Milwaukee Brewers MOD #1

Leave it to me to choose a team without a first rounder, but that just makes the process more interesting I suppose.

The Brewers originally had the seventeenth overall pick (slot: $2,109,900), which they willingly forfeited in order to sign free agent pitcher Kyle Lohse right before Opening Day. The two million dollar slash leaves them with a $3,944,600 bonus pool, the third smallest of all teams ahead of only the Angels and Nationals.

Starting with #54 overall, the Brewers other picks in the first four rounds are #72 (supp second), 90 and 122.

Before getting into what the Brewers need and what they may be looking for, I'll take a look at the draft itself. As I'm sure everyone is aware of by now, this year's draft is considered weak almost across the board, with only prep catchers grading out as an above average group. In fact, in a recent Baseball America column, the draft class was given a 40/45 rating on the 20/80 scout scale, which is well below average.

It's in drafts like this where the scouting department makes their money, trying to find a diamond in a pile of coal isn't an easy thing to do, and while luck certainly plays a significant role in the end result, you also have to believe in the player before selecting him.

Over the past ten seasons, the Brewers have had a pretty good run of success with their third round picks. As a matter of fact, starting in 2006 and running through 2010, every one of their third rounders reached the major leagues; Cole Gillespie, Jonathan Lucroy, Logan Shafer, Josh Prince and Tyler Thornburg. Of the group, only Gillaspie never played in the majors with Milwaukee, he made his debut with Arizona after being traded for Felipe Lopez.

Notable second rounders for the Brewers in recent years are JJ Hardy, Yovani Gallardo and Tony Gwynn Jr, while the fourth round has produced only Eric Farris and Mat Gamel as major leaguers.

In looking at the Brewers depth charts, they seem pretty well balanced, with maybe left-handed pitching and corner infield being in need of upgrading.

As of now, the plan for the draft is to secure a left-handed pitcher with the second rounder, with no specifications playing more of a role than anything else. Basically, if he has a pulse he has a chance.

For the remainder of the picks we'll take them as they come, if we're drafting a third baseman for Huntsville so be it. I'm not locked into any position or player, so feel free to pass along your thoughts.

If you feel strongly about a player, please let us know, and post a video if you have one.

Looking forward to the process, and thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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