STL Cardinals MOD #3: Second and Third Round Discussion



So, now we've covered the first round. I want to give you guys a recap of where I personally stand on these players in the draft, so you can get a sense of what we might be thinking for the second. My personal big board, assuming the bigger top 15 names are off the board.

Pick 19 (in order of preference)

College Pitcher: Chris Anderson (RHP), Marco Gonzales (LHP)

College Hitter: Not considered (I think that there's enough depth that we could pass on Ervin at 19 and get Wilson and others at 28, so I'm not really going to nab a college hitter here).

High School Pitcher: Ian Clarkin (LHP)

High School Hitter: JP Crawford (SS), Tim Anderson (SS), Travis Demerritte (SS), Jon Denney (C)

If we take Anderson or Gonzales at 19, we are free to do anything and everything at 28. If we don't, then we have to take a college player at 28. I'd like the flexibility, and I think Anderson/Gonzales are a step above 28, so that'd be the best option.

Pick 28

College Pitcher: Andrew Thurman (RHP), Alex Gonzalez (RHP), Ryan Eades (RHP), Aaron Blair (RHP), Jonathan Crawford (RHP), Bobby Wahl (RHP)

College Hitter: Austin Wilson (OF), Michael Lorenzen (OF), Phil Ervin (OF), Aaron Judge (OF)

High School Pitcher: Phil Bickford (RHP), Hunter Harvey (RHP), Robert Kaminsky (LHP), Kyle Serrano (RHP), Matt Krook (LHP)

High School Hitter: Oscar Mercado (SS), Billy McKinney (OF)

So that's how I shape up right now in my views. I'd prefer Anderson or Gonzales, and then I'd probably be looking for one of the hitters at 28, be it college or one of the high schoolers, including if any fall from 19.

Anyways, let's not get sidetracked on our quest to figure out our second rounders. There are tons of options. If someone falls from the first (say, Kyle Serrano) I would have no problem taking him at 57 and then going cheap in the third and fourth rounds. Let's take a look at some options that are projected around 57 and 93, because guys will rise and fall between now and the draft.

Pick 57 (in no order) and Pick 93 (at the back end)

College Pitchers: Tom Windle (LHP), Kevin Ziomek (LHP), Trevor Williams (RHP), Dylan Covey (RHP), Jason Hursh (RHP), Andrew Mitchell (RHP), Alex Balog (RHP), Michael Wagner (RHP), Kent Emanuel (LHP), Matt Boyd (LHP), Scott Frazier (RHP), Buck Farmer (RHP), Trey Masek (RHP)

I don't think Windle or Ziomek will make it to 57. Michael Wagner and Kent Emanuel both intrigue me here as options in the college ranks.

College Hitters: Hunter Dozier (SS/3B), JaCoby Jones (2B/OF), Andrew Knapp (C), Jared King (OF), Brian Ragira (1B), Chad Pinder (3B)

Not much to choose from. I would like the Knapp pick to give us a catching bat, hopefully he's still around. Dozier would be phenomenal but I doubt he makes it here.

High School Pitchers: Connor Jones (RHP), Dustin Driver (RHP), Blake Taylor (LHP), Robert Tyler (RHP), Stephen Tarpley (LHP), Hunter Green (LHP), Stephen Gonsalves (LHP), Carlos Salazar (RHP), AJ Puk (LHP), Wil Crowe (RHP), Clinton Hollon (RHP), Chris Kohler (LHP), Teddy Stankiewicz (RHP), Garrett Williams (LHP/OF)

Here is the group I'd like to attack. I think this is the perfect spot to blend affordability, risk, and upside. Guys who catch my eye: Driver, Tarpley (a lot), Puk, and Stankiewicz.

High School Hitters: Ryan Boldt (OF), Chris Okey (C), Josh Hart (OF), Cavan Biggio (3B), Garrett Williams (LHP/OF), Andy McGuire (3B), Cord Sandberg (OF), Stephen Wrenn (OF), Dustin Peterson (SS), Ryan McMahon (3B), Christopher Rivera (C/SS), Jeremy Martinez (C), Justin Williams (3B/OF), Zack Collins (C), Riley Unroe (SS), Jan Hernandez (SS), Rowdy Tellez (1B)

An interesting deep group. If I had a choice, we'd split HS and college here as well. We need to fill a board out with these guys, tier-ing them off into groups so that we can value them because right now it's just a list. I'm not super deep into the later rounds, but so far my targets at 57 would be:

C-Arm: Kent Emanuel, Michael Wagner, Jason Hursh

C-Bat: Hunter Dozier, Andrew Knapp, Jared King

HS-Arm: Connor Jones, Dustin Driver, Stephen Tarpley, Teddy Stankiewicz

HS-Bat: Chris Okey, Josh Hart, Dustin Peterson, Jan Hernandez, Christopher Rivera, Riley Unroe

I think there's enough depth that we could get a college pitcher or a high school player at 93. There aren't many college bats that I like down here. And with a HS player, you can play the "lotto" game a little bit more and hope to strike it bigger than a polished guy who's going to be a future quad-A talent and that's about it.

Let me know your thoughts on the second round!

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