Community Ratings of Last Year's Rookies- #14

Sonny Gray wins round 13 by a large margin with 27 points, making him the eighth pitcher among our top 13. I'd have to look back, but I'm pretty sure this is more pitcher heavy than we have ever been to this point. Mike Zunino is a distant second with 12 points, followed by Trevor Rosenthal with 11, Nick Franklin with 7 points by write in, Nolan Arenado with 5, 3 for Cingrani as a write in, 2 for Martin Perez, one for Jose Iglesias and one for Chris Archer. No votes for Avisail Garcia or Dan Straily.

1. Jose Fernandez, Marlins, Pitcher

2. Yasiel Puig, Dodgers, Outfielder

3 Wil Myers, Rays, Outfielder

4. Gerrit Cole, Pirates, Pitcher

5. Jurickson Profar, Rangers, Infielder

6. Shelby Miller, Cardinals, Pitcher

7. Michael Wacha, Cardinals, Pitcher

8. Julio Teheran, Braves, Pitcher

9. Zack Wheeler, Mets, Pitcher

10. Christian Yelich, Marlins, Outfielder

11. Anthony Rendon, Nationals, Infielder

12. Danny Salazar, Indians, Pitcher

13. Sonny Gray, A's, Pitcher

I'm going to temporarily drop Avisail Garcia and Dan Straily who got zero votes last round, and also drop Chris Archer and Jose Iglesias who got one vote, although they will return to the ballot more quickly. I'm going to start doing permanet drop around round 16 or 17.

Temporarily Dropped- Brad Miller 0 votes (round 10),Oswaldo Arcia 1 vote (round 12), Hyun-Jin Ryu 1 vote (round 12), Leonys Martin 0 votes (round 12), Chris Archer 1 vote (round 13), Jose Iglesias, 1 vote (round 13), Avisail Garcia, 0 votes (round 13), Dan Straily, 0 votes (round 13)

I'm going to put Nick Franklin and Tony Cingrani back on the ballot based on last round's write in support. I'm also going to give Juan Lagares another shot. I'm going to add Khris Davis for the first time.

That leaves Jared Cosart, Jedd Gyorko, AJ Pollock, Matt Adams, and Tyler Skaggs on the to be added soon list. Let me know of any other players you want added to the rotation, although consider that the plan is to go out to 20, do one final "honorable mention" round and then stop, so there is no point adding players who you don't think are in or near at least the top 25-30.

So who is the #14 prospect for future performance among last year's rookies? If any clarification is needed, we are essentially rating this group of players for their future as if they were still prospects, the same as we did last year when they had their rookie eligibility. As a reminder voting is by +1 for your #1 candidate, and +2 for your #2 candidate.

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