHP/Arkansas - Another power reliever. Needs to refine his control but has 2 potential plus pitches

Keegan Thompson/RHP/Cullman (AR) HS - Intriguing repetoire, but not sure if he is signable and to take him in Round 3 or 4 would require more signable college guys with every other pick

Akeem Bostick/RHP/West Florence (SC) HS - See Keegan Thmpson

Matt Boyd/LHP/Oregon State - Senior sign may allow for some more flexibility with other picks. That said he is probably going to need a reasonable offer to sign (at least 50% of slot) and not the typical $1000-#10000 offered to Seniors. Only one season as a starter in college and while he put up nice numbers and shows a number of pitches, none really profile as greater than 50's

Jared King/OF/Kansas State - I like his power potential and bat control, but arm probably limits him to LF and if the power does not completely develop may be best suited as a #4 OF. A little older than normal college Junior (turns 22 in October)

Thomas Milone/OF/Masuk (CT) HS - Interesting HS bat that may be signable in Round 4 especially since he is a local kid from Connecticut

Conrad Gregor/1B/Vanderbilt - You watch him in practice and you think he has more power than he has shown at Vanderbilt. Solid defensively and disciplined hitter who doesn't strike out

Stuart Turner/C/Mississippi - Always had a reputation as a strong defensive catcher (has thrown out over 50% of base stealers this year with low Error/PB totals), but bat has made a lot of strides this year. Is this a fluke? Maybe a bit high in Round 3 but if he is around in Round 4 could be tempting if we need to look at the college ranks for signability purposes

Ryan McMahon/3B/Mater Dei (CA) HS - Questionable signability at this point. Only recently committed to Baseball fulltime (was a starting QB as well). Lot of risk but tremendous upside as well

Zack Collins/C/American Heritage (FL) HS - Signability issues once again because if he goes to college may go higher in 2016. Defensively cannot stick at C unless a lot changes but the bat plays elsewhere and he may want to show that off at Miami

Sam Moll/LHP/Memphis - Yes I know he is undersized, but he has a lot of zip on his fastball and I do think there is enough potential with his secondary pitches to at least afford him the opportunity to see if he can hack it as a starter. Strong season this year including some good performances against better teams

Michael Wagner/RHP/San Diego - Former bullpen arm who became San Diego's Friday starter this year. Pure stuff doesn't jump out at you but there is potential especially because he does command it well

Tony Rizzotti/RHP/Tulane - College starter who probably profiles best in the bullpen due to durability concerns. Bulldog on the mound who can throw 95. Redshirt Sophomore so has some leverage if he wants to go back to show he can stay healthy longer

Victor Caratini/IF/Miami Dade CC - Another interesting bat, defensive position is a question

Zane Evans/C/Georgia Tech - College catcher who shows power bat and seems good at blocking pitches (not many PB or errors) but pop times to 2B are a little lacking

As always feel free to suggest other names, but do keep in mind that I do want to keep this somewhat realistic
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