Hey. Thanks for checking this out. I've played in several dynasty leagues for almost ten years apiece now. I've decided to finally start my own. It will be held on yahoo and a proboards site that I created. Here is the rules and all of that stuff. Any questions, or if your interested to join, email me. Once you decide to join I will send you the link to proboards to join. Thanks.


~~~Start of the league~~~

We will have 16 teams.

There will be 22 rounds of draft of major league players. The draft will be randomly generated and conducted on yahoo fantasy baseball via their live draft. The draft will be snake. You can draft anyone who has major league experience. These players will not cost anything. These picks cannot be traded.

There will also be a 15 round minor league draft. In this draft you can pick anyone who DOES NOT have any major league experience. You can pick from current minor leaguers, international free agents, college kids and high school prospects. This draft will be done on proboards. These picks cannot be traded.

We will have have 2 divisions. American League and national league. The top three teams in each league will make the playoffs, with the top team in each league receiving a bye.

Each team will start with a bank roll of $15(imaginary money). This money will not be needed until the season starts.

~~~ In Season ~~~

We will have 3 drafts during the season. These are necessary because you are not allowed to add available players from the free agent pool. This makes teams have to develop depth and strategize more. The drafts will start once weeks 5, 11 and 16 have finished. The drafts will be based on record. Each draft will only be 1 round long. This draft will be conducted on proboards. All players drafted during these drafts must be active in the majors. If it says NA next to their name, they are not eligible. If a player was ineligible for the draft at the start, then he will remain ineligible for the entire draft. These players will cost money. The prices will be based on their yahoo "rank", not "o-rank". Just match up their rank with the price list.

~~~ Seasons End ~~~

At the end of every season we will cut down to 20 players on your major league roster and 15 players on your minor league roster.

After rosters are cut down, we will have a one round off season draft of major league players not on rosters. The prices for these players will follow the same rules and the inseason drafts. Any player listed on yahoo may be drafted, unless they are listed as NA.

We will also have a two round draft of minor league players, but this draft will be after Free Agency is completed. These players will count towards your 15 player max roster. If you have two picks, and make both picks, then you must drop two players after the completion of the draft to make room for them. Prices for the minor draft are as follows....

Minors Price Chart:

1st Round $3

Type A supp round $1

2nd Round $2

Type B supp round $1

Any player who is drafted in the Minors draft can not have any playing time in the Majors. If they have played in the Majors then they can not be drafted.

~~~Revenue Sharing~~~

We will do it pretty much exactly like the mlb does. They take 31% of each teams revenue and then spread it out equally. We will use 15%.

~~~ Minors ~~~

All minor leaguers are players with no Major League experience.

If a player in your minors reaches 130 Ab's or 50 Ip's, you must call them up prior to the start of the next seasons off season majors draft, but after the rosters have been cut to 20.

If one of your major league players gets hurt, you can call up a minor leaguer to fill his spot while he is on the DL. Now once that major league player gets off the DL, you need to send the minor leaguer back down within 48 hours, or post that you are going to use an available roster spot on that player. If you dont send down the minor leaguer within 48 hours you will be penalized $1 for every day he remains on your roster illegally. After five days(this includes your two day grace period) I will drop the player from your team for you and you will be penalized $5 total.

If you draft a player during the in seasons draft then you cant send them down to your minors at all. If they start on your major league roster they must stay there.

If you call up a player from your minors, and its not to replace anyone, then they must stay up on your team. Only players who are called up as DL replacements can be sent back down.

~~~ Starting Positions ~~~



First Baseman

Second Baseman

Third Baseman


Outfielder x 3


Starting Pitchers x 3

Relief Pitchers x 3

Pitchers x 3

Bench Spot x 7

Disabled List x 5

~~~ Stats ~~~

The league will be head to head with divisions.

Hitting Stats Pitching Stats

Runs. Wins

HR. Losses



BB Holds

Total Bases ERA


~~~ Free Agency ~~~

All players that are born in 1980, 1984 and 1988 will be free agents at the end of the 2014 season. At the end of the 2015 season the years will be 1981, 1985, and 1989. And from then on you can see how it progresses in the future.

