Atlanta Braves MOD #1

So I've never done one of these bad boys but here goes. I appreciate all the help I can get.


Here is what we're looking at as far as the first 4 rounds and how much money is allotted to us.

Pick 1 - #31 - $1,704,200
Pick 2 - #65 - $858,800
Pick 3 - #102 - $505,700
Pick 4 - #133 - $375,000
Total - $3.443M


Looking at the way the roster is constructed, there are few glaring weaknesses on the parent club. The starting rotation is rock solid, as is the bullpen. Around the horn, we are set behind the dish with either Mac or Oso Blanco. Freeman isn't going anywhere, Uggla is locked up for 2 more years, Simmons sure as shit isn't going anywhere and the platoon of Chris Johnson and Roadrunner has worked quite well this year. If anything, this may be the biggest weakness. The outfield is one of the best in the business and is stuck with us for at least 2 more years with BJ locked up for 4 more. Our bench has produced well so far this year with Schafer, Pena, and Reed Johnson.


Now lets look at the high minors, Gwinnett and Mississippi. Our top starting pitching resides here, with Sean Gilmartin the only prospect at AAA and a stacked AA rotation in my opinion led by Alex Wood with JR Graham, Aaron Northcraft, Cody Martin and Gus Schlosser. The way the pundits talk, they figure all 5 of them will become bullpen pieces, but I disagree with Wood, Graham, and Northcraft. This gives us 3 potential major league starters that could be ready within a year and a half, along with a pair of bullpen arms. As for the guys already residing in the pen, 25 yr old Cory Rasmus has been the only lights out reliever in Gwinnett, while 24 yr old Ryne Harper and 26 yr old Ian Thomas have had stand out performances in Mississippi.

In the low minors of Lynchburg and Rome, things are a bit muddled. Of the 3 regular starters for Lynchburg, only 23 yr old Adam Holland has found success. Jarrett Miller recently moved to the rotation and David Peterson, who hasn't seen any action since 4/26, have seen good results Mauricio Cabrera in Rome has by far the best stuff of the group but is a long way away from Turner Field playing this season at age 19. Beyond Cabrera, only 22 yr old Williams Perez has posted decent numbers as a starter. The bullpen for Lynchburg features closer Nathan Hyatt who is also 22 yrs old and 23 yr old Wilson Rivera. Rome's pen has been outstanding so far, featuring 22 yr old closer Shea Simmons who has plowed through low A competition like a farmer in Nebraska. Add in Greg Ross and Zach Jadofsky, a pair of 23 yr olds, and you have 3 member with ERA's under 2.00 and K/9 of 14.4, 8.3 and 9.2 respectively.

That's all I can do right now. I'll have MOD #2 up soon breaking down the position players so we can figure out where the weakness is and how we can address it in the upcoming draft. Here's hoping the best available player fills one of our needs.

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