A's MOD #2: 1st Round Choice, 2nd Round Discussion

ok, so just a tentative "board" for targets

1) Chris Anderson: Was a top 10 guy at one point, just needs to not be overworked like he was at Jacksonville (according to Keith Law, who even said his ceiling is that of a #2)
2) Matt Krook: Not only fills area of need but has huge upside. Needs to work on his changeup but the A’s organization is known for helping pitchers develop that pitch well. Committed to Oregon, might be a tough sign
3) Phil Bickford: Huge upside, can touch 97 with 2 other quality pitches, young for a HS draft pick so lots of development time. Committed to Fullerton
4) Phil Ervin: Chance to stay at center with some HR power and at least average basepath speed. Some say 20-20 potential but that might be a bit optimistic, still very good for a CF though.
5) Travis Demerrite: Awesome bat, is a SS for now but will probably need to move off to 3B or 2B. If he can stay up the middle with that bat, could be a special player, still very raw though. Committed to University of South Carolina
6)Hunter Harvey: Great fastball (also touches 97), good offspeed stuff, not as clean mechanics as Krook or Bickford. Uncommitted
7) Tim Anderson: Good speed, meh pop, good actions at shortstop, might be able to stick there, if not might move to 2B or CF
8) Oscar Mercado: Probably can stick at shortstop, bat has average potential, questions about his makeup. Committed to Florida State
9) Eric Jagielo: Potential for a good bat, but questions about his ability to stick at 3rd
10) Alex Gonzalez/Aaron Blair/Trevor Williams: Mid-rotation upside, would be quick movers through the system. Mid 90’s fastballs and average secondaries.

Guys who I'm not high on: Aaron Judge, Austin Wilson (doubt about the hit tool translating to pro ball), HS Catchers (unless Reese McGuire magically falls to us), Ryan Eades (labrum surgery in high school), and Marco Gonzalez (pitchability guy, fine for the second round but hard to consider for the first)

would love your rankings/opinions

Now, onto the second round. The A's will have two second round picks (63 &71). The 71st pick is a competitive balance lottery pick. There will be guys who fall due to signability, but another group that should be around are pitchability left handers. Guys like Kent Emanuel, Dillon Overton, Matt Boyd, Aaron Brown and some rawer HS/JuCo lefties (Blake Taylor, Stephen Tarpley, possibly Hunter Green, AJ Puk, and Chris Kohler). There also looks to be a lot of outfield talent around here: Jared King, Terry McClure, Michael O'Neill, Cord Sandberg (signability issue), Matt McPhearson, etc.

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