2013 MLB Draft: West Region Report

A lot of states in this area have very little baseball but this year they have a very strong crop. I'd bet at least three go in the first round but as many as 9 will get 1st round consideration. Not my top nine, but nine of the top 12 could get looked at.

1. Reese McGuire, C, HS, 35/60: great bat. Power potential. Very good defensively

2. Braden Shipley, P, JR, 40/60: fast riser. Jumped up when he hit 97 this spring. Good athlete. Better change than breaking ball.

3. Dustin Driver, P, HS, 35/60: Impressive build. Polished fastball. Potential for three above average or better pitches.

4. Joe Martarano, 3B, HS, 30/60: Plus arm, plus hit and power potential. Raw and needs to focus on baseball.

5. D.J. Peterson, 3B, JR, 45/55: polished bat. Big power in NM. Not sure how it plays in pro ball.

6. Marco Gonzales, P, JR, 45/55: polished three pitch lefty. Low 90's, nice secondary's

7. Dustin Peterson, SS, HS, 30/55: Can really hit. Better shot at sticking on Left side than his brother

8. Alec Hansen, P, HS, 30/55: Needs work but could really jump up

9. Trevor Williams, P, JR, 40/50: three average pitches. Back of the rotation guy without a strikeout pitch.

10. Derik Beauprez, 1B, HS, 30/55: good two way guy. Up to 93 on the mound. Plus change now.

11. Riley Unroe, SS, HS, 35/50: Good swing from both sides. Position a question. I put him in CF.

12. Mason Smith, OF, HS, 30/55: Big power potential. Corner profile. Not sold on hit tool.

13. Ryon Healy, 1B, JR, 35/50: Big power is playing this year.

14. Cody Bellinger, 1B, HS, 30/55: Slick fielding 1B. I'm betting on the bat progressing as he matures.

15. Jimmie Sherfy, P, JR, 40/55: mid 90's at his best. Good slider. Reliever

16. Ricardo Jacquez, P, J2, 35/55: small guy sits 90-92. hit 97 in the past. Nice breaking ball. Change shows promise.

17. Stephen Tarpley, P, J2, 35/55: big arm up to 93 with a plus change. Off field issues questions.

18. Kean Wong, 3B, HS, 30/50: similar to his brother in a lot of ways. Gap to gap guy.

19. Andrew Church, P, HS, 30/50: Strong arm, solid delivery. Three good pitches

20. Jason Monda, OF, JR, 35/50: nice swing. No power for corner OF. Good all around player though.

21. Dan Child, P, JR, 35/50: Up to 94 with a good slider. Heavy effort to his delivery but gets good downhill plane. Likely reliever

22. Kayden Porter, P, J1, 25/55: big power at plate and on mound. Raw player

23. Connor Williams, OF, J1, 30/50: Big arm, good speed, big swing.

24. Brantley Bell, SS, HS, 25/50: Jay's on can play ball. Not a star but solid player

25. Konner Wade, P, JR, 35/45: nice life on fastball at 88-92. breaking ball and change very inconsistent. Could be very good, could never figure it out.

26. Mitchell Garver, C, SR, 35/45: Good hitter. Not a great defender but good senior pick in 6-8 rounds.

27. Marcus Doi, OF, HS, 30/50: good power potential but no standout tools

28. Seth Martinez, P, HS, 30/50: Easy delivery in low 90's.

29. Ben Wetzler, P, JR, 35/45: Up to 96 in the past. Good breaking ball

30. Brady Corless, P, J1, 25/50: Good low 90's fastball. Needs to tweak mechanics

31. Dylan LaVelle, 3B, J1, 30/45: good bat speed, solid power potential. Arm for 3b

32. Nic Pivetta, P, J2, 25/50: bumped up velo this spring. Wary of it staying.

33. Jamie Westbrook, SS, HS, 30/45: more of a 2B. Not enough arm for SS or 2B.

34. Brennon Lund, OF, HS, 30/45: Good tools. Simple swing.

35. lolana Akau, C, , 30/45: good d. No power.

36. Jaycob Brugman, OF, JR, 30/45: Good athlete.

37. Patrick Murphy, P, HS, 30/50: tj guy. 92 with a plus curve

38. Cole Wiper, P, SO, 35/45:
39. Logan Ice, C, HS, 25/40:
40. Jake McCasland, P, JR, 35/45:
41. Johnny Field, OF, JR, 35/40:
42. Austin Voth, P, JR, 30/40:
43. Christian Jones, P, JR, 35/40:
44. John Pomeroy, P, HS, 25/40:
45. David Schuknecht, C, J2, 25/40:
46. Calvin Drummond, P, 5S, 30/40:
47. Tyler Viza, RHP, HS, 25/40:
48. Austin Schnabel, P, , 25/40:

