Middle Infield prospects, second tier

Trying to establish a pecking order among some middle infield prospects, for fantasy purposes. Top guys are already owned, as usual. I'll post a few thoughts but I'd be interested in how you guys would rank them.

J.P. Crawford - has been gaining helium since the draft, but I can't help but think his prospect status in general may exceed what he can contribute for fantasy.

Arismendy Alcantara - looks like he contributes what you would want from a fantasy perspective with power and speed. Like a lot of Cubs prospects, contact rate seems to be the question about his bat. He played both SS or 2B in 2013 but wasn't really great in either spot. With Castro and Baez still around, it's hard to see him sticking at SS in any event, so it's probably 2B if the glove works out and outfield if not.

Mookie Betts - Not a guy scouts loved but a popup guy based on performance this year, has yet to see AA. At the risk of offending people, I am generally skeptical of prospects in the Red Sox or Yankees systems as well, because they tend to get undue hype. Seems like his best case projection would be MI-level production, as opposed to a top 2B or SS (at any rate, he's a 2B).

Taylor Lindsey - had a pretty good year and has passed the AA test, should be settled in at 2B. Biggest question for him is probably whether the Angels bring in another 2B to block him.

Devon Travis - similar to Betts, has exceeded scouts' expectations so far, being quite successful in A ball. AA will be a big test, probably coming next year. Not sure what the ceiling is like for a guy like him, probably won't be a plus contributor in power or speed.

Alexander Guerrero - probably a 2B, should see the majors right away unless he implodes in spring training. Out of the international signees and potential signees (Tanaka), he's really the one I know the least about. Given that he got 4 years/28M, I have to assume someone smarter than me with more money on the line believes in his bat, while at the same time, at his age, what we see is probably as good as we're going to get.

Rosell Herrera - strong year in Asheville, certainly comparable to what Trevor Story did the year before, although Herrera was repeating the level. Hit better at home but road numbers were not bad: .308/.386/.411, so the big hit was to ISO. Bigger issue is he's probably a 3B.

Tim Anderson - some have comped him to Andrus, pretty young and raw as you'd expect for a White Sox draftee, could end up in CF, lots of swing and miss, should be good for steals.

Amed Rosario - many years away so honestly who knows, he's going to be way more tools than skills at this point.

Jose Peraza - fielding and speed should be good but reportedly no power so needs to develop strong enough contact skills to make it as a leadoff type.

Micah Johnson - so far has hands of stone at 2B which suggests he's off to the outfield at some point barring improvement. Steals a lot of bases with a suboptimal success rate. Raked in Low-A, survived in High-A but walk rate plummeted, not enough sample size in AA to say much.

I currently only have Alcantara particularly up my cheat sheet, so I guess this is a chance to see if any of you can get me excited about any of the others :). Thanks for reading.

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