4th Year Dynasty Salary League (with Deep Minors) Needs Owner

Dynasty league going into it's 4th year looking for two new owners. A couple guys had to leave due to life happening and just no time to keep up with the league. This is an absolutely phenomenal league. I can't hype it up enough. By far my favorite league that I've ever been in (this will be my 3rd year in the league). We're in the middle of our annual first year player (FYP) draft right now, so the sooner you get in, the better.

Each team started with their MLB affiliates' roster and 30 roster spots for their affiliates minor leaguers. After the past three years' FYP drafts, the MiLB roster has expanded to 60 spots. We're going to cap it soon, probably at 60. Each player's salary is based on their actual MLB salary (rounded down), unless they were won through free agency via our league, in which case they have the salary they were won for until they sign a new MLB contract. MiLB players can be claimed unless they are international signees (signed within the last year. In which case they can be bid on) or drafted in the past year (in which case they are added through the FYP draft).

There is a team for each MLB club, so that's 30 total. We run the MLB part of the league through ESPN with leagues for both AL and NL and a joint playoff league formatted similar to the actual MLB playoff system. This is a great group of owners, and like I said, the best league that I have found.

Here is a link to the league home page, run through proboards (where we handle most of the league transactions):

Feel free to check the league out, ask any questions you may have in the chatbox on the page, all the owners are willing to help you out.

The teams that are available are the Dodgers and Brewers. Links below.


The Dodgers was one of the founders of the league, strong team. Finished 8th place last year. Highlights include: Justin Upton, Felix Hernandez, Starlin Castro, Desmond Jennings, Edwin Encarnacion. MiLB highlighted by: Christian Yelich, Adeiny Hechevarria, Nik Turley, Brandon Jacobs, Didi Gregorious, Lucas Sims.


The Brewers have come under several different owners. Has some things to work with, but more of a rebuilding project than Dodgers. MLB highlights include: Brandon Phillips, Josh Hamilton, Justin Verlander, Adam Wainwright. MiLB highlighted by: Javier Baez, Tyrell Jenkins, Deck McGuire, Cito Culver.

Give the league a look. As I've said, it's a great league, you won't regret it if you join.

If you're interested in either team, feel free to leave a comment below. A better way to reach me though would be through email: or by asking on the league page. I'm owner of the Diamondbacks.

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