Name POS Pos. #2 Level Bats Throws Height Weight
Reese McGuire C 3B HS L R 6'1" 190
Braden Shipley P JR R R 6'2" 180
Dustin Driver P 3B HS R R 6'3" 210
Joe Martarano 3B HS R R 6'2" 230
D.J. Peterson 3B 1B JR Right Right 6' 205
Marco Gonzales P 1B JR Left Left 6' 185
Dustin Peterson SS R R 6'1" 180
Alec Hansen P OF HS R R 6'7" 205
Trevor Williams P JR Right Right 6'3" 220
Derik Beauprez 1B RHP HS L R 6'5" 217
Riley Unroe SS RHP HS Both R 5'10" 180
Mason Smith OF HS R R 6'2" 185
Ryon Healy 1B P JR Right Right 6'5" 200
Cody Bellinger 1B P HS L L 6'3" 165
Jimmie Sherfy P JR Right Right 6'1" 165
Ricardo Jacquez P J2 Right Right 5'9" 160
Stephen Tarpley P J2 Right Right 6'1" 180
Kean Wong 3B C HS L R 5'8" 190
Jason Monda OF JR Left Left 6'4" 200
Dan Child P JR Right Right 6'5" 230
Kayden Porter P J1 Right Right 6'5" 240
Connor Williams OF P J1 Right Right 6'3" 185
Brantley Bell SS 3B HS R R 6'2" 170
Konner Wade P JR Left Right 6'3" 190
Mitchell Garver C SR Right Right 6'1" 205
Marcus Doi OF HS R R 6'1" 185
Seth Martinez P HS Right Right 6'3" 180
Ben Wetzler P JR Left Left 6'1" 212
Brady Corless P 3B J1 R R 6'1" 200
Dylan LaVelle 3B RHP J1 Right Right 6'2" 185
Nic Pivetta P J2 Right Right 6'5" 220
Jamie Westbrook SS 3B HS R R 5'11" 175
Brennon Lund OF RHP HS L R 5'10" 180
lolana Akau C R R 5'11" 170
Jaycob Brugman OF JR Left Left 6'1" 175
Patrick Murphy P HS Right Right 6'4" 195
Cole Wiper P SO Right Right 6'4" 180
Logan Ice C HS Both R 5'11" 180
Jake McCasland P JR Right Right 6'2" 215
Johnny Field OF JR Right Right 5'11" 190
Austin Voth P JR Right Right 6'1" 190
Christian Jones P JR Left Left 6'2" 205
John Pomeroy P HS Left Right 6'5" 215
David Schuknecht C J2 Left Right 6'2" 195
Calvin Drummond P 5S Right Right 6'3" 200
Tyler Viza RHP HS R R 6'3" 170
Austin Schnabel P R R 6'5" 210

Name Birthday LG State College Commit
Reese McGuire 3/2/1995 HS Washington San Diego
Braden Shipley 2/22/1992 College Nevada Nevada
Dustin Driver 10/11/1994 HS Washington UCLA
Joe Martarano 7/28/1994 HS Idaho Boise State (FB)
D.J. Peterson 12/31/1991 College New Mexico New Mexico
Marco Gonzales 2/16/1992 College Washington Gonzaga
Dustin Peterson HS Arizona Arizona State
Alec Hansen 10/10/1994 HS Colorado Oklahoma
Trevor Williams 4/25/1992 College Arizona Arizona State
Derik Beauprez 11/1/1994 HS Colorado Miami
Riley Unroe 8/3/1995 HS Arizona Southern California
Mason Smith 3/16/1995 HS Idaho Utah
Ryon Healy 1/10/1992 College Oregon Oregon
Cody Bellinger 7/13/1995 HS Arizona Oregon
Jimmie Sherfy 12/27/1991 College Oregon Oregon
Ricardo Jacquez 5/6/1993 College Arizona Central Arizona
Stephen Tarpley 2/17/1993 College Arizona Scottsdale
Kean Wong 4/17/1995 HS Hawaii Hawaii
Jason Monda 8/22/1991 College Washington Washington State
Dan Child 7/24/1992 College Oregon Oregon State
Kayden Porter 12/2/1993 College Utah Southern Nevada
Connor Williams 3/18/1994 College Utah Salt Lake
Brantley Bell 11/16/1994 HS Arizona Mississippi
Konner Wade 12/3/1991 College Arizona Arizona
Mitchell Garver 1/15/1991 College New Mexico New Mexico
Marcus Doi 1/29/1995 HS Hawaii Hawaii
Seth Martinez 8/29/1994 HS Arizona Arizona State
Ben Wetzler 9/13/1991 College Oregon Oregon State
Brady Corless 7/14/1994 HS Utah Salt Lake
Dylan LaVelle 9/10/1993 College Washington Everett
Nic Pivetta 2/14/1993 College New Mexico New Mexico
Jamie Westbrook 6/18/1995 HS Arizona Pepperdine
Brennon Lund 11/27/1994 HS Utah Brigham Young
lolana Akau 8/31/1995 HS Hawaii Hawaii
Jaycob Brugman 1/18/1992 College Utah Brigham Young
Patrick Murphy 6/10/1995 HS Arizona Oregon
Cole Wiper 6/3/1992 College Oregon Oregon
Logan Ice 5/27/1995 HS Washington Oregon State
Jake McCasland 9/13/1991 College New Mexico New Mexico
Johnny Field 2/20/1992 College Arizona Arizona
Austin Voth 6/26/1992 College Washington Washington
Christian Jones 1/27/1991 College Oregon Oregon
John Pomeroy 10/9/1994 HS Washington Oregon State
David Schuknecht 6/20/1993 College Arizona Riverside
Calvin Drummond 9/22/1989 College Arizona Arizona Christian
Tyler Viza 10/21/1994 HS Arizona Utah
Austin Schnabel HS Arizona Arizona
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