My Red Sox Top 80

With ages and my rankings in all the minors.

1-Xander Bogaerts 19.10----10.... Bat!

2-Jackie Bradley Jr. 22.4--30.... One of the surest things in the minors.

3-Matt Barnes 22.2---------35.... Matt Garza without the spitting.

4-Allen Webster 22.6-------62.... K's and ground balls. Hard to do both.

5-Garin Cecchini 21.6------111.... 50 steals. Some power will come since doubles[38] are there.

6-Blake Swihart 20.4-------113.... Defense better then expected as he only had 3 PB's and threw out 31%.

7-Bryce Brentz 23.8--------124.... K/BB rate a concern.

8-Deven Merrero 22.0-------145.... 34 BB's and 24 steals. Didn't see that coming.

9-Henry Owens 20.3---------162.... K rate, K rate, K rate. Sneaky, not great velocity.

10-Jose Vinicio 19.1-------169.... Can play SS. Age level is great. Solid overall, but definatly slight. Injuries hurt his stats a bit. Poor man's Lindor.

11-Jose Iglesias 22.7------186.... Glove over rated and bat under rated? Maybe.

12-Travis Shaw 22.4--------225.... Liking this guy more and more. What is the negative?

13-Brandon Jacobs 21.8-----225.... Solid, but K rate a concern.

14-Keury De La Cruz 20.9---250.... OPS and age level guy.

15-Frank Montas 19.5-------275.... Raw. However, 100+ mph with solid stat line. A first round pick if he was in the last draft IMO.

16-Christian Vazquez 22.0--300.... Young defensive catcher with good OB%. Great OPS last year too. Under rated.

17-Stolmy Pimental 22.6----300.... Throws 95+. Young for level. Solid, if a bit inconsistent.

18-Brandon Workman 24.0----300.... Age is my only complaint. How can he be rated above Pimental though?

19-Drake Britton 23.3------325.... 95 mph lefty with a solid stat line in AA.

20-Ty Buttrey 19.5---------350.... I would have drafted him and Brian Johnson in the mid 40's. Their performace wasn't long enough to change their status.

21-Brian Johnson 21.8------350.... See above. Seriously injured when he got hit in the face. Some never recover mentally. He is tough though.

22-Pat Light 21.5----------400.... Would have drafted him about 60. Good start to his career.

23-Sean Coyle 20.7---------450.... Little guy. Very good other then a bad BB/K rate. Got to cut down the K's.

24-Manuel Margot 17.11-----475.... Excellent all round prospect from the DSL. Whats not to like? Could boom next year.

25-Anthony Ranaudo 23.1----500.... Would be higher on him if he had TJ surgery. Something is not right.

26-Tzu-Wei Lin 18.6-----500.... Signed for over 2 million. Didn't play enough to get more of an idea.

27-Michael Almanzar 21.8.... Like him more then most. Attitude and work ethic questions aside, his overall performance this year was very good.

28-Cody Kukuk 19.4.... DUI set him back, but when he got on the mound he was very good. A 92-93 mph lefty.

29-Chris Hernandez 23.8.... Major league cutter. Soft tossing lefty though. Great makeup. Moved quickly. Number 6 starter or lefty set up guy.

30-Jamie Callahan 18.0.... Solid all round pitcher. Second round pick.

31-Mauro Gomez 27.11.... 834 OPS in the big leagues. The system gets weaker after this spot.

32-Jeremy Hazelbaker 25.0.... Solid tools. Came on strong. Old for league however.

33-Iván De Jesus 25.3.... OK backup middle infielder. Makes contact.

34-Alex Hassan 24.4.... OB% in AAA.

35-Aaron Kurcz 22.0.... Small reliever. Otherwise impressive.

36-Sergio Gomez 19.0.... Excellent stats the last two years in rookie ball. Only throws about 90, but is still very projectable.

37-Henry Ramos 20.4.... Good tools. Solid all round performance. A bit under rated.

38-Heiker Menses 21.1.... Plays good defense. He will get to the bigs some day. Mr. utility.

39-Raimel Flores 17.11.... Big bonus SS in DSL who played well.

40-Miguel Celestino 22.10.... 94 mph with solid pitching skills.

41-Che-Hsuan Lin 23.11

42-Chris Carpenter 26.8

43-Kolbrin Vitek 23.4

44-Alex Wilson 25.9

45-Miguel Pena 21.11

46-Steven Wright 28.0

47-Noe Ramirez 22.8

48-Alixon Suarez 18.1

49-Wendell Rijo 16.11

50-Austin Maddox 21.3

51-Jose Almonte 16.11

52-Daniel Butler 25.10

53-J.C. Linares 27.11

54-Pete Hissey 22.7

55-Dioscar Romero 17.4

56-Mookie Betts 19.10

57-William Cuevas 21.10

58-Victor Ramirez 17.3

59-Boss Moanaroa 21.1

60-Enfember Martinez 17.0

61-Josh Fields 27.0

62-Jose Garcia 21.4

63-Keith Couch 22.9

64-Shannon Wilkerson 24.1

65-Keivin Heras 17.11

66-Ryan Pressly 23.8

67-Simon Mercedes 20.6

68-Derrik Gibson 22.8

69-David Renfroe 21.9

70-Michael Olmsted 25.3

71-Yeiper Castillo 23.7

72-Aneury Tavarez 20.4

73-Brock Huntzinger 24.1

74-Ryan Dent 23.5

75-Kendrick Perkins 20.11

76-Jose De La Torre 26.10

77-Mike Meyers 18.8

78-Justin Haley 21.2

79-Jason Garcia 19.9

80-Madison Younginer 21.9

81-Williams Jerez 20.3

Hope it wasn't too long. Thought the Sox fans might need something to talk about.

I think its a very strong system that is extrememly deep. When two first rounders perform well and can't crack your top 20 and their second rounder who I like is 30th, it shows how deep I think they are. Its also the best DSL team they have ever had.

Feel free to disagree.

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