During the offseason you will be able to bid on all players that are free agents.

You will be able to franchise one free agent of yours per year, that way no other team can bid on them. If you want to franchise a player you must pay 75% of their value. If a player is valued at $25, then you will need to pay $19 to franchise them. This will be called the "Franchise Tag."

We will always round off to the nearest dollar when it comes to finding out the value of a player during free agency. For example, 75% of a player valued at $25 is $18.75, we will round off to $19 though.

Free agency bidding will work like this: all players will be listed under their own threads. There will be a starting price posted for each player based on their dollar value according to their rank at the end of the previous season. The first bid must start at that price. All bids after that must increase by at least $1. Bidding will last 5 days. At the end of 5 days, whoever has the highest bid on a particular player wins the player. You can only bid with the available money you have. For example, if you have a total of $50 and you bid $30 on player A then that leaves you $20 available to bid on others players with. Once you have been outbid on player A then you once again have $50 to use for bidding.

Whoever has the highest bid on a player at the end of the "free agency week", will win that player.

Free agency will start on a Monday at 12:01am and will end the following Friday at 12:00 midnight.

There will be 3 types of free agents. Type A, Type B and Type C

Type Rank

A 1-50

B 51-100

C 101+

Type A: is any player who was ranked between 1 and 50 at the end of the previous season. If you lose a type A player during free agency then you will be compensated with a type A supplemental draft pick that will fall between rounds one and two of the minor league draft.

Type B: is any player who was ranked between 51 and 100 at the end of the previous season. If you lose a type B player during free agency then you will be compensated with a type B supplemental draft pick that will fall after round 2 of the minor league draft.

Type C: is any player who was ranked 101 or higher at the end of the previous season. If you lose a type C player during free agency then you will be compensated with nothing...sorry.

~~~ Trading ~~~

All trades most be posted and accepted by both teams. It doesnt matter if its only a player for a player, you both must post and accept the offer. If its not posted on this site the deal is not final.

You are not allowed to do a trade with players to be named later. All items in the trade must be swapped right when the deal is accepted.

You are allowed to trade: major players, minor players, major league draft picks, minor league draft picks(supplemental picks cannot be traded until after free agency is completed), and cash.

All trades will pend for 48 hours. I will listen to any comments or concerns that another teams may have about the pending trade during that time. At the conclusion of the 48 hours I will either approve or veto the deal by posting on that particular trades thread on proboards.

~~~ Claims ~~~

Claims are items you can get money for. If a player in your starting lineup reaches any of the claims listed below, you must make a post for it underthings at weeks claims thread on proboards and you will get that money.

All claims most be posted by Wednesday at midnight of the following week.

Accomplishment Value

4 Hits in 1 game $1

2 HR's in 1 game $1

5 RBI's in 1 game $1

2 SB's in 1 game $1

3 Walks in 1 game $1

3 Runs scored in 1 game $1

10 Total Bases in 1 game $1

Hit for the cycle $5

10 k's in 1 game (SP) $1

3 k's in 1 game (RP) $1

Complete game $1

Complete game shutout $3

No Hitter $5

Perfect Game $10

Any pitcher with 2 wins in one week $1

Any pitcher with 3 saves in one week $1

Any pitcher with 3 holds in one week $1

~~~ Season Claims~~~

Rookie of the Year 5$

Most Valuable Player 5$

Cy Young 5$

Any player with 200 hits $5

Any player with 40 homeruns $5

Any pitcher with 17 wins $5

Any pitchers with 40 saves $5

Any pitcher with 30 holds $5

League champion $10

A team will also get $1 for every category that they lead the league in.

The max amount of money a team can have is $125.


Rank Price

1-10. $25

11-30 $24

31-50. $23

51-70. $22

71-90. $21

91-110. $20

111-130. $19

131-150. $18

151-170. $17

171-190. $16

191-210. $15

211-230. $14

231-250. $13

251-270. $12

271-290. $11

291-310. $10

311-330. $9

331-350. $8

351-360. $7

361-370. $6

371-380. $5

381-390. $4

391-400. $3

401-410. $2

411 and up. $1

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