Why we love John's Book

I read one book every year and it's The Baseball Prospect Book. If you've received your book already and have been enjoying it as immensely as I have, you noticed John and Jeri added some topics they receive in letters on the back cover. I wanted to comment on the topics and give everyone a chance to give their two cents as well.

Topic 1: I love your work, and could not imagine the baseball season without it.

I personally think the baseball season officially starts when I receive The Baseball Prospect Book

Topic 2: Please explain to me why I should buy your book over that of your competitors.

After two years of reading John's book, I bought his as well as another prospect handbook. John's writing was more humorous and entertaining than the other book which was dry and didn't give me any more meaningful info on each prospect than John's book.

Topic 3: I agree with your political views, please write more about them on the blog.

I like baseball not politics, but its your blog do whatever you want

Topic 4: I disagree with your political views; never ever write more about them on your blog.

See Topic 3

Topic 5: You gave my son/brother/cousin/friend/grandson a GRADE C. I hate you, and want your phone number/address so I can 'explain' your error.

Does the grade John gives your relative have any affect on them being a successful baseball player? BTW John you gave my high school teammate a GRADE C...we need to talk.

Topic 6: I love your work, but please fix your website. It's really ugly, and looks like a deranged lunatic created it.

Maybe that's what he was going for.

Topic 7: Have you noticed all your book covers look the same? Put some thought into it, Dude!

Do you really need a picture of Jurickson Profar or Dylan Bundy on the cover to know this is a book about baseball prospects?

Topic 8: I really hate paypal.

I do hate paypal. But I only have to use it once a year to buy John's book.

Topic 9: I drafted on one of your Sleeper Alert guys, and he got cost me some wins.

Let me was a pitcher.

Topic 10: If I bought the book last year, does that mean I get a discount this year?

Do they give you discounts every time you buy a new Twilight book? No seriously, I'm asking...I don't read books.

Topic 11: Do more ship blogging

I like baseball not ship blogging.

Thanks again for a great book John.